Norwegian Miner Threatened With Bombs Could Be Closed Down

  • Yuri Molchan
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    The mining farm accused of being too noisy is working illegally

Norwegian Miner Threatened With Bombs Could Be Closed Down
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The Norway-located mining farm U.Today has written about recently, was threatened with explosives may be liquidated due to the absence of permits.

The local government steps in

Norwegian media reports that the Krypovault mining farm maybe shut down by the governmental authorities, at least for a while, due to the lack of the necessary papers allowing the firm to operate. It has not been mentioned, though, what documents exactly are necessary for this kind of work.

The CEO disagrees

The head of the farm states that when Kryptovault only started working, the permits they had received by then were quite enough.

The farm has been using about 40 megawatts of electric power and running almost 10,000 computers for minting crypto. Later on, neighbors began complaining that the company has been producing too much noise for several months in a row and started threatening the farm with bombs.

Bomb threats the farm received were anonymous.

Presently, the mining firm intends to buy the necessary gear to reduce the noise they are making.


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