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Christian Crypto: BibleCoin Plans ICO Promo on South Korean Platform

  • Urvashi Verma
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    Seoul-based startup plans to issue a cryptocurrency supported by Christian church

Christian Crypto: BibleCoin Plans ICO Promo on South Korean Platform
Cover image via u.today

BI Fintech Pte Ltd., a Seoul-based startup declared plans to issue BibleCoin, a rapidly growing cryptocurrency supported by churches and Christian companies around the world, Thursday.

Han Jong Won, CEO of Bi Fintech, who is leading the ICO of BibleCoin, says:

“BibleCoin was coined from an idea that suggests a global standard for cryptocurrencies to have internal transaction value rather than being used as tools for speculation.”

Before the release of BibleCoin, Bi Fintech says it will acquire an international security patent for integrating authentication systems for using “single-use random numbers” from the Korea Framing Institute.


The patent will allow users to avoid hacking issues, which have been troublesome for the distribution process of cryptocurrencies and global crypto exchanges in the past.

The company says that BibleCoin is scheduled to be listed on global crypto exchanges in the second half of 2018 and the South Korean worldwide news platform GNN.

GNN ’s news platform broadcasts to 200 nations and provides news in local languages around the world presents a robust media platform for the ICO promotion of BibleCoin, BI Fintech, said in a press release.

GNN’s media platform Saynews has developed a new feature which aggregates news content around the world and allows users view it on an online map by integrating with Google Maps using Blockchain technology. The new platform’s in-house testing has been completed and beta-phase is expected to start in a few months, GNN says.

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