XRP Heist: CoinEx Allegedly Hit by North Korean Hackers, Recent Report Shows

Wed, 09/13/2023 - 13:47
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In a recent development, crypto investigators at SlowMist have unveiled critical findings regarding the latest major heists that have shaken the crypto industry. The latest among these breaches is the CoinEx heist, which occurred just yesterday.

According to investigators, the notorious Lazarus Group, a North Korean hacker collective, might be the mastermind behind this audacious attack, as well as two other high-profile heists targeting the crypto gambling industry.

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SlowMist's investigators based their claims on meticulous analysis of on-chain data and by tracing the interconnectedness of the addresses used by the attackers to transfer the stolen assets. Remarkably, even though the hacked funds were transferred among various networks in these three distinct attacks, investigators successfully pinpointed several overlapping addresses that appeared consistently across all three incidents.

The SlowMist team summarized its findings, suggesting a possible connection between the Stake Exploiter, previously linked to Lazarus Group by the FBI, and the recent exploiters responsible for the Alphapo and CoinEx heists. This connection raises the compelling hypothesis that these cybercriminals may indeed be affiliated with the notorious North Korean hacking group.

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The most recent of these audacious hacker attacks, the CoinEx heist, transpired just yesterday. As disclosed by SlowMist and reported by U.Today, the hackers made off with an astonishing $54 million worth of popular tokens, swiped directly from CoinEx's hot wallets. This staggering sum included over 12.6 million XRP tokens, equivalent to a jaw-dropping $6.07 million.