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How to Buy Bitcoin With Any Gift Card

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Many people keep useless gift cards in their wallets, here are four safe ways to exchange them for Bitcoin
How to Buy Bitcoin With Any Gift Card



 iTunes Gift Card

Many people that do not know what to give their friends or family choose gift cards. Actually, this is a good and prudent decision, because gift card owner can buy whatever they want for this money, so the present certainly will be valuable. The problem is that people often want to buy something in another shop, not in the one they have a gift card for. Hence, the gift card becomes useless. In this case, to save money, the card should be sold or exchanged for Bitcoins.

Benefits of exchanging the gift card for cryptocurrency

The benefit of converting gift cards for Bitcoins is that this is a kind of investment. If a gift card is just kept in your wallet, you will not get any profit from this. At the same time, if you exchange it for Bitcoins, you will get a digital currency that tends to increase its course. Hence, after a while, Bitcoins may be quite more valuable than the cardwas. The money will not go down the drain.


There are many services that allow exchanging gift cards for Bitcoins. It is important to note that any card is a less liquid asset then cryptocurrency. Hence, it is no wonder that after exchanging the amount of cryptocurrency you will get less than the value of the card.

There are four ways to exchange useless gift cards for cryptocurrency safe and profitably.



LocalBitcoins Interface

LocalBitcoins is one of the most popular markets for buying and selling Bitcoins. It provides an easy way to find a buyer who will consider exchanging on mutually beneficial terms, so it is easy to buy Bitcoins with a gift card. It is kind of stock exchange, but unlike classic exchanges, LocalBitcoins has some features:

1. P2P deals. This means that users exchange the assets with each other, without any intermediaries.

2. Exchanging different assets. This is a key-point because different assets mean currencies of different countries, physical money and gift cards as well.

It is no wonder that the most valuable cards are issued by popular internet-shops and online-services. Best-selling gift cards usually belong to such companies as:

  • Amazon

  • eBay

  • Target

  • Walmart

  • Visa

  • AppStore

  • Starbucks

However, LocalBitcoins does not have any restrictions. You can try to sell any of your gift cards, even if it were issued by an unpopular store.

It is difficult to say how much money you will get for the card. The price usually goes down, on average about 50 percent on this service. However, it is still better than just keeping a useless card in a wallet.



Purse Interface

Purse– is a less popular but also quite helpful service, which is specialized on Amazon cards. The main point of Purse is that it provides finding a buyer that will send you Bitcoins in exchange for a needed product from Amazon. In practice it works quite easily:

  1. The user makes a request for a needed product from Amazon
  2. You pay for this product by your gift card and confirm shipping to his address
  3. In return, you get an equal amount of Bitcoins

Purse provides a service to avoid scammers in such deals. It can ensure that buyers will get their stuff and gift card sellers will get the cryptocurrency. Actually, Purse ensures an escrow service in transactions.

There is another way to sell a gift card. You can sell it directly to Purse Company.  It is less beneficial if we are talking about money, but the deal executes instantly, so you get money quite faster.



Cointal Interface

Cointal is a relatively new service for buying and selling cryptocurrency. It is slightly similar to LocalBitcoins. The advantage of Cointal is that it supports exchanging not only Bitcoin but also other cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum and Ripple.

This is also a P2P service that provides users to implement deals with each other. Overall, Cointal is an open marketplace for buying and selling cryptocurrency different ways. Here you can buy Bitcoin not only with a gift card but also with PayPal, Google Wally and many more digital wallets.



Paxful Interface

Paxful is a New-York based online Bitcoin store. It accepts more than 300 payments because the service supports a lot of digital assets. And the most important thing that it is provides to buy Bitcoin with an iTunes gift card.

It is important to note that Paxful is an open service. Hence, there may be many scammers trying to steal money. To ensure a safe exchange you should choose a seller prudently and always pay attention to the user’s reputation.

