What ICOs Have Brought Higher Yields to Investors: Study

Fri, 07/13/2018 - 09:22
Eugene Biktimirov
Creating own platforms is a key to the long-term ICO success
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The most highly profitable ICO projects are those that create their own platforms, their price can increase thousands X in a very short time.

The projects related to money can shoot well, but in long-term the investments are not very profitable.

The BinanceCoin constantly increases its value, despite the overall market decline.

Those are main conclusions of the study conducted by the Prosphero platform in which projects were examined for their  yields after their ICOs.

Here’s the summary of what the study has found:



Starting Price

Amplitude in %


Global Cryptocurrency









Money, Platform





Anonymous Money, Fork




















Platform, Marketplace





Platform, exchange between Blockchains

Binance Coin




Exchange coins

Storjcoin X




Cloud Solutions

Seven ICO was held in late 2016 and early 2017, which is yet another proof of the peak of popularity of projects entering the ICO stage. Of those, five ICOs conducted only the PrivateSale stage, which was the reason for the continued growth of these projects.


Market leaders

The top 10 ICO leaders in the market price increase are coins associated with money and platforms.

The top 3 are poorly known currencies:

  1. Global Cryptocurrency- at the moment this cryptocurrency is located in 696th place in coinmarket with a capitalization of $3 mln. The ICO was held in early 2017. Entering the market over a coin, a pump was made and it rose sharply in price 36,000 times. After that interest in the coin faded away, there was no increase in value even at the time of the highest hype around the cryptocurrency at the end of 2017.

  2. XtraBYtes is a project that was created back in 2014, but due to low developer activity, the owner was changed and the company was rebranded. The team is trying to create an alternative to Ethereum, but at the moment they struggling with this. It is located in 400th place by capitalization and community activity is extremely low. The peak of the price was reached on January 3, 2018, since then there has been a collapse of 94 percent.

  3. DigitalNote - a project appeared in 2014 as a fork of Bytecoin. A special feature of the project is built in an anonymous messenger where users can exchange messages. The project appeared at the time when the peak of the creation of anonymous cryptocurrency (Dash, Monero, Zcash) occurred and in general meets their standards. Within three years, the cost has changed slightly, until January 7, 2018 when the price limit of this cryptocurrency was reached.

Stratis, Ethereum, NEO, Syscoin and Ark coins represent well-known platform projects that occupy leading positions in the entire cryptocurrency market.

Judging by the number of platforms in our rating, we can confidently say that the most popular projects for the public are platforms. And this is not surprising, because the crypto industry is still young, so it needs projects that will form the basis for the future development of Blockchain technology.


Binance success

In ninth place is  BinanceCoin, which is the product of the Binance crypto exchange. This cryptocurrency has increased its value by 211 times, which once again indirectly proves that the creation of Changpeng Zhao is the most successful platform for trading cryptocurrencies around the world at the moment.

In addition, the 10th in line for the highest take-off is the StorjX project. The project team was one of the first who suggested using Blockchain technology to create cloud storage and is still actively developing its project. As a result, we see how much the coin has grown during the three years of its existence.

Eight projects from our top 10 demonstrated peak prices in late December 2017 to early January 2018. This was due to a general increase in the capitalization of the entire market as a whole, but since then all coins have fallen by more than 70 percent, only BinanceCoin has lost slightly less than 50 percent of its maximum. This can be explained by the transfer of funds from altcoins on the Binance exchange into the Binance coin, as it shows stable growth without big falls (except for January).

The study of the top 3 showed that the projects are currently stagnating. There are no new products from the team, the community of projects is not involved at all. The activity of international relations is at zero, since the projects do not participate in partnerships, listings and other PR companies. As a result, the Prosphero Platform team concluded that these projects are dead and have the lowest investment attractiveness.

The rest of the projects, in contrast, show the highest activity on all fronts of activities: they speak at conferences, participate in listings and distribution, attract new partners and interact with companies from the real sector of the economy.

Given these factors, it can be confidently asserted that the current ATN indicators of these projects (4-10 places) are temporary and will be updated within the next two years.

The study included only those projects that passed the ICO stage.


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Eugene Biktimirov has a background as financial fundamentals analyst in investment. Не also worked for various ICO projects tackling the brand awareness in the crypto industry

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