Most Undervalued Cryptocurrency in 2019

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    Nowadays no one can be surprised by investments in BTC. But what about other less popular assets? This article will help you to choose the most suitable undervalued coin

Most Undervalued Cryptocurrency in 2019

Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here is not investment advice – it is provided for informational purposes only. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of U.Today. Every investment and all trading involves risk, so you should always perform your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose.


The colossal collapse of the cryptocurrency market in 2018 frightened many investors and even traders. It is possible that the decline of many digital assets by almost 90% means only that there should be completely new opportunities to earn serious money, as the world expects a massive introduction of digital currencies. And of course, among them, there are such coins that are properly underestimated and preparing for a big rally in 2019.

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Litecoin is “digital silver”, the most successful and one of the first Bitcoin’s forks. At the moment, LTC takes 6th place in the CoinMarketCap rating by capitalization (more than 5 billion dollars). So, why Litecoin and why now?

There are several fundamental reasons for this. Litecoin is one of the most undervalued assets on the market. At the maximum peak, its rate reached $375, but this is not the potential price which it can achieve this year.

Litecoin is a full-fledged decentralized cryptocurrency corresponding to all the basic principles of the community. This asset can be called an improved version of Bitcoin. LTC has the same mining method, while it has faster and cheaper transactions. Besides, it is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies that appeared in 2011.

Litecoin has always remained in Bitcoin’s shadow, but now it’s time for it to come to the light. If you look closely, everything connected with LTC has a positive trend:

  • The number of transactions is steadily growing.

  • Since December 2018, capitalization is also increasing.

  • Since December, the coin rate has rocketed by 120%, not a single coin from the top 10 can boast such results and all this is still unnoticed.

Reason 1: Litecoin halving

It was in 2019 that all the factors that would allow the coin to grow significantly in price were formed. The most important one is the halving of the reward for the one mined block. This event should occur in August 2019. The emission will be reduced by 2 times, despite the fact that at the moment 60 million coins have been mined out of a possible 84 million.

According to many analysts, halving the reward will have a positive effect on the price of the asset, reducing emissions with the growing demand for Litecoin will push the price up.

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Reason 2: Litecoin adoption

The coin receives acceptance in various spheres with huge steps. The block generation time is much faster than Bitcoin, and there is the low cost of transactions compared to the same BTC.

Digital silver is added to a huge number of exchanges, and the number of shops and services ready to accept or already accepting Litecoin is growing.

Last year, the launch of the LitePay payment system was widely announced, but the event ended before it began. The launch of the platform was canceled and this had a negative effect on the price. But this experience has shown that sooner or later this will happen and we will see a lot of payment systems and services supporting Litecoin in the future. Much depends on the regulators, who did not have time to restructure and start working with cryptocurrencies, but according to experts, the adoption of cryptocurrencies by regulators is inevitable.

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Litecoin is in great demand in countries with problematic economies, such as Venezuela. Large inflation forces people to look for assets in order not to lose value, and services like Ramesas help the local residents to make payments in LTC and BTC.

Reason 3: Litecoin Foundation

The Litecoin Foundation does a lot for adopting and improving Litecoin. From recent events, we can note the conclusion of a partnership with the cryptocurrency team Beam. Litecoin founder Charlie Lee announced that he is looking for new ways to ensure the confidentiality of transactions and partnership with Beam may in the future allow the implementation of the MimbleWimble protocol in Litecoin, which will provide anonymous transactions.

As you can see the reasons for the growth of Litecoin is more than enough. In this regard, LTC has every chance to beat its maximum and even reach $1000 per coin by the end of this year, so now is the best time to invest in this coin.

Litecoin: Summing it up

Let's analyze positive and negative circumstances that are waiting for LTC in the current year.

  • Introducing of Litecoin futures

  • The general change of the trend from bearish (sellers) to bullish (buyers)

  • Halving

  • The implementation of the distributed data technology worldwide

  • Entry into the market of institutional investors

On the other hand, there are also obstacles to growth:

  • Stagnation in terms of using blockchain technologies by large businesses

  • Market rivalry with other coins

All of the above factors in their totality and interrelations speak about strengthening the coin and looking for new highs.

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On the market, the TRX coin was able to reach the top of the ratings, which is surprising in itself: 80% of startups remain unnoticed by the community.

Tron, throughout the entire period of its existence, favorably stands out against the background of a huge number of blockchain projects.

Tron events in 2018 as the key to development in 2019

The cryptocurrency market is completely dependent on Bitcoin’s mood. The price of the most capitalized cryptocurrency, in turn, demonstrates reactions to news background events and other “stimuli”. Accordingly, considering the prospects for the development of Tron in 2019, it is necessary to abstract from the negative pressure of bear market sentiment.