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Bitcoin Price is Reaching Critical Support Level As Wall Street Dives

An investor’s worst nightmare or an opportunity to take a fresh look at old assets?
Bitcoin Price is Reaching Critical Support Level As Wall Street Dives

During the previous trading session, Dow Jones fell a record (since its foundation!) 4.6 percent, which could not leave the price of alternative investment assets unaffected. The official reason for the aggravation of the cryptocurrency market situation was the news of China’s blocking its citizens from accessing foreign exchanges and ICO websites. It seems that Chinese regulations have become a bottomless source of possibilities for speculation and price manipulation, although this approach is deplorably uninventive.

Nevertheless, as a result of Monday's events and news, on Feb. 6, the total market capitalization fell to $300 bln- the lowest value since the beginning of December 2017. Bitcoin price lost another 21 percent and predictably dragged the rest of the assets down with it. NEO and Bitcoin Cash were hit the hardest, with losses of 30 and 25 percent respectively. Well, what goes up, must experience a correction. Cardano got tired of carrying the outsider banner and fell “only” by 20 percent. Stellar is looking slightly better than the other coins: it’s also down 20 percent, but not preceded by a painful correction as was the case with Cardano. In general, the decline was 23-25 percent for the top 10 group. Bitcoin dominance continues to grow and is now 36.2 percent.


As expected, buyers tried to take the initiative at the $7,700-$7,500 level, but the increasing negativity in US markets didn’t allow them to succeed. Thus, Bitcoin price broke through the psychological boundary of $7,000, the level of resistance at the 0.786 Fibonacci retracement, and headed toward the last bastion — $6,000.

Picture 1


At the moment, bears don’t even need to make a significant effort, because the decline has acquired its own impulse, supported by panic sales. Still, there is a large accumulation of pending purchase orders at the $6,000 level, which means there’s a possibility of a turnaround. Below, there is a set of additional resistances formed by the mirror levels $5,500 and $5,000. Our recommendation: don’t panic and be patient. The denouement is near.


At the time of writing, Ethereum price reached $625 and found support in the form of an upward channel from November 2017 and the 0.786 Fibonacci retracement. Buyers are actively fighting for this milestone, but further developments will depend on the outcome of the Bitcoin struggle.

Picture 2


The next supports for Ethereum are strong mirror levels of $550 and $500. An impressive volume was traded at $500. Moreover, it is psychologically significant, which means that buyers will protect it. We recommend that our readers increase purchases in this range.


Stellar investors had a very good start to the year, but since then the price has dropped more than thrice. Is this a reason to panic? We believe not because the asset is now firmly established both in the top 10 and the minds of crypto-enthusiasts. At the same time, there may never be a better time to invest in Stellar than now. Even though the lower boundary of the rising channel from the end of November 2017 was unable to stop the fall, the situation is far from critical.

Picture 3


First of all, the current Stellar price of $0.28 updated the minimum of the previous global decline of Jan. 17 by only 10 percent. Second, in case of further correction, strong support is provided by the $0.22-$0.24 range, where the mirror level and the 0.786 Fibonacci retracement are located. In a negative scenario, we can expect a spike in buyers' activity at $0.20. We recommend building up positions in the specified range, especially for those who have not yet added this asset to their portfolio.

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Bittrex Review 2018 - How to Use Bittrex for Beginner’s

🎓 Exchanges Guide
Bittrex is an American exchange that saw a breakthrough in 2017.
Bittrex Review 2018 - How to Use Bittrex for Beginner’s

What is Bittrex?

Bittrex is an American C2C exchange that appeared on the market in December 2014. As of July 2018, it has more than 2 million customers.

The company was poised for success from the very beginning of its existence, since Bittrex exchange was founded by Microsoft security programmers (Bill Shihara and two of his colleagues). As of now, Shihara remains the CEO of Bittrex. The founder of Bittrex explained that their main goal was to come up with brand-new software that would help to reach a high level of security and scalability. These are the main issues with the majority of today’s exchanges. They aimed at creating the fastest and the most secure platform out there. On top of that, Bittrex creators wanted to make sure that their exchange would be open and transparent enough to attract new investors.

