Mike Novogratz Says "Buy Bitcoin, Invest in Blockchain VCs" to Escape Centralized Digital World

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    Bitcoin is the decentralized force that could save people from an Orwellian future, according to Mike Novogratz

Mike Novogratz Says "Buy Bitcoin, Invest in Blockchain VCs" to Escape Centralized Digital World
Cover image via www.youtube.com

Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz has a nice piece of advice for everyone who thinks that the centralized digital future is becoming too creepy -- buy Bitcoin

In his recent tweet, the former billionaire comments on the popularity of centralized implants in Sweden. Novogratz says that you have to "really trust your government" before making such a bold move. 

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Not a "Black Mirror" episode

Human microchipping is nothing new in Sweden and some other countries. These tiny implants, which are injected under a person's skin, eliminate the need to carry IDs, credit cards, and even keys. 

What started as an experiment that was part of a dystopian future is now a reality in Sweden, the country that has a penchant for bleeding-edge technologies

However, while microchipping is undoubtedly convenient, there is still a lingering question about its ethical implications. Would you trust your government enough to share your sensitive data? What if your boss decides to implant a chip to track your performance? 

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"We need a decentralized future"

It doesn't come as a surprise that Novogratz thinks that it's "absolutely crazy" to voluntarily implant such chips under your skin. The crypto boss uses this news to make a case for a decentralized future.

DTAP Capital founder Dan Tapiero claims that Bitcoin would help to shield humanity from such "invasive" technologies. Meanwhile, the innovations that are brought by Blockchain venture capitalists will move society to a better moral place. 

How can Bitcoin solve the microchipping problem? Share your ideas in the comments!  

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