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Millennial Executives Leave Wall Street For Crypto Investment

  • Yuri Molchan
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    Big financial bosses keep debating about crypto, but young and wealthy are making a move

Millennial Executives Leave Wall Street For Crypto Investment

Recently several young and talented executives left some of the world’s most prestigious companies and decided to invest only in crypto from now on.

Among them is a top manager from Deutsche Bank, aged 29, and three Goldman Sachs high caliber employees in their late 20s and 30s.

Another one was Asim Ahmad, a portfolio manager from BlockRock Inc. This young and rich person left his respectable job and put all his savings into Ethereum when the coin was trading at $10.

These days ETH costs around $565 and in December last year, it even reached a historical high of $1,400 per coin.


Ethereum Price Analysis in 202025: How Much Might ETH be Worth?

Ethereum Price Analysis in 202025: How Much Might ETH be Worth?

Ahmad believes that those who enjoyed watching crypto soar should take its recent fall with a calm heart and take it easy. He himself invested his money in the long run.

Millennials believe in crypto

Instead of going to live on tropical islands or buying gorgeous estates, young, clever and wealthy put the money they earned back into the digital currency space. Ahmed, for instance, now works with a fund investing in Blockchain startups which offer products that can be actually useful to the society.

This is true not only for wealthy young people but also for ordinary ones. Recent surveys in the UK show that only elderly people are taking cryptocurrencies with mistrust and prefer investing into old-school assets.

As for their children and grandchildren, especially those who are technically or financially educated, they are investing or plan to invest a substantial amount of their income in virtual coins.

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He has worked for several Telegram channels, writing about DLT and cryptocurrencies. Currently is a news writer, covering crypto and blockchain-related topics.

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