Small Investors Can Now Trade Against Crypto Whales With AMFEIX

Small Investors Can Now Trade Against Crypto Whales With AMFEIX
Cover image via The cover image and all the rights belong to the client ordering given press realease Fund, managed by AMFEIX Digital Asset Management, has simplified cryptocurrency trading and made it a profitable venture. Investors can now invest their Bitcoin in the fund and reap huge profits. With only 0.02 BTC, you can significantly multiply your holdings.

AMFEIX makes regular trades in several crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to fiat pairings, carefully selected due to their historically high performance, projected returns and potential future gains.

Undercover Investments

AMFEIX enables investors to make their investments without disclosing their identities. The platform allows for pseudo-anonymity when registering.

Fast Registration Process

The platform has a straightforward registration process that anyone can complete in record time. Once you log in to the site, you can create your wallet and transfer your Bitcoins to the new wallet. Immediately, the amount you have transferred will appear in your wallet, but you will wait for 24 hours for it to appear in the Funds page.

Zero Hidden Fees

AMFEIX doesn’t have any hidden fees. The firm only compensates itself for successful trading by rewarding itself with 20% of the profits made.

Clear Profit-sharing Formula

Investors are ensured that they will get 80% of the profits made while the remaining 20% goes to the fund as their compensation. As a result, the certainty in profit sharing makes investing with AMFEIX a proper decision.

Growing Capital

Investors can let their capital grow by choosing to postpone withdrawing their gains.The profits are reinvested and, slowly, their capital increases.

Easy Withdrawal of Earnings

The procedure is as simple as making a withdrawal request by merely clicking a button on the platform and waiting for approval. Once approved, you will receive your profits within 24 hours.

Bureaucracy-free Termination Procedure

The process of ending your contract with the fund is easy, with minimal bureaucratic procedures. Once you indicate your intention to exit, you will wait for 24 hours to receive all your BTC in your wallet, so that you can transfer them to wherever you deem fit.

Minimal Exposure Policy

AMFEIX uses a less aggressive approach to trading by only using 30-50% of funds at any given moment. Such a strategy shields investors' funds from getting depleted in one single wrong move.

Unflinchingly Secured Funds

The firm uses cold storage because it is not, in any way, linked to the internet to store any funds that may be inactive. Thanks to the Ethereum blockchain, it wades off any third-party entities, such as central government, from interfering with your investments.

AMFEIX offers investors a 12 lettered seed key to protect their wallets and help them recover their accounts when there is a threat of compromise.

Appealing Referral Program

Investors can greatly increase their earning potential by participating in the referral program provided by By inviting friends to invest, an investor will automatically be a beneficiary of the profits the new investor makes in the fund. 

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