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Becoming Acquainted with Core Token in Time, the Pre-Sale Ends Tomorrow

Tue, 08/10/2021 - 16:50
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Heewon Jang
Here's everything you need to know about Core Token (CTN)
Becoming Acquainted with Core Token in Time, the Pre-Sale Ends Tomorrow
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Core Token is a utility token, a digital asset, is defined by a full fledged Ylem Smart Contract platform unique to the Core Blockchain Network.

For those of you who are getting familiar with Core Token(CTN) for the first time, let's briefly explain and introduce why CTN really is unique.

Core Token is the gateway into the interoperable Core Blockchain Network, serving centralized platforms, decentralized platforms,3rd party blockchains and other cloud networks to manage complex business processes by giving verified access, through its use cases, such as CorePass access to real-time insights across the any organization to accelerate workflows, improve operational efficiency, raise productivity, enhance customer experience – and, ultimately increase profits.

According to Rastislav Vašička, CIO of the company, Core Token is one of the main services. CTN with its unique features is technically more advanced being built as a CRC standard on the Core Blockchain Network that has the following features:

  • Twisted Edwards curve - Edwards448–224-bit // Spinal Tap-grade // security level, Core is the only Blockchain to date to have implemented this high level of encryption
  • Implementing banking standards such as ICAN (from IBAN)
  • Algorithm RandomY which mainly focused on IoT devices
  • Around 7 seconds per block - totalling 42 seconds for a verified transaction
  • NIST standards throughout the whole Blockchain
  • Smart Contract functionality — Ylem
  • Ability to pay with CTN with an on-chain transaction without the need of the native Core Coin on the Core Blockchain Network.
Core Token business model
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Given the short brief technical introduction, we know most readers are more interested in the potential of Core Token and what will drive its value. The Core Token itself is a utility token for all the services which Core has developed, including some of the use cases in the Core EcoSystem, a maximum supply of 1 billion with 18 decimal places. Being a utility token, the tokenomics are very simplistic, based on supply and demand. This is where CTN stands out from the rest, because of the Core Ecosystem, which is extremely rich in services and use cases that require Core Token as means of payment.

So let’s look at how CTN will work for specific use cases and what the potential demand is for the future.

  • CorePass

CorePass is a decentralized blockchain based digital identity, a world first GDPR compliant digital identity with digital attributes, a complete Blockchain Based Asset Management platform. Core Token is used as payment for the entire KYC, KYB and AML process where the clients pay to verify themselves and fingerprint their data in the Core Blockchain Network.

  • Ping Exchange

Ping Exchange is a hybrid exchange which will also be the first exchange to have Core Token listed. Ping Exchange has multiple pairs such as Crypto To Crypto, Fiat To Crypto and Vice Versa, Forex, Assets, Commodities, Securities, Digital Assets, Stocks, Shares and Bonds.

  • TiNG & MeeTiNG

A decentralized, serverless, peer to peer, video streaming and communications platform. There are multiple Core Token use cases within the platform itself such as 

  • TiNG where CTN supports a hybrid login with normal registration and login as well as the CorePass Login methodology where smart contracts are created for the registration. All donations are made through the Core Token smart contract platform. 
  • For MeeTing, CTN will also serve as support for hybrid login, but in addition, all packages offered by the MeeTiNG platform will only be payable at CTN.

With just these few use cases Core Token has a huge demand already and there are so many more platforms to be released within the Core Ecosystem that will all generate an even higher demand on Core Token itself.

All these platforms are already developed however there is a full marketing strategy on how and when the platforms will be released.

Don't forget the Core Token pre-sale ends tomorrow, if interested visit

More information about the Core ecosystem can be found at

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