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Top 12 Highest-Paying Blockchain Jobs in 2019

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    Are you a confident programmer and blockchain expert? Then opt for one of these Top 12 blockchain jobs with great salaries! Check out corporations' requirements and perks that they offer

Top 12 Highest-Paying Blockchain Jobs in 2019
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The blockchain industry is evolving as quickly as nothing else in this world. Although it started making waves recently, today, there are hundreds of organizations aiming to implement this technology. Thus, the demand for blockchain specialists is rocketing.

Who can qualify for a position in blockchain companies, and how much do they pay their specialists? Check out these Top 12 highest-paying blockchain positions to find out whether you can be the next to join a startup or some blockchain-related corporation.

Skills you should have to qualify for a blockchain job

Since blockchain is a very complex, complicated phenomena, only the most tech-savvy guys can dream of a worthy job in a decent start-up or a well-developed company. To qualify for such work, one should possess a unique set of skills and abilities which are, undoubtedly, irreplaceable.

Essential skills for blockchain developers
A blockchain developer should possess a broad range of skills and abilities

Essential comprehension of the blockchain

For instance, one should understand how blocks and chains are comprised, and know that there’s no central control arrangement. Do you know the nuts and bolts of the mining process? Do you comprehend what 'decentralized' signifies, and how the ‘consensus’ is reached?

If you’re in the dark about such phenomena or aren't sure concerning what they are, it’s a must to take a course and acquire essential skills. Without a fundamental understanding of these subjects, you cannot be involved in blockchain programming.

Knowledge of cryptocurrencies

Well, it’s clear that cryptographic money and blockchain are interconnected, and you can grasp a lot of useful information from the existing use cases of decentralized applications. Thus, it won’t hurt to have some basic comprehension of how cryptographic money functions. There’s no need to take costly courses for that: there are a lot of online resources explaining the essentials of cryptocurrency; don’t forget to take a look at digital currency infographics, too.


Best 10 Blockchain Books 2019: 10 Books You Should Read First

Best 10 Blockchain Books 2019: 10 Books You Should Read First

Ability to achieve business results

It's critical to keep in mind the whole business plan when you're utilizing blockchain so that it could be used to channel the business towards its objectives. Blockchain devs need to work in cooperation with employees and teammates to accomplish satisfactory results.

If you feel you lack abilities to work in collaboration with the authority group, you should consider developing your social skills. This will demonstrate you are devoted to the business and stay interested in the company’s success.

True belief in blockchain’s potency

Innovations and groundbreaking discoveries are always made by people who believe in the potency of their ideas. Whatever you are programming together with your colleagues, you should sincerely believe in what you do. Devoting yourself completely to the project and trusting that it’ll be successful in the future (at least, in the online world) will empower you to improve your developmental abilities. Only eager, enthusiastic workers manage to make something truly great.

Pick a language

When it comes to the blockchain, ideally, you should know several programming languages. Have you heard that developers should rather use Java than HTML for decentralized technologies? In fact, there’s a huge amount of programming languages for blockchain, and learning new ones will never hurt.

To be a blockchain developer, you should know at least several programming languages
Each blockchain framework requires some certain programming language

Be an expert!

This doesn’t occur quickly, but gradual methodical work will help you to become a real engineering expert, which can be the secret of getting a lucrative profitable job. To accomplish that, it’s not enough to have essential knowledge – you should also know the advanced blockchain spheres of application, adapt and adjust to diverse business situations.

Being a great specialist means building up your professional qualification on a constant basis while growing your knowledge about the job, remembering that blockchain is still developing, so your frame of mind could be changing towards productivity and adaptability.

Understanding blockchain's application

Blockchain can be ideal for rearranging the existing business operations. It isn't really a way to replace procedures and ERP frameworks; numerous organizations are planning to increase scaling, profitability, and efficiency.  

Working in synergy with other technologies, blockchain innovations can serve to expand possibilities and add new features. In view of this, you should comprehend blockchain's place in some certain business and apply your abilities to certain situations.


Best 10 Blockchain Books 2019: 10 Books You Should Read First

Best 10 Blockchain Books 2019: 10 Books You Should Read First

Top 9 blockchain-related jobs 2019

With blockchain knowledge, there are many positions you can apply for. Let’s check out the most alluring variants offered by different companies in 2019.

