XRP Advocate John Deaton Confident of Regaining Control of Hacked Twitter Account

Mon, 06/05/2023 - 08:40
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John Deaton, a prominent lawyer and advocate for Ripple-affiliated cryptocurrency XRP, is set to regain control of his Twitter account following a cyberattack.

According to a tweet from fellow lawyer James K. Filan, Deaton is expected to recover his account in the next two to three days.

Deaton plans to discuss the incident further during a live stream scheduled for Tuesday on the CryptoLaw channel, urging followers to stay away from his account in the meantime.

This announcement follows the recent news that Deaton fell victim to a prolonged cyberattack that resulted in the hacking of his Twitter account.

Hackers exploited Deaton's influence within the cryptocurrency community to falsely promote a new digital token named "LAW," allegedly tied to CryptoLaw.

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The fraudsters manipulated Deaton's account to market the LAW token, falsely presenting it as a groundbreaking development in the DeFi space, with a unique focus on the regulatory environment of cryptocurrencies. This deceptive message, which suggested that LAW was an official product of CryptoLaw, further enticed followers by encouraging them to acquire the purported token via an associated website.

CryptoLaw quickly debunked the news, making it clear that the lawyer's account had been hijacked by bad actors and that the tweet promoting LAW token was bogus.

The organization urged its followers and the cryptocurrency community at large to exercise caution in light of the hacking incident. The occurrence serves as a stark reminder of the cybersecurity risks prevalent in the digital age, even among high-profile figures within the cryptocurrency sector.