Industry Experts Decide What Cryptocurrency Terms Will Go Extinct in Nearest Future

  • Breaker has recently asked some of the industry influencers to share their views on what terms that are related to crypto could become outdated in 1, 5, or 10 years

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Breaker has recently asked some of the industry influencers to share their views on what terms that are specifically related to cryptocurrencies could become outdated in one, five, or ten years. As it turned out, they have quite different opinions.     

Forget about “fiat”, “ICO” and “flippening”

ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees thinks that the word “fiat” will become archaic in 20 years, implying that there will be mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. Jimmy Song from Blockchain Capital LLC is certain that ICOs will stand the test of time, so there will be no need for this abbreviation (same goes for dApps that are currently struggling with adoption). Meanwhile, he thinks that the world “flippening” could disappear in just one year.

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Lambos won’t be cool

“Lambo” has always been the term that indicates the pipe dream of every cryptocurrency enthusiast. How many of these fancy photos have been posted by Bitcoin millionaires to brag about their riches?

However, a cryptocurrency expert Preston Byrne is certain that Lambos will lose their mojo for Bitcoin holders. Byrne suggests that one day there will be another battery-powered car that will come as a replacement. According to Emin Gün Sirer from BloXroute Labs, Lambo already looks “ghastly”, and its target audience consists of edgy teenagers.

Meanwhile, Logos Network CEO Michael Zochowski claims that the term will disappear simply because the cryptocurrency industry is maturing, and it won’t be dominated with unsophisticated investors who managed to take advantage of the extremely volatile market and get gargantuan short-term gains.

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Some terms will stick with us forever

There are also some terms that will never fade away. First of all, there is the term “bullish”, which has a long history and will never cease to exist. The same applies to “token” and “exchange” since these words are not native to cryptocurrencies.

Byrne also thinks that the expression “to the moon”, which has been around for ages, will remain a staple shibboleth in the cryptocurrency community. He holds the same opinion about “Bitcoin maximalist”, but Jarrod Dicker, CEO of, puts it on his short list of terms that won’t stand the test of time.

Lastly, the word “crypto”, as the BloXroute Labs CEO suggests, will always stay there to refer to anything cryptocurrency-related.

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