Bitcoin to $220,000 – Max Keiser Expects Price Surge As BTC Sees Big New Attack

Mon, 01/15/2024 - 16:01
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The Crypto Twitter has been set abuzz by the recent anti-Bitcoin statement made by a Bloomberg and CNBC contributor Samantha LaDuc. Major Bitcoiners – Michael Saylor, Samson Mow and Max Keiser have responded to her anti-Bitcoin rethoric on their Twitter accounts.

Keiser believes that such criticism against Bitcoin is likely to propel it towards $220,000.

LaDuc’s Bitcoin criticism 

In a recent tweet, LaDuc took a dig at Bitcoin, stating that it is “rogue money” and that “there is no premium in scarcity” of the world’s flagship cryptocurrency.

The “newly-born” Bitcoin critic LaDuc has agreed that “Bitcoin iS a “convertible currency with an equivalent value in REAL CURRENCY”, stressing that “real currency” in her view is not BTC but fiat, to which Bitcoin can be exchanged at any time.

The main attribute of money per her is that it has to be forced/enforced on users by the government. However, according to her, “the state does not force/enforce bitcoin as a real currency, so it is not money.”

She admits that Bitcoin can be traded and transacted but she insists that BTC is not money, except for those who does not have access to “real money”: “For those who need it, I agree it is a powerful, effective payment system.” Then she added that “Bitcoin is ROGUE MONEY, which is on the opposite spectrum to sound money.” It does not meet the definition of money, LaDuc believes.

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Max Keiser and other Bitcoiners respond

Max Keiser took to Twitter to respond to Samantha LaDuc. He stated that money existed before the state and “Bitcoin separates money from state. Bitoin will kill the state.”

He referred to the El Salvador case, saying “making Bitcoin legal tender is re-inventing the state and creating a masterpiece of governance.” He also stated in the comment to his tweet that Bitcoin is still headed for $220,000.

Bitcoiner Samson Mow, chief at Jan3, also commented on LaDuc’s tweet. His Twitter post had a sarcastic cast to it: “Bitcoin is Rogue Money maintained by Shadowy Super-Coders and used by Laser-eyed Toxic Psychopaths.”

Mow also offered a comparison of Bitcoin to the limited number of days within a year, stating that “time is valuable, and that we only have a limited amount of it.”