Such a professional approach is even more impressive when you find out that the team of developers actually ran this exchange in their spare time while keeping their main job, but the sudden growth of Bittrex in 2017 turned it into an all-consuming business. Once the exchange started to accept tens of thousands of new users per and its trading volume had passed the $3 billion mark,

The Seattle-based exchange is fully compliant with the US regulations. Unlike Kraken, it is also able to operate in New York because of its BitLicense application.

Bittrex Review

Bittrex offers an insanely big amount of currencies (more than 250 altcoins including Bitcoin, Ripple and Litecoin). Basically, any ICO that you can think of is already featured there. The exchange puts a lot of effort into listing new altcoin by carefully verifying their source code. At the same time, it swiftly removes all the coins that are not active anymore. This is the case when quantity is combined with quality.

Bittrex’s chief executive made it absolutely clear what kind of tokens it lists and delists. Stability and legal compliance of the token under consideration are of paramount importance. The information about the team of developers behind the coin and its innovativeness can also sway the committee’s decision. If the coin which is already listen on the exchange doesn’t comply with basic regulations or doesn’t get proper treatment from the developers, it can be delisted in no time.

Is Bittrex Safe?

According to numerous analytical reports, Bittrex can be rightfully considered the safest exchange on the market. When it comes to dealing with government regulations, cryptocurrency exchanges frequently hit roadblocks, but Bittrex emphasizes that they want the US economy to benefit from the rapidly developing industry. The first thing that makes it a highly reputable exchange is the aforementioned complete regulatory compliance. The list of regulations includes:

  • SEC regulations. According to the SEC’s report, they have a hard time classifying different ICOs and many exchanges are still reluctant to adhere to their regulations, but this is not the case with Bittrex;

  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML);

  • BitLicense compliance which makes Bittrex available for New York customers.

There hasn’t been a single hack connected to Bittrex, but, like any big exchange service, they still had issues with their clients. Back in 2017, there was a negative Bittrex review which stated that the exchange had closed accounts without any reason. The news was swiftly picked up by the media which forced Bittrex to make an official statement about temporary suspending about 0.1% of its accounts.

So, is Bittrex safe? Without a doubt, the team of developers came up with a very secure platform. Like other exchanges, Bittrex keeps the majority of its funds (about 90%) in a cold storage. The system also makes an emphasis on how important TFA is for your account protection.

How to Use Bittrex?

Let’s find out how to use Bittrex in the following guide.

  1. Before you start using Bittrex, you obviously have to go through the registration process. You have to fill out your e-mail and come up with a unique password.




  2. After verifying your account, you have to log in to open the home page that features most recent fluctuations for all available markets (BTC, ETH, USDT, TUSD).

    home page


  3. Go to the ‘Setting’ section to manage your account. Here, you can also go through the verification process to increase your daily withdrawal limit.
    NB! All required fields (your address, date of birth, etc.) should be filled out with Latin characters.


  4. If you go to the ‘Support’ (bottom left corner), you can see a very convenient FAQ section where you can literally type in any search request. The list of frequently asked questions, most recent news and coin information are situated below. Those who still aren’t able find the desired information can submit a request in the top left corner of the page.




Bittrex Payment Methods

Those who are interested how to buy on Bittrex have to deposit funds to their account first. The majority of exchanges find it hard to reel in more customers since it is still difficult to purchase cryptocurrency with fiat money. Sure, there are exchanges like Coinbase that allow its customers to conduct instantaneous fiat-to-crypto transactions, but the number of available currencies is strictly limited to the biggest names on the market. If you want to buy any of new altcoins, you have to buy Bitcoin on one exchange and then deposit it to another exchange that supports your desired currency.

