Unique Bitcoin Course to Be Launched by Swiss University

Sun, 05/26/2024 - 18:55
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The University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration Zurich will be offering a unique Bitcoin course starting in March 2025, according to a recent report by 20 Minuten, a local media outlet.  

The course is specifically aimed at those who want to integrate Bitcoin into new business models. 

The training course, which offers 15 ECTS credits, will cost a whopping 9,950 francs ($10,794) for just 16 days.  

The course offers a structured modular curriculum that takes into consideration various aspects of the Bitcoin ecosystem. 

It includes basic economic principles behind the flagship cryptocurrency as well as an analysis of the cryptocurrency's impact on the broader economy. The second part dissects the technical aspects of Bitcoin and blockchain technology. The next part focuses on the current state of Bitcoin regulation as well as compliance issues. The fourth part takes an in-depth look at various wealth management strategies that are specifically tailored for Bitcoin. 

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There is also a comparable analysis of Bitcoin and altcoins. Its aim is to explain what makes the largest cryptocurrency stand out among the plethora of other digital assets. 

Finally, the last part will explore specific business models and opportunities offered by Bitcoin. 

The report says that the yet-to-be-launched Bitcoin course is unique in all of Europe. 

Bitcoiners, however, do not appear to be excited. Most commentators have taken issue with the exorbitant price of the course. One Bitcoin wrote that he would rather invest that money in the cryptocurrency while engaging in self-teaching.