Mollars Token To Be Used For New Blockchain or Crypto Exchange After Presale Ends

Thu, 01/25/2024 - 09:20
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Mollars token presale investors, who bought in the first 3 rounds, have a strong reason to celebrate their investment decision. The creator(s) of the new store-of-value token have just reported it will be used for a new blockchain or crypto exchange after the presale ends.

Via the official Mollars profile on X (formerly twitter) the developers made a psa: 

“It will be a #CryptoExchange  or a #newBlockchain to catalyze $Mollars daily transactions and make the cryptocurrency a staple #GoodDay.”

Until this tweet the actual web3 product to be released by Mollars was unknown. There was speculation the bitcoin-rival would release a play-to-earn game, but that rumor was unfounded and debunked.


Ethereum-blockchain to a new blockchain

Mollars is going to launch on the Ethereum-blockchain.  It’s the crypto world’s best and fastest. The reason for being based on the blockchain was to offer store-of-value token users an option with 80% less fees than the $BTC coin’s blockchain.

Currently the average Bitcoin-blockchain transaction fee (buy-sell) is $39. Ethereum-blockchain got transactions done for 80% less on average at a $7 cost per trade [CPT].

If Mollars builds its own blockchain, it’s expected to offer the same or similar benefits — cheaper, faster, secure.  The long-term benefits would be massive  as over time, the branding value of the cryptocurrency would increase alongside use of the blockchain. And it’s also likely many new coins would be launched on the chain, becoming dependent on the $MOLLARS token to accept easy same-blockchain trades.


Mollars crypto exchange

On the other hand, A crypto exchange [CEX/DEX] would be monumental for $Mollars token as well.   It’s a fact, CEXES build brand value quickly, usually pushing liquidity pools into the hundreds-of-millions to billions of dollars, adding value to brand equity at the same time as this is the lifeline to all cryptocurrencies. Without exchange, no token or coin can be traded.

The demand and daily transaction values of $MOLLARS would also skyrocket as it’s sure to be an integral part of buying, selling, or converting cryptos on the exchange.

It’s unclear if the Mollars developers would build a centralized [CEX] or decentralized [DEX] crypto exchange.    In the decentralized world, the brand would have to compete with the likes of PancakeSwap and Uniswap. In the centralized world, Mollars exchange would be up against super heavyweights like Coinbase, Binance, and 

When will it launch?

The official launch of the web3 dApp or product is set for ‘shortly after’ the token presale ends.  It’s currently hovering near 1-million tokens sold.  Mollars initial coin offering has a hard deadline of May 2024 or when 4-million tokens have sold.  

It’s expected the Bitcoin-alternative’s presale will end at hard cap — 4MM tokens sold. The current rate of tokens being bought daily, primarily by Ethereum Token holders, indicates it should end in February 2024. That means investors should try to reach their presale investment goals within the next 45 days.

Visit the official Mollars token presale page [here] for the latest updates.