Vitalik Buterin Has No Plans to Quit Ethereum Anytime Soon, Should He?

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    The community misunderstands Vitalik’s tweet

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The confusion as to Vitalik Buterin “leaving” the Ethereum Foundation started off in May. Back then Vitalik posted a screenshot of a conversation with a Google recruiter who asked if Vitalik saw any point in continuing his work on Ethereum.

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Where the misunderstanding came from

Vitalik posted a poll as to whether he should drop Ethereum. The majority voted “No”. That tweet now is marked as deleted.

A few days ago, this topic surfaced again when a crypto fan Raz asked Vitalik directly in Twitter how he is going to get away from the crypto platform.

Buterin’s response seems to have shocked the community, since it misunderstood him believing that the Ethereum co-founder was going to give up on his brainchild.

The foggy mess clears up

A Twitter user Serpent wrote:

“I’m sorry to see Vitalik leave Ethereum. I’ll be watching for his next creation which will probably be a decentralized system that will repel Wall St. Enjoy your personal time Vitalik and thank you.”

Next day Vitalik clarified the misunderstanding, saying that he has no plans to leave the Ethereum Blockchain.

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