NEO Trading Guide For Beginners

  • Andrew Strogoff
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    NEO trading guide, main features of the cryptocurrency, and why NEO attracts investors’ attention

NEO Trading Guide For Beginners
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NEO is a ratherpopular cryptocurrency that attracts investors’ attention. This crypto entered the top 20 and stays there. Daily volumes are high as well as the liquidity. We are going to figure out the reasons for such popularity and cover them main aspects influencing NEO’s price in this guide.

The roots of NEO Blockchain

Nowadays, NEO is the first Chinese Blockchain with an open source code. It was launched in August 2017. However, the history of this project started earlier, three years ago in 2014.

Da Hongfei, founder of this Blockchain established the Onchain company AntShares. This project had its own crypto ANS, which is abbreviation from AntShares.  

The main task of Onchain was to create a totally new financial service, which would connect virtual and real economics. The main tools for this are smart contracts. ANS was initially designed to be payment mean for smart contracts.

Later, developers decided to rebrand their product and have written new technical docs, changed their website and conducted an ICO. According to the developers, NEO is able to beat Ethereum.

How does it work

The main goal of the company is to create an economic model (so-called Smart Economy) including three main features:

  1. Platform for smart contracts execution
  2. Digital assets
  3. Digital Identification

You can digitize your real estate documents and sell it using cryptocurrency without mediators. Developers underline that NEO allows to digitize and exchange different types of assets including gold, cars, houses etc. The only thing you need to do is to connect them with digital assets and to make an appropriate smart contract.


NEO main advantages and disadvantages

NEO offers the following advantages to all users:

  1. Special Virtual Machine. It allows businesses to create complex smart contracts. The network has high speed allowing to conduct 10,000 transactions per second. However, tested speed does not exceed 1,000 TPS. Anyway, this is far faster than within the Ripple network where the speed is 70 TPS or within Ethereum system with 30 TPS capacity.
  2. High security level. NEO uses dBFT protocol, which protects the system from the majority of cyberattacks.
  3. Smart contracts are easy to set up. NEO supports several programming languages including Java, C#, F#, VB.Net, Go, Python. Ethereum, for example, uses a very complex language Solidity.
  4. Commissions free service. Those who hold NEO on their wallets are given GAS (utility token to conduct transactions) for free.
  5. Mining free system. There is no traditional mining within NEO network as the system is based on Proof of Stake meaning no significant expenditures for ASICS or graphic cards are needed to earn NEO coins.

Have this system any issues? Are there any disadvantages of the project? Sure there are several. Find them below:

  1. ThebNEO community is disappointed with lack of anonymity. Developers think that there should be no anonymity and all the transactions should be transparent. Onchain has direct access to the transactions history. Developers control over 60 percent of all Blockchain nodes in the system.
  2. Lack of decentralization. The above mentioned 60 percent of all nodes controlled by NEO team means that the system is more centralized than decentralized. NEO plans to cooperate with Chinese government and this is the main reason why there will be no anonymity or decentralization.

How to mine NEO

Those who want to trade NEO, need to know that this coin has no mining procedure. We have already mentioned this above. The project use Proof of Stake consensus mechanism instead. The main feature of PoS is that it requires no computational power. Users need to run nodes instead.


The total emission of NEO is 100 mln units. It is already distributed among investors and developers team. There will be no new coins but “stakers” will have an opportunity to earn. There are GAS tokens inside of the system and those who stake NEO within their wallets will be given this inner utility token.

History of NEO price changes

The first significant price growth was fixed during rebranding after transfer from ANS to NEO. Currency reached seven USD and later went upwards again and reached $30-$40. Investors were interested in NEO as developers started to cooperate with Microsoft and develop a new operational Blockchain based system.

NEO’s capitalization reached $2 mln in August 2017 but one month later the Chinese government banned all ICOs and obliged the company to give the money back to investors. This money flow lead to price decline. NEO costed $7 per coin again.