Bittrex announced that it would start accepting US dollars in May 2018. The company got the green light from some major US banks that usually have tepid relationships with cryptocurrency exchanges due to the lack of financial regulations. However, the Seattle-based exchange also has an issue with a short amount of available trading pairs. As of now, only the top digital currencies on the platform (including Bitcoin) can be traded against the US dollar, but Bittrex promises to add new USD trading pairs in the nearest future. So, if you want to buy any altcoin, you still have to send BTC from another exchange to Bittrex.

How to Buy on Bittrex?

Once your funds have been deposited, go to the ‘Markets’ section in order to choose a trading pair or manually search for the coin that you want to buy.


Click on the ticker of the chosen currency and you will see a candlestick chart.


Scroll down the page to place a new order.

new order


How to Trade on Bittrex?

Bittrex is a perfect platform for trading. However, the exchange is not really beginner-friendly, since it prefers high-profile traders and investors over average users. The bottom line is that Bittrex is probably not the place for you if you are not skilled enough to know how to trade on Bittrex. Advanced traders are more than welcome to join Bittrex considering that it has such major advantages as a large amount of currencies, high liquidity and effective trading tools.

Before you start trading, you have to adjust your API keys settings (switch the first three toggle buttons on). Now simply go to the ‘Market’ section in order to make a bid. You can go with a limited type or choose a conditional type of order when you can specify the price at which the order goes into effect. Basically, that means that the transaction will not take place until your condition is met. That’s how you use a stop loss to protect your investments.

Bittrex Fees

Maintaining a stable, fast and secure exchange is a bit pricey which explains relatively high Bittrex fees. Both buyers and sellers pay a 0.25% commission. They do not have any loyalty programs or other forms of incentives, so every member is charged with the same fee.

Bittrex Withdrawal Fees

At the same time, Bittrex withdrawal fees are pretty competitive, but they are still higher than on other major exchanges. Sure, these fees are unpleasant, but the company has to earn profit in order to stay in business. Remember that keeping your funds on exchange is not advisable (not matter how safe and reputable it is), so always withdraw your funds to a cold wallet.

The amount of the fee depends on the coin of your choice.











NB! There are plenty of cheap altcoins (UTC, DTC, XCO) that are completely free to withdraw.

Speaking of withdrawal fees, it is worth mentioning that Bittrex also has withdrawal limits that depend on your verification level. Your daily withdrawal limit is fixed at 0.4 BTC by default, but you can increase it up to 100 BTC per day by enabling 2FA and providing your ID.

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What is Lisk - Simple Explanation for Beginners

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The main difference between digital money and traditional ones is in the decentralization of all conversions.
What is Lisk - Simple Explanation for Beginners

Introduction to Lisk

Verify all transactions. It is safe to say that the emergence of new types of crypto-conversions (and there are already more than a thousand types) has become a model of a new economy that will become more equitable and balanced.

How does the crypto currency work? Transaction at the time of its commission is registered in the database. At the same time the owner’s address and the currency belonging to the individual are determined. This procedure is very similar to the banking. Similarly, we make a money transfer from one's account to another. The amount of money is deducted from our account and added to the next. All transactions take place in the framework of accounts. Money in this case is just information; there is no actual exchange of funds.

{"preview_thumbnail":"/sites/default/files/styles/video_embed_wysiwyg_preview/public/video_thumbnails/3w7KrVPaF8o.jpg?itok=K8_Eu_sn","video_url":"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3w7KrVPaF8o","settings":{"responsive":1,"width":"854","height":"480","autoplay":0},"settings_summary":["Embedded Video (Responsive)."]}

The essence of the work of any cryptocurrency is the registration of a large data profile. This is similar to a large journal or library with information, where the distribution of funds is coming to the right addresses. The difference between real money and blockchain is that it's only digital and it means you cannot convert it into real banknotes and coins.

