Qtum Price Prediction 2018: Forecast From Professional Trader

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    The article runs about Qtum, a Singapore-based Blockchain technology that bridges Ethereum’s smart contracts

Qtum Price Prediction 2018: Forecast From Professional Trader

The price prediction for Qtum in 2018 can only be backed by a detailed analysis of the features of the coin. This post provides an insightful forecast of the Qtum platform.

Qtum has come a long way in such a short while. It has risen through the ranks and has grown to become one of the 20 largest cryptocurrencies based on market cap. The aim of this post is to discuss the prospects of Qtum, the competitive features, and most importantly, Qtum price predictions for the year ahead.

Qtum’s competitors

It is true that the market for Qtum is quite competitive. The first platform offering users the opportunity to build decentralized apps (dApps) is Ethereum. To date, this remains the most popular and the biggest platform in use. Although, there are several other potential long-term competitors.

  1. NEO

Fondly referred to as the Chinese Ethereum, this platform is very similar to Qtum. The edge it has over similar platforms, however, is the close relationship with the Chinese government.

  1. Lisk

This is a platform which has outlined an impressive roadmap for the next few years. It plans to establish a decentralized crypto exchange and this exchange could make it one of the “next best things.”

  1. Cardano

A brainchild of one of the founders of Ethereum, this platform is expected to cause a paradigm shift in the crypto world.

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Why is Qtum expected to grow?

Usually, in the world of cryptocurrency, certain factors are telling of success or failure. Qtum has demonstrated several attributes which leads analysts and experts to believe that Qtum is headed for the top. Some of these reasons are discussed below.

Scarcity is imminent

Ideally, cryptocurrency is driven by demand and supply. A typical example is Bitcoin’s hastened rise to fame in 2017, a period of awe (when the price of one BTC peaked at $20,000) and dismay (when it fell like a pack of dominoes).

This time, Qtum coin prediction is soaring because there’s an impending scarcity. The currency has a supply cap of 100,647,552, and according to CMC, 88,647,552 is currently in circulation. With only a quarter left to be issued, the coin will become scarce and this will cause a concomitant increase in price.

The market cap and availability

A trading pair includes two currencies which are offered for trading. The CMC, at the moment, lists about 101 Qtum trading pairs which are available on over 25 exchanges. The total value of Qtum is also estimated to be 1,222,981,627. As it stands, it is the 20th largest crypto in the market.


Qtum has plans to enter into a partnership with certain entities in a bid to intensify the ongoing competition in the crypto market and these partnerships will certainly influence Qtum price prediction. Two of the major partnerships imminent are discussed below.

  1. Starbucks

The giant coffee chain, Starbucks, is currently in negotiation with Qtum and it is expected to be long-term. If the idea pans out, this will further improve Qtum coin price prediction.

  1. 360 Finance

Despite the success recorded by cryptocurrency in recent years, financial experts posit that crypto is miles away from being regarded as a standard means of exchange. Qtum is currently working on developing a world-class blockchain research center, leveraging the help of 360 Finance, a Chinese financial technology company.

This partnership will not only give Qtum an easier entrance into the Chinese market, it would also go a long way in convincing investors of the viability of the currency. This will invariably better the price prediction.


Qtum’s marketing team definitely deserves some accolades! One major reason behind the favorable prediction for Qtum is its appearance on BlockShow Asia. However, this isn’t the only marketing strategy in place. In February 2018, a Blockchain was launched into space courtesy of Qtum. The decentralized app, SpaceChain, in collaboration with Qtum, initiated this idea to tout the concept of space exploration and a decentralized Internet.

Qtum price prediction 2018

2018 is the year of the Blockchain and Qtum enthusiasts will agree with this. Coinlinker published a Qtum price prediction report which gives the users a cause to smile. Within a year, they expect the price of Qtum to peak at $121.7.

WalletInvestor, on the other hand, doesn’t show confidence in the coin, proposing that it’ll be selling for $22.24 within a year.

However, the truth can sometimes be a bitter pill to swallow. Currently, it is selling at $8.84. A few months ago in January, the price peaked at $100.00. These are obviously extremes but this peak price of $100 doesn’t appear sustainable (the average is around $20). Considering this, the price prediction for Qtum in 2018 shouldn’t exceed $30.

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Qtum price prediction 2020

Five years from now, Coinlinker expects this coin to reach $609.0 while WalletInvestor posits that $59.77 is a more ideal figure. These two Qtum price predictions are quite extreme and we can expect Qtum to prove both of them wrong and sell for around $300 in the next few years.


Like every investor knows, the crypto world is one volatile pot. It is possible for Qtum to surpass every expectation and sell for a thousand dollars. It isn’t advisable to invest because of short-term gains or greed. It is always better to carry out assiduous research and make informed investment decisions.

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