Ripple CEO Tattoo Decoded by Pro-XRP Attorney: Details

Mon, 10/02/2023 - 13:25
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Ripple had its big celebration party, dubbed the "Proper Party," on Sept. 29 in New York City.  

According to Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse, it was an event "to bring people together to celebrate what has been collectively achieved, a reminder to the SEC that court decisions matter and that progress is worth fighting for."

As part of this victory celebration, the Ripple CEO shared an image of an engraved XRP tattoo.

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Fascinated by the tattoo, several members of the XRP community took to X to express their delight; some even revealed their tattoos in support of XRP.

Adding fun to the palpable excitement over the XRP tattoo displayed by the Ripple CEO, some members of the XRP community posted comments asking riddlers to decode what the tattoo meant.

"Riddlers, get to work," Anders, an XRP community member, commented. He also noted that the Ripple CEO tattoed the date that XRP gained clarity as a nonsecurity.

It should be recalled that on July 13, Judge Torres made a landmark ruling in the Ripple case, finding that XRP could not be deemed a security.

"He tattooed the date XRP gained clarity as a non-security. That's cool. A date that will live on. 07-13-2023," Anders excitedly commented.

Ripple CEO Immortalizes XRP With New Tattoo

Quite conspicuous on the tattoo displayed by the Ripple CEO was a big XRP logo, demonstrating his commitment to cryptocurrency. A zoom-in also reveals the date "07-13-2023" and an ellipse consisting of a north star. Also, an object resembling the sun looms above the XRP logo and the ellipse.

XRP enthusiast and legal attorney Jeremy Hogan shares his deciphering of the ellipse tattoo. Hogan wrote on X: "The tattoo ellipse shows the solar eclipse on October 14 as seen from 37°46′39″N 122°24′59″W and it intersects with the full moon from the northern latitudes."