1. Software Engineer

Any organization putting resources into blockchain needs programming specialists, making this activity very highly demanded among organizations around the world. The duties and requirements will vary depending on organization's current technological basis. What you will definitely need is experience with such languages as Solidity and HyperLedger, knowledge of cloud technologies, database management.

Most organizations are looking for people with some certain degree in computer sciences, software design, or other science degrees, particularly for jobs with a high salary. Typically, software engineers are required in companies working with smart contracts and banking organizations.

2. Tech Architect

The position requires specialized technical aptitude coupled with communicative skills. Blockchain architects are responsible for coordination and introduction of blockchain products. They partake in dialogs on how technological advancements will be executed and frequently serve as an intermediary between the organizations and the clients to present a product in the best light.

To create applications, a tech architect should know coding languages, and software engineering degrees are commonly must-have for senior positions.

Relevant spheres are cloud and web-based services, digital money and services.

3. Product Manager

These people help to maintain and promote an application being responsible for development, coding, and distribution of related roles. They coordinate the project over various groups, guaranteeing that products are released according to schedule and the budget isn’t exceeded. Programming background is commonly not needed, yet basic knowledge of software and coding languages would be useful. Such a person should know how to lead time-sensitive projects and managing the dev budget.

Needed education depends upon the particular products created by each organization, however, by and large, good applicants will have at least a bachelor’s degree in technology. Alternatively, management and business-related education is taken into account. Corporations in need of blockchain product managers are usually related to advertisement, media, digital currency, and finances.

4. Risk Analyst

Guaranteeing consistency with local and governmental laws, a risk analyst deals with many tasks. Aside from assessing risks, they help in programming and product improvement, performing information analysis or keeping up documentation on innovations and projects.

The required training will depend totally on the job specifications. Solid understanding of the the project, technologies and certain coding languages are required.

Most often, risk analysts work in financial and governmental enterprises.


Blockchain Developer Salaries. Top Job Offers of Blockchain Companies

Blockchain Developer Salaries. Top Job Offers of Blockchain Companies

5. Analyst Relations Manager

Essentially, this is a media communication job: an analyst relations supervisor helps to establish the image of the organization and its innovations on the market. Such person performs the analysis inside the business sphere and makes sure that the entire team knows about their employer’s technologies and have a positive view of their company.

Appropriate workers should have some background in media interaction, communication, PR or news-casting, and profound comprehension of the business and technology.

Where is PR knowledge essential? Companies involved in innovation and technology implementation require such workers.

6. Front End Engineer

This is the individual who makes product interface and whatever the client interacts with. A front end engineer works on making the menu and functions ideal for a user. Programming knowledge is required, and UX/UI design skills are an absolute necessity. The knowledge of coding languages depends on the company, yet for the most part, blockchain front end designers should be savvy in ledger tech and advanced coding languages.

As for the education requirements, degrees in software engineering are useful, yet self-trained computer specialists with programming skills are welcomed. Such specialists are often required in businesses that incorporate monetary standards, loaning and finance, and medical services.

7. Legal Counsel

In an industry loaded up with lawful and administrative confusion, security issues and client protection rules, potential clashes over innovation license (including blockchain codes and algorithms), legal counselors are in tremendous demand. Such lawyers don't have to be tech specialists, however, they should possess a profound comprehension of the fundamental innovations to protect the company from all legal issues more efficiently. Knowledge of financial laws is important, as well, as blockchain organizations are frequent targets for buying by bigger organizations.

Ideal candidates have: 1) corresponding degree; 2) license, and most organizations will pay attention to the experience of dealing with similar startups. Since regulations and law issues are always a threat to any blockchain organization, you can find work in many fields.

8. Business Analyst

Utilizing analytical instruments, business analysts should evaluate the viability and efficiency of innovations and their upgrades. These people likewise monitor the market patterns and trends to figure out how the brand should be positioned, and which new products will appeal to the audience. Knowledge of statistics and analytics instruments and coding languages (especially Python and ones alike) is obligatory.

For serious jobs, software engineering or computer science experience is necessary, and knowledge of coding languages is a must. Most positions for business experts in blockchain are the creation of customer-facing services and products since this market is evolving quickly.


