Dogecoin Founder Explains Powerful Idea Behind New Coinbase Ad

Sat, 12/02/2023 - 20:00
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Billy Markus, who back in 2013 launched the popular meme cryptocurrency Dogecoin together with Jackson Palmer, is now an active user of the X social media platform (which used to be known as Twitter) and has become an influencer for his 2.1 million followers.

Markus offers comments on various topics, from crypto to politics. In today’s tweet, he shared his take on the new video advert of Coinbase published on YouTube. He also dropped an opinion, perhaps unexpected for some crypto community members, about crypto failing to live up to the goal that was set for it.

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New Coinbase advert complimented by DOGE co-founder

Markus called the new Coinbase advert “Break the Cycle” “interesting,” adding that this video explains why many people are choosing crypto, especially recently. He says: “The system is failing for them and they look for alternatives.”

Markus added that this advert depicts the anti-crypto senator Elizabeth Warren and politicians like her who are also trying to crash crypto from changing the U.S. and the global financial system as “the enemies of the people.”

Crypto failed to live up to goal set for it, Markus believes

Billy Markus also shared his take on why crypto was created in the first place and whether it has succeeded in reaching that goal. He reminded the community that crypto was first made (implying Bitcoin) as a “direct response to the financial crisis of 2007 and all the corruption that led up to it.”

However, Markus reckons that neither Bitcoin nor crypto in general has managed to “live up to its promise,” although he admitted that it is “up for debate.”