Shiba Inu Regains AAA Security Status on CertiK, Here's What's Changed

Tue, 05/30/2023 - 10:41
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Shiba Inu lost its AAA security status approximately a week ago, but it has now been restored, and SHIB is rated 94.05 on the security scale of CertiK blockchain audit company.

SHIB, here, is now ahead of OKB, Ve Chain, Volt Inu and other cryptocurrencies.

SHIB's security rating soars after a few major changes

On May 22, U.Today reported that CertiK had downgraded Shiba Inu's security rating to the 51st position on their table, giving it the mark of AA. Before that, also in May, SHIB was pushed down to the 57th position.

Now, the blockchain auditor has brought SHIB back to the list of AAA projects, and the popular meme coin is sitting in spot number 91. Its security score now totals 94.05.

According to the SHIB's page on CertiK's website, the Shiba Inu team has solved 8 major issues, 11 minor and 14 informational ones. SHIB's operational resilience score is now 92.59. Its community trust score is 92.53.

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More than three billion SHIB burned by whale

According to data shared by the Shibburn wallet tracking service, over the past 24 hours, enthusiasts from the SHIB army have removed more than three billion Shiba Inu coins from the circulating supply of the coin; 3,616,412,304 SHIB were burned in total.

This moved the burn rate of Shiba Inu up slightly more than 1,500%. This amount of SHIB was burned in five major transactions. The largest one carried 3,601,495,249 to a dead-end SHIB address.

At the time of this writing, the second biggest dog-themed meme coin, SHIB, is changing hands at $0.000008695, according to data provided by CoinMarketCap. Overall, per Shibburn, 410,648,619,326,393 SHIB coins have been burned in total by now. A total of 410,648,619,326,393 SHIB continue to circulate on the market.

SHIB wallet giveaway

As covered by U.Today earlier, the SHIB team is releasing a SHIB cold customized wallet in collaboration with a Swiss-based blockchain company and wallet maker Tangem.

Yesterday, Tangem and SHIB developers conducted an AMA ("ask me anything") session where they made a presentation of the wallet and randomly picked 10 lucky users who will receive these card-shaped SHIB wallets first.

These wallets will enable users to deal with more than 6,000 various cryptos, not only Shiba Inu, and buy, sell and hold them, as well as provide access to DEXes, NFTs and DeFi.