Blockchain Developer Salaries. Top Job Offers of Blockchain Companies

Blockchain Developer Salaries. Top Job Offers of Blockchain Companies

9. Crypto Community Manager

An essential element in marketing and client interaction, blockchain network administrators establish the brand in the Net and social media, and create the content to respond to clients' typical inquiries. They are in charge of tracking and presenting engagement statistics over all channels. Even though not accountable for programming, they should comprehend the project and fundamental technologies.

Having a degree won't be critical, yet desirable candidates should have some decent education. In startups, you might have a good chance to get the new experience and learn the blockchain essentials.

Who hires crypto community managers? Enterprises who deal with customers, especially banks and blockchain recruiting companies.

Positions from top companies

Let’s check out the blockchain positions offered in the world’s leading corporations.

10. Blockchain Software Engineer (IBM)

IBM needs a programming engineer who can take care of the company’s issues with frameworks and integrations.

The list of duties includes:

  • Working well together with a small dev team and all other engaged colleagues, as well as people from various companies.

  • Rapidly figuring out how to plan and execute improved blockchain apps.

  • Creating smart contracts in Golang and managing integration with node.js.

  • Developing and testing the product to quickly implement all related functions.

Skills and qualifications are the following:

  • At least 2 years experience of cloud app creation utilizing Node.js, web apps, REST tools

  • Experience working with Agile

  • Knowledge of DevOps tools, for example, Jenkins, TravisCI, and Selenium

  • Ability to solve problems and interact with stakeholders wise

For this position, IBM pays $68k – $106k Annually.


10 Major Blockchain Trends in 2019

10 Major Blockchain Trends in 2019

11. Blockchain Principal Program Manager (Microsoft)

Microsoft is seeking a program administrator who has a profound comprehension of how clients utilize decentralized ledger technologies, as well as other services (storage, database, computation, and networking) in Azure for creating their applications.  

The capabilities that such individual needs are:

  • BS or Master's Degree in Computer Science or similar areas

  • MBA favored yet not obligatory

  • 10+ years of working in software management and development

  • 6+ years of working with developing and running services

  • The ability to collaborate and communicate with teams efficiently

  • Compliance with deadlines, self-discipline, and attention to details

  • Focus on customers and the ability to coordinate teams and experiences

  • Technical expertise and communicative skills for working with technical teams

Microsoft promises the salary in the range of $91k – $131k annually for such specialists.

If you need a higher income, you can also opt for the position of a Blockchain SI Partner Development Manager ($109k – $172k annually). This job implies working with the Systems Integrator (SI) team and partners to develop and promote the product.

12. Blockchain experts (Visa)

Visa is looking for versatile blockchain specialists to integrate a blockchain framework into their system of international banking.

What are the capabilities required for the activity?

  • Experience working with Trade Finance, Equities, Payments Processing, Wholesale Credit

  • Technical knowledge and expertise to work with platforms

  • Cloud engineering and creation of scalable solutions

  • A BS in Computer Science

  • Over  2 years of developing distributed software

  • Hands-on involvement with all elements of programming development: UI, open-source software; servers, and data

  • Profound knowledge of Linux, Open source, C++ or Java, customer server applications

  • Enthusiasm for Fintech technologies, open source (OSS) programming, blockchain, cryptography, and information science

  • Willingness to deal with Test-driven programming and passion for consistent learning

  • Overall Industry experience must be 6-8 years

Primary obligations of the position are:

  • Lead various Blockchain activities

  • Direct customers and present the business

  • Write code

  • Work with blockchain POCs

  • Stay in the know about blockchain advances

  • Help the company to maintain a relationship with Hyperledger

The salary isn’t revealed. Most probably, it will depend on the certain position and obligations. Undoubtedly, Visa will provide a generous income for the worthiest workers.


Blockchain Transfers Are 388 Times Faster Than Mainstream Remittance Services

Blockchain Transfers Are 388 Times Faster Than Mainstream Remittance Services

So, how much do blockchain experts make?

It depends not only on the position – the geography matters, too. For instance, the average annual income for a blockchain developer in Asia is $87,500 per year (the lowest threshold is $60,000 and the highest is $120,000).

The average annual income for a blockchain developer in Europe is $73,300 per year (the lowest threshold is $55,000 and the highest is $91,000). For instance, in Great Britain, startups are paying new blockchain developers up to $50,000-60,000 a year, and large companies pay from $90k to $140k.