In order to determine the features of the current situation of the project, it is necessary to consider the events that occurred in its life in 2018. Through an analysis of the collaborations made and the technical innovations produced, a true picture of the near future of the TRX can be revealed.

The most important events that occurred in the development of the project in 2018 include the following:

  • On May 31, a beta version of the project’s main network was launched.

  • On August 6, the well-known adult content portal Pornhub started to accept the TRX cryptocurrency.

  • On October 8, an updated version of the Odyssey 3.1. The network was introduced, thanks to which the platform capabilities were greatly expanded.

It is also necessary to include the events that already happened in the current year:

  • On January 3, it became known that users of the BitTorrent Foundation would receive a reward based on Tron for distributing files. Such cooperation will allow covering a large segment of Internet users, thereby significantly increasing the number of project participants.

  • On January 5, the network reported that the popular game EtherGoo decided to change Ethereum to Tron.

  • On January 9, the OKEx digital asset exchange immediately added two pairs of Tron cryptocurrency: TRX/USDT and TRX/BTC.

  • In addition to the Singapore office, branches in Beijing and San Francisco have opened.

It seems that in 2019 the coin will have plenty of opportunities, and will be able to soar above its historical highs. Justin Sun is an irresistible marketer who is constantly looking for new ways to promote Tron and is seeking to attract developers of ETH and EOS to his network, although many people don’t like the way he does his business.

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Technical analysis features of Tron: Forecast and prospects

Despite the direct dependence of the mood of cryptocurrency on Bitcoin, it is necessary to consider the technical picture of Tron in order to identify features.

Tron chart
Image by Tradingview

It is crucial to point out that, against the background of the hype formed around the brainchild of Justin Sun, the quotes of the coin are different from the mood of other cryptocurrencies on the market.

The rate showed a serious jump up, and given the inevitability of the onset of correction (against the background of profit taking by buyers who bought the asset for speculative aims), in the near future, the descent to the consolidation zone marks is possible (orange zone).

The prediction for the future movement of Tron must be consistent with the main expectations on the cryptocurrency market in 2019: the opening of the Bakkt platform, the adoption of Bitcoin ETFs, the arrival of institutional investors. Positive news background (both local and general) will be the basis for possible growth in subsequent years.

Tron: Conclusion

The Tron team has every chance of development in 2019, as well as throughout 2020 and subsequent years. Over time, the level of the HYIP around the project will subside, which will help to normalize the level of volatility and get rid of the close attention of speculators. However, the long-term positive outlook for TRX can be implemented only if the general mood of the cryptocurrency market during the year 2019 remains bullish.


This ecosystem represents a new achievement in the history of the creation and development of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies and their promotion among the mass user. For this reason, due to its improvements, Cardano (ADA) is the most attractive investment tool for those who expect to make a profit in the long term.

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Factors affecting potential growth

Today, the project’s team is actively working to improve network scalability. The ultimate goal is to open up access to traditional banking services to 3 billion people in developing countries who lack them today. This requires a flexible and scalable Cardano ecosystem that can cope with any increase in load. Solving this problem will bring ADA close to the 3rd generation cryptocurrency status. And this is another reason to take a closer look at this asset as one of the most promising.

Other factors that will contribute to the rise of ADA in the future:

  • The possibility of interaction between different blockchain projects within one platform.

  • Ouroboros, the first scientifically verified algorithm of mining that operates according to the Proof-of-Stake principle.

  • Availability of a reliable electronic wallet “The Daedalus Wallet” with ADA support.

  • Listing on the largest exchanges, including Binance, Bittrex, Huobi, Hitbtc, EXMO, Cryptopia, DragonEX.

  • Support of the native ADA token with the world's first FINNEY crypto smartphones.

The second factor is the completion of the next stage of work planned for this time according to the project roadmap. It will give investors the opportunity to evaluate the benefits of the project in facts and figures. And since the developers are working tirelessly, by the end of the year they will definitely prepare some important updates.

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Cardano: The bottom line

The company has an official status and actively cooperates with government agencies in an effort to become a full part of the economic sector and offering a convenient and universal means of payment and storage. It is noted that about 95% of ADA coins are owned by users from Japan. For this reason, the asset is sometimes called the “Japanese Ethereum”.

In the expert community, it is widely believed that the revival of the ADA after a prolonged depression will begin in late April - May 2019. The following factors should allow ADA to remain in the top ten cryptocurrencies: the cyclical nature of the cryptocurrency market, which traditionally grows in spring, a large number of coins (the volume issue is 45 billion, 25.9 of which are already in circulation) and high capitalization.

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