Team worked on the project and managed to win back their previous positions. They have started cooperation with governmental bodies, listed NEO on Bitfinex and created the next generation NEO 2.0 platform, which may adopt for different services including banking payment systems.

GAS was listed at Poloniex on September 2017. This fact allowed NEO stakers to earn money on tokens that are automatically transferred to their wallets. The price of GAS was even higher than $50.


Factors affecting NEO price

One of the most important factors why several coins’ price grows is their inflation model. Limited emission will likely to create rise of demand in future. How does this work? In time, the number of businesses will increase and this will create additional demand on NEO. The price is likely to rise in this case.

However, there are many other things that may positively or negatively influence NEO’s price. They are the following:

  1. General situation in the industry. When Bitcoin goes upwards and the other cryptos follow it, we can say that the general market situation is positive.
  2. News and events. Positive news from NEO team as well as new partners are likely to increase coin’s price. However, bad news may lead to the controversial result and to press the currency down.
  3. Experts and community opinion. NEO benefited from many famous crypto industry experts in the past. Community criticize the team, but remains loyal to the coin as NEO has shown great result as compared to other projects.
  4. Decisions of different governments on cryptocurrencies and ICOs. The more countries will adopt them, the more the price of the coin will be.

The main differences between NEO and Ethereum

Those who want to start NEO trading need to know, that this crypto differs from Ethereum. There are several aspects including consensus mechanism that are worth attention. The first main aspect is protocol.

Ethereum uses Proof of Work protocol (the same consensus mechanism that is used in Bitcoin). NEO is based on Proof Stake. The main disadvantages of Proof of Work are known but we are going to refresh them again.

Experts say that Proof of Work systems “eat” to much electricity. This is true as mining rigs are huge nowadays and they consumer much energy. However, Ethereum is going to transfer to Proof of Stake in the nearest future.

Another difference between Ethereum and NEO is transaction speed. NEO works on Proof of Stake, which allow to conduct more transactions per second than within Ethereum network. NEO allows to conduct 10,000 TPS as we had already mentioned previously. However, in practice, NEO users do only 1,000 TPS as compared to Ethereum’s 15 TPS.


This huge difference is the main advantage of NEO over Ethereum. However, NEO is less decentralized as Ethereum is. In addition, Buterin and his team are working on improving the network and those plans are included into the roadmap already.

Another big difference is in forks and scalability. Ethereum allows to create forks while there is no such an opportunity in NEO. Onchain coin has its finality meaning the information that is written once will not be changed. This is a huge advantage for future users especially for big businesses and financial markets.

Reasons to invest in NEO

Why do traders and investors buy NEO? There are several reasons for this. They are the following:

  1. NEO offers innovative technologies, which allow to make this platform outdated.
  2. This project allows users to work with smart contracts, which are treated by many experts as future of blockchain technology.
  3. Among partners and investors, we can see famous companies including Alibaba, Microsoft, LegalChain, Wings. NEO is currently working on creation of NEST FOUND foundation, which is likely to attract even more investments in this project.
  4. Onchain make attempts to legalize cryptos and has all chances to become the official mean of payment in China. This is one of the hugest markets in the world.
  5. NEO increases its capitalization and holds its position in the top 20.

NEO trading and technical analysis

Most of time traders who prefer NEO investments and speculative games use technical analysis in order to predict coins’ price. Market participants often use the whole set of tools in order to find entry points.

The first thing to do when using technical analysis is to find closest levels in order to understand where the price is likely to stop and to reverse in the nearest future.

The next step is to find trends if there is one. You can use trend line or MA’s with different periods to do this. Finally, you can use other indicators or price action patterns in order to find entry points.