The average annual income for a blockchain developer in the U.S. is $136,000 per year (the lowest threshold is $70,000 and the highest is $200,000).

The average base salary for a remote blockchain developer is $123,750 (it ranges from $70,000 to $200,000).

Average salary of different blockchain specialists
The average salary of blockchain specialists in the US

Middle management & freelance jobs are getting more popular

Huge associations additionally augment their middle management as they center around Big Data, blockchain, mobile, and tablet connectivity. Positions are related to online stores, application security development, big data, mobile framework management, and quality control.

Blockchain development skills are among the most highly demanded on the market developing over 6000% since the last year. It’s called the new "cloud" of the XXI century, as indicated by UpWork’s report (freelance job site). The average pay rate for a blockchain specialist is $65 per hour, but some rates can be as high as $250 every hour!

According to the recent statistics, there were 5,743 full-time job positions for blockchain experts posted over a year's time length; that means the development of 320%.

Individuals with experience of working with specific blockchain products, for example, Solidity and Hyperledger Composer are very highly demanded – and that demand is growing consistently.

And this demand is high not only among well-established organizations like Deloitte: about 2,359 blockchain startups have published new jobs, as indicated by AngelList, a site for investors and people planning to join startups.


PayPal Makes Its First Investment in Blockchain

PayPal Makes Its First Investment in Blockchain

Blockchain companies lack young talent!

Evidently, the industry is in dire need of talent – companies lack specialists because blockchain is a new sphere. As indicated by Upwork, 53% of HR managers claim that the lack of skills is their greatest challenge, and the larger part (59%) are aiming to use flexible talents.

All in all, the demand for specialists with PC/mathematical aptitudes surpassed supply by 17% this year, as indicated by Burning Glass Technologies.

What does it mean for you? The sooner you enter the industry, the higher is your chance to reach mind-blowing career heights later. A lot of startups are very loyal to the new employers, so they can be the right thing to start your career path of a blockchain specialist, be that engineer, lawyer, project manager, etc.

Compare the salary for blockchain positions

Here are some statistics about the salary of blockchain experts and the list of companies who need such people:


Average salary

Who hires

Software engineer


Chronicled (San Francisco), Axuall (Cleveland), Blockstack (New York)

Tech architect


Amazon/AWS (Seattle and Los Angeles), Bank of America (Charlotte, North Carolina), State of Colorado (Denver)

Product manager


Mediaocean (New York), JP Morgan Chase (New York), Cynet Corp. (Springdale, Arkansas)

Risk analyst


Veem (Ottawa), Bank of America (Jacksonville, Florida), Electric Power Research Institute (Knoxville, Tennessee)

Analyst Relations Manager


IBM (New York), Accenture (Atlanta, Chicago, Washington, D.C.), R3 (San Francisco)

Front End Engineer


Gem (Los Angeles), Binance (Austin, Texas), Ford Motor Co. (Dearborn, Michigan)

Legal Counsel


Consensys (New York), BitGo (Palo Alto, California), Figure (San Francisco)

Business Analyst



IBM (Research Triangle Park, North Carolina), NuArca (Woburn, Massachusetts), Bittrex (Washington, D.C.)

Crypto Community Manager



Dolare (South Bend, Indiana), Zeus Protocol (San Francisco), Crowdcreate (Los Angeles)

UX/UI blockchain designer



As you see, the opportunities are endless, and the profit is more than decent. The income of a blockchain specialist exceeds the average annual income per one person in the US (it’s around $60,000).


Blockchain in the Supply Chain: Applications, Benefits, and Prospects Going Forward

Blockchain in the Supply Chain: Applications, Benefits, and Prospects Going Forward


There's a decent selection of blockchain-related jobs, and if you're confident about your knowledge of blockchain technologies and programming, it's a golden chance! If you're new to the blockchain, but want to continuously learn the subject and master new skills, consider such a job, too. The blockchain sphere has only started evolving, and who knows for how long it will be relevant for humanity? The earlier you start exploring the technology, the better advantage you'll have over your competitors.

Requirements might seem challenging, but it's totally worth it! As you see, the salaries start from $80,000 and go beyond $120,000, so your efforts will be paid off generously. Today, you can work with well-established companies, or join some startup where gaining authority and trust is a bit easier. The blockchain world is full of possibilities, so feel free to explore them!

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