Ripple Shakes Up Carbon Markets with New Partnership

Mon, 08/07/2023 - 19:20
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Blockchain technology firm Ripple has embarked on a transformative initiative aimed at injecting transparency, trust, and integrity into carbon markets.

Carbon markets—mechanisms enabling the trade of carbon credits to offset CO2 emissions—have traditionally been plagued by opacity and skepticism.

Last year, Ripple underscored its commitment to climate change mitigation with a substantial $100 million investment. Now, in partnership with climate-focused technology provider Centigrade, it seeks to further address this global challenge.

Centigrade has launched an open data platform to instill trust in the global voluntary carbon markets.

By offering high-quality data, ease of access, and transparency, the platform aims to foster a liquid, fair, and efficient carbon market.

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The platform is not a trading or rating mechanism; instead, it exists to provide invaluable data to all participants in the carbon credit ecosystem—sellers, buyers, and service providers alike.

In doing so, Ripple and Centigrade are poised to deliver a critical service to the carbon market. The open data platform allows investors to make informed decisions, potentially fostering a more robust supply of high-quality credits and ensuring the effective operation of carbon and nature markets.

This effort forms part of Ripple's broader strategy for combating climate change. Having previously invested in the tokenization of carbon credits, Ripple continues to champion environmentally friendly practices within the cryptocurrency sphere.