Brief guide on how to start NEO trading

Now it is time to sum up and to give the latest recommendations before you are going to start NEO trading. There are several steps to do before placing your first order. Here they are:

  1. Find an exchange where you can trade NEO. Nowadays, there are several trading places where you can buy and sell the coin. You can choose between Binance, Cryptopia, Bitfinex, HitBTC, Livecoin, KuCoin, Bittrex. Before you make your final decision, pay attention at the liquidity, the security level and the fees that you will have pay when depositing or withdrawing money as well as when trading. Those figures may differ significantly.
  2. The second step is to take a decision. You can analyze news, pay attention to technical factors and use all your tools in order to find entry points.
  3. Risk and money management. Every professional trader has its own money and risk management strategy. Plan your trades in advance, protect your risks and calculate your profits.
  4. Choose order type. There are several orders that one can use nowadays. The easiest one is the market order, which allows you to open trades at the current market price. However, in many cases it is better to use limit orders, for example, in order to trade with better price.


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Question of the Day: Can Stablecoins Accelerate Cryptocurrency Adoption?

  • Yuri Molchan
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    Stablecoins show hardly any volatility compared to Bitcoin and altcoins, many are hoping that they will be able to bridge new crypto economy and regular fiat money

Question of the Day: Can Stablecoins Accelerate Cryptocurrency Adoption?
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Bitcoin, the father cryptocurrency, emerged in hope that it will remove all intermediaries in electronic commerce that cut off their share of payments. BTC was perceived as a P2P way to replace fiat cash in an electronic format, which would enable one party to pay another without any financial institution or payment platform which would demand its share of a transaction as a reward for its services.

What is wrong with Bitcoin

For quite a while Bitcoin was performing the way the crypto community expected. But the situation changed later – BTC rate became weaker, thus bringing down its financial and economic reliability, when it gets to be used as a regular means of payment.

You cannot have a currency that would cost like a British castle today, a gram of gold – tomorrow and a pack of French fries the day after.

At that point practical fintech minds came up with an idea of creating something which would become a breakthrough in the universe of crypto – a so-called stablecoin.

Will stablecoins solve the volatility problem?

Technically, stablecoins are protected from the volatility roller-coaster that Bitcoin and other cryptos love to ride. They are programmed to keep their prices stable and investors now are largely attracted to this new type of digital assets.

Stablecoin does not show any volatility in its monetary value, since it has a fixed connection to an asset it is pegged to. The major goal of using stablecoins is taking the best from decentralized crypto coins and combining it with a constant value. Thanks to it, stablecoins can be used as a reliable means of trade.

Asset-pegged stablecoins

Asset-backed ones get their value from an asset as can be understood from the name. An asset provides the necessary value to a coin, as well as the necessary legitimacy.

A great example of an asset-pegged stablecoin is Tether (USDT). In spite of a series of scandals at the end of last year, it remains the most popular stablecoin in the crypto market.

Recently, it has partnered with the Tron Foundation to launch a Tron-based stablecoin.

Other examples are TrueUSD (TUSD), USD Coin (USDC), the Gemini Dollar (GUSD), and the Paxos Standard (PAX). They are all pegged to the USD.

Crypto-backed stablecoins

Some digital coins work in a similar way to fiat-backed ones, however, they are pegged to collateral crypto. That means that crypto assets that ensure the value of such stablecoins are stored in a wallet similar to escrow.

A good example of a crypto-pegged token is Maker, which is ranked 16 on CMC.

Algorithmic stablecoins

Even though, stablecoin can be interesting at first thought but the way they are built goes against the principle of decentralization that crypto coins have as a foundation. Thus, many crypto fans and evangelists are positive that stablecoins must be linked towards not a centralized asset but a computer algorithm which takes value from a balance between supply and demand.

Basis is now considered the most promising algorithmic stablecoin of all.

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Can stablecoin ensure smooth future for the crypto industry?

The primary goal of all crypto assets was and remains to come up with virtual asset that would be liquid enough and not vulnerable to market volatility. From this point of view, stablecoins are a dream of all crypto fans and evangelists of a decentralized economy.

Apart from the potential to conduct crypto transactions smoothly, experts believe it can bridge the two worlds – fiat and crypto, bringing them a mutually beneficial coexistence. However, that may take time.

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