Cryptoconversion gives the owner two keys: open and closed. They are reflected in the form of lines from a random set of characters (letters and numbers). Your public email address can work as a private key or password. However, it is important to do not provide this key to anyone. The key data record must be stored in a safe place without access to outsiders. It is best to write down the key on paper or take a picture because no one can hack it.

It is not recommended to store data about passwords and keys in documents on the hard disk of the computer or in the Web. The problem is that there is no way to recover your key in case of loss. There is no server to which you can send a recovery request. Cryptocurrency can disappear without a refund, the control is not returned. Also, if another user receives your key, he will become the full owner of your assets.

Lisk Basics

The main difference between digital money and traditional ones is in the decentralization of all conversions. When we make a transaction, the confirmation of our actions comes from network computers. There is no bank or PayPal system that can track and control the transfer of funds. The network of computers confirms the legality of the transfer through Peer-to-Peer communication. This is both a very attractive and destructive side of the blockchain. Thus a new form of power appears. Here, money is controlled by users, not by corporations or banks. Cryptoconversion protects all transactions and guarantees confidentiality. Your identity is encrypted and hidden, all procedures are completely safe, if you have not lost the key.

what is lisk

Cryptocurrencies are used as a kind of fiat currency, which can be spent on goods and services. Previously, the number of firms accepting such payments was very small. Now there is a rapid growth of companies which accepts crypto-currencies as payment. This method of payment has become popular. The most common type of currency was bitcoin. This is the first cryptocurrency in the world and the most common today. But some companies have already started accepting and developing new varieties of crypto conversions.

Coins Guide
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What's ETH's Future ? ????

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Next up could be Ethereum futures, but the independent and interdependent relationship between coins in the cryptocurrency market could cause an interesting dynamic
What's ETH's Future ? ????

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Ripple Price Prediction For November: Quietly In Reversal

Ripple XRP is moving higher and two Ripple price predictions tell the same tale. Read on to find out what you need to know about Ripple XRP future value 2018!
Ripple Price Prediction For November: Quietly In Reversal

While major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum wallow at their long-term lows XRP is quietly moving higher. The native token of the Ripple blockchain network advanced 30% in the first week of November and has XRP predictions in readjustment. At last look, the XRP/USD was affecting what could become a major reversal and the beginning of a long and drawn-out rally.

Ripple Predictions Turn Bullish

The XRP/USD made an inconspicuous double bottom over the last summer with lows in August and September resulting in a push higher over October. Now, the double bottom is confirming support at the crucial baseline that has Ripple price forecasts on the rise. The November rally is confirming support at the short-term moving 30-day exponential moving average and the indications are strong the move will continue higher.


Both stochastic and MACD are showing strong bullish crossovers that support the Ripple forecast. The first target for resistance is at the 0.5720 level and already tested once. A move up to and above that level would be very bullish for this token and pave the way for a move up to the $1.00 level and eventually a retest of the all-time high.  

Ripple forecast 2018: Adoption is going to drive this token higher

Most Ripple prediction did not come true in 2018, largely because of the overhanging shadow of bearishness within the cryptocurrency market, this is a Ripple forecast you can bank on: adoption of the Ripple network by global financial leaders is going to drive this token higher in the near, short, and long-term.

Most recently, Ripple Labs, the development team for the Ripple network, announced the integration of Ripple Net into OnePay FX. OnePay FX is a cross-border payments mobile application designed by Banco Santander. Banco Santander is one of the EU’s leading banks, valued at over $80 billion, and a sign of Ripple’s value to mainstream financial institutions.

Bank Santander’s reason for choosing Ripple is simple. The bank says that after experimenting with Ripple Net and a few other blockchain based products it saw new levels of transparency, certainty, and speed that is unparalleled in the traditional banking sector. Santander’s Head of Innovation, Ed Metzger, said the bank plans on using the blockchain to improve the lives of its customers.

