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Ariva's ARV Coins Supercharge Tourism Industry with Blockchain Instruments

Wed, 09/29/2021 - 07:00
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Vladislav Sopov
Here's how Ariva Digital changes the game in tourism business worldwide
Ariva's ARV Coins Supercharge Tourism Industry with Blockchain Instruments
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Ariva Digital, a one-stop ecosystem that addresses the integration of decentralized tools into the tourism segment, unveils its novel stack of solutions for various use cases.

Introducing Ariva Digital ecosystem

Launched in Q3, 2021, Ariva Digital ( ) is a platform for the holistic integration of blockchain-based tools into travel-focused business processes. Introduced by Ariva Co., this stack of products is designed to address all major bottlenecks in the tourism industry and real-world blockchain adoption as a whole.

Ariva Digital ecosystem empowers tourism industry with ARV coins
Image by Ariva Digital

At its core, Ariva Digital, promotes itself as a “worldwide B2C travel & tourism network.” Its various tools allow customers to interact with local and global tourism services vendors, book flights and hotels with major cryptocurrencies, receive crypto-denominated bonuses for their reservations and share trending content.

To allow its enthusiasts to benefit from all elements of Ariva Digital infrastructure, its team released ARV, a BSC-based utility and governance coin.

Ariva.World: Where traveling meets blockchain

Ariva.World is a decentralized portal for travel and tourism that harnesses blockchain technology. Its core utility is bridging the gap between potential customers and tourism businesses.

As with and Airbnb, after browsing Ariva.World, users can make decisions on their travel plans based on reviews and feedback by other travelers.

On Ariva.World, travelers can book hotels and flights with cryptocurrency. Ariva.World’s business dashboard is suitable for travel services like hotels and restaurants, airlines, car rental, tours and so on.

Finally, Ariva.World boasts an online retail shop designed to buy/sell local goods worldwide with digital payment methods.

Ariva.Finance: Decentralized payment services for businesses

Ariva.Finance is an infrastructure platform focused on building crypto-friendly solutions for e-commerce market participants. Ariva.Finance creates and integrates payment gateways into merchants’ websites.

As per the estimations of the Ariva.Digital team, market volume in the e-retail segment surpassed 4.2 trillion U.S. dollars globally. When using Ariva.Digital, merchants can perform their operations with no hidden fees or banking system commissions.

Also, the integration of cryptocurrency-powered payments can attract new users to the project. The global cryptocurrency community is large, passionate and vibrant, so targeting this audience is a smart bet in 2021.

Finally, all businesses that utilize Ariva.Finance by Ariva.Digital are connected to a global network. Becoming a part of the worldwide crypto-friendly business ecosystem can give a proper spin on any enterprise’s adoption flywheel.

Ariva.Finance can be easily integrated even with no previous expertise in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. It supports a plethora of mainstream wallets and  boasts QR-code functionality.

Ariva.Club: New-gen social media platform for travelers

Ariva.Club is positioned as a social media platform for tourism fans. On this platform, travelers can share their experience with hotels, museums, yachts and other elements of tourist infrastructure in various countries.

Ariva.Club is a decentralized and fully community-governed platform. Its content is not exposed to censorship and manipulations from unfair market participants. The system is designed to filter scams and artificially promoted content.

Ariva.Club is a go-to platform for sharing real experience, photos, reviews, manuals and so on. Thus, Ariva.Club is the best platform for introducing new businesses in the travel segment to a passionate audience.

ARV, a core element of Ariva tokenomics

This multi-purpose system adds value via the ARV coin. This coin, issued on the fastest-growing smart contracts environment in the world, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), can be described as the most important element of the product’s economic design.

ARV is used to reward active Ariva.Club participants for their content. Also, alongside with cryptocurrency heavyweights, ARV coins are accepted as payment methods by Ariva.Digital products.

To ensure the inflow of liquidity into ARV, the Ariva team spent the last few months laser-focused on its listing on top-tier centralized and decentralized exchanges that support BSC-based coins.

By late Q3, 2021, ARV coin is tracked by two world-leading analytical dashboards, i.e., CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

ARV is listed by the largest BSC-based DEX PancakeSwap (CAKE), multi-chain major SushiSwap (SUSHI), community-driven DodoSwap (DODO), 1Inch Network (1INCH) as well as by recognized CEXs: Probit Global,, Lbank, Whitebit, Hotbit, Azbit, Finexbox, and so on. 

More platforms for ARV trading will be announced on Oct. 7, 2021.

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