“We believe that financial services is moving to a world of open platforms where companies collaborate to deliver excellent customer service for their customers, and that’s at the core of what we’re doing with OnePay FX.”

The primary purpose of RippleNet within the OnePay FX ecosystem is to ensure cross-border transactions. The bank wants its international customers to be able to seamlessly send and receive money, a benefit more than necessary for the bank's future growth in today’s global world. As an example, customers will be able to send instant payments directly to merchants and other payment processors with only a few clicks on their mobile devices and without the need for bank cards.

OnePay FX is currently available to Banco Santander clients in the United Kingdom, Spain, Poland, and Brazil but there are plans for rapid expansion. The system is expected to cover the European Union, South American, and Asia in the not-too-distant future.

Ripple Price Prediction 2018: The flippening

A flippening has been in the Ripple XRP price prediction 2018 since before the end of the year and it is on the verge of happening. The flippening, when XRP’s #3 ranked total market cap exceeds that of #2 Ethereum, will be an important catalyst for new investment in XRP as it will indicate a shift of dominance between the two tokens.

  • Bitcoin is the #1 cryptocurrency by market cap at $112 billion and commands 52% of the market.

  • Ethereum is the long-standing #2 cryptocurrency by market cap at just over $22 billion. It commands about 10% of the total market.

  • Ripple is the number #3 cryptocurrency by market cap and may surpass Ethereum at any time. It is currently valued at just under $22 billion and commands about 9.5% of the total market.

Ripple is currently valued around $21 billion, about $1 billion less than Ethereum, and would not need a very big boost in token prices to take over the #2 spot. With more than 42 billion XRP’s in circulation, it would take less than a nickel rise in prices for the flippening to happening, assuming, of course, Ethereum prices remain stable (and there is little reason to expect ETH to make a significant move higher until it overcomes scalability and security issues).

The bottom line is simple; Ethereum suffers from peanut butter syndrome and that will drive the flippening, if not this year then next. The world’s “most advanced” cryptocurrency (ETH) is spread very thin trying to be everything to everyone while Ripple is focused on solving the singular and age-old problem of speeding up and securing financial transactions.

Ripple Prediction 2018: Regulation is the real catalyst

Like most cryptocurrency forecasts, the Ripple Price Predictions, in almost all cases, fail to account for regulation as a catalyst for price movement. RippleNet has gotten a vote of confidence from Banco Santander but the question of regulation still overshadows the entire cryptocurrency market and will likely do so until regulators in the EU and US make their final decisions.


In the US, the SEC and CFTC have allowed for only limited access to the multi-billion dollar cryptocurrency market and are under increasing pressure to formalize their stance. While the implementation of a BTC ETF is forefront on the minds of traders, regulation, retail access to trading products, and mass adoption of cryptocurrency will be a boost to all digital tokens including XRP.

The Bakkt platform, a joint venture between the Intercontinental Exchange and its partners, is building up the infrastructure many in the industry say is needed for the SEC to approve retail trading of cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency-based trading products. Bakkt is expected to go live with its first product in early December, a BTC future, with more slated for launch over the next few months (as they get regulatory approval).

The risk to Ripple predictions 2018

One of the biggest risks to Ripple 2018 is in how the US regulators classify the token. Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are clearly commodities, Ripple may qualify as a security. This conundrum has been at the heart of the US regulatory saga as no two regulators can agree on how to classify digital currencies. If Ripple is left out of the US regulatory scheme because it too closely resembles a security such as stock or bonds it could see its price plummet.

The good news is that US regulation will likely be two-pronged. On the one side, the CFTC will oversee tokens like BTC, ETH, and LTC as well as products like futures and futures options based on Ripple XRP future value 2018. On the other hand, the SEC will oversee those tokens that more closely resemble securities of publicly traded companies. Regardless, regulation will be a driving factor for this and all digital tokens in 2018.


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