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How to Buy Bitcoin Anonymously, Without ID and Verification

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If you are wondering how to buy Bitcoins anonymously in the US instantly, here are your options
How to Buy Bitcoin Anonymously, Without ID and Verification

When Bitcoin first came to the scene, everyone was of the view that it was anonymous. However, as everything goes on the Blockchain, the global ledger shared publicly, actually it’s not anonymous.

Remember that leaving digital trail means that it’s just the matter of time before your transactions are de-anonymized and anyone with enough resources will be able to do that. That being the reason, everyone is now looking for options to remain anonymous on Bitcoin network as much as possible.

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So, the question is how to buy Bitcoins anonymously? Well, there are some companies that allow buying and selling Bitcoins anonymously. Besides, there are some tricks that give you the easiest way to buy Bitcoins anonymously.

Bitcoin Logo with something that shows anonymity

Methods To Buy Bitcoins Anonymously

Available Options

Buy Bitcoin With Cash

Local Bitcoins, Bitcoin ATMs, Prepaid Cards

Disguise Transfers Between Identities

Helix, Joinmarket, Darkwallet

Other Options

Mycelium Local Trader, Bitsquare, Wall of Coins

Use cash to buy Bitcoins anonymously– the easiest way out

Yes, your best bet when looking to buy Bitcoins anonymously is to buy it with cash. You may wonder where to buy Bitcoins anonymously even with cash. Well, there are quite a few options available for that and the ones on top of the list are mentioned below.

Bitcoin with cash

1.       Local Bitcoins

When looking to find the best way to buy Bitcoins anonymously with cash, you should better buy it in person. With Local Bitcoins, you can easily find people near you who are ready to sell their Bitcoins in exchange for cash.

Alias emails can be used for signing up at Local Bitcoins and it’s not necessary for you to verify your ID at this platform. Such Bitcoin deals don’t require any documentation whatsoever and allow you to remain truly anonymous.

2.       Bitcoin ATMs

Another best way to buy Bitcoins anonymously with cash is through a Bitcoin ATM near you. However, the issue is that Bitcoin ATMs are not available everywhere and you may not have one very close to you.

But if you have access to one, go for it. Remember, however, that these ATMs require you to specify a Bitcoin address, but you have the option to say that you do not have one. And, when you choose that option, a paper address is generated for you most of the times. Afterwards, it’s possible for you to import private key of your paper wallet to send your Bitcoins anywhere you want.

3.       Prepaid Card

You may have even wondered how to buy Bitcoins anonymously with a credit card. Well, you have prepaid credit cards for that and they can be availed at any convenience store or supermarket out there. These cards can then be used for making Bitcoin purchases at different platforms like Virwox or Coinmama without having to provide your ID.


Disguising transfers between several identities

When looking for answers to how to buy Bitcoins anonymously online, you have the option of obfuscating transfers between several identities. There are several services available today that rely on Coinjoin concept for combining transactions of different users into a single transaction for disguising who owns the funds and how much of it. Let’s take a look at a couple of such service providers.

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1.       Helix

Helix relies on a long Coinjoin transactions chain for tumbling your Bitcoins. Grams, the team behind Helix, indexes dark sites, builds reviews and allows its users to tumble and mix their coins. The service can be used with or without a membership. All you need to do is to browse to Helix website using Tor Browser and provide the address of the recipient.

Random delay periods can be added allowing more transaction layers to form and make the transaction more anonymous. The status ID can be recorded for checking out the status of your transactions at a later stage.

2.       Joinmarket

It’s another decentralized network where you can use Coinjoin to mix your Bitcoin transactions with other users. It doesn’t require any centralized party and you don’t even have to trust others. It’s different from the centralized services in the fact that your Bitcoins do not leave the address that is in your control. It means you’re not at risk even if the service shuts down while your transaction is being processed or when it maliciously starts stealing the Bitcoins. Remember, however, that you need considerable technical knowledge in order to install and use Joinmarket.

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What other options do you have?


Yes, there are some other avenues available where you can get the answer to your primary question can I buy Bitcoins anonymously. These include:

1.       Mycelium Local Trader

The popular Bitcoin wallet Mycelium brings this option to you. In fact, Local Trader is a feature that comes built into your Mycelium mobile application. It’s a simple feature that uses the location of your phone for connecting you with local traders in your close vicinity. Buyers and sellers can then meet personally for exchanging cash and Bitcoins without needing any verifications or IDs.

2.       Bitsquare

It’s a peer-to-peer marketplace where cryptocurrencies are traded.

The exchange is completely decentralized and doesn’t require any name, email or verification. For keeping it completely anonymous, the network uses Tor browser and does not hold Bitcoins or fiat in any account or on the server.

Whether it’s the order placement, matching or execution, the network is fully decentralized.

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3.       Wall Of Coins

It is another option that you can try for buying Bitcoins without having to disclose your identity. Primarily, it’s another cash-based system, but it requires the buyer to deposit the cash in some bank account.

The seller shares the details of their bank account and the buyer has to visit their nearest branch to make the deposit.

The platform holds the coins in escrow and once the deposit is confirmed, the escrow is released.

What’s best for you


So, if you are wondering how to buy Bitcoins anonymously in the US instantly, the above options will work for you. It’s just the matter of deciding which one suits your needs best and you can simply go with it.

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10 Best Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Books of All Time

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Here’s a list of the best Blockchain books you can read
10 Best Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Books of All Time

The concept of Blockchain and cryptocurrency is, in itself, very abstract and unconventional, simply because we have been accustomed to centralized systems of operation. To understand such an innovative idea, you need to go through the books with best explanations of what is Bitcoin and Blockchain.

It will be unfair to list just a single book as no author is able to concisely deal with every part of Blockchain technology. Some have their strengths in cryptography, others can dissect the nodes and supernodes with consummate skill. It might help to consider what makes a Blockchain book truly spectacular.

What makes the best Blockchain book?

A thorough study of some of the Amazon Blockchain books showed that there’s a certain similarity shared between the bestselling books. For a book to truly resonate with a larger audience, it should have all of the features below:

  1. Ability to break down difficult concepts

  2. Brevity and conciseness

  3. Accuracy of assertions

  4. Depth of research

  5. Multi-faceted nature of the book

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1. The Internet of money by Andreas Antonopoulos

If you’re new to the crypto scene and you want to get started, this book by Andreas Antonopoulos will kick things off. You can, within two weeks of reading this book, become an expert at Blockchain, dishing out consultancy advice. It doesn’t just teach you how to, it addresses the pertinent questions about Blockchain, goes into detail about what it is not, and gives you practical insight into the concept. His quote, “First they ignore us, then they laugh at us, then they fight us, then we win” is a widely embraced axiom among Blockchain enthusiasts.

Bitcoin Books

2. Digital Gold by Nathaniel Popper

This is a narrative about the inception of the first ever cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Many readers claim that this is one of those books on Blockchain and Bitcoin which you cannot put down. It is a page-turner, a true eye-opener. It talks about the mysteries surrounding Bitcoin and its anonymous founder, the activities in Silk Road, and the Winklevoss twins. This is unarguably one of the best Blockchain books.

3. Cryptoassets by Chris Burniske and Jack Tatar

Chris Burniske and Jack Tatar came together to create this masterpiece. If you want to be one of the best at cryptocurrency investment, you are required to go for the best book on Blockchain and Bitcoin. With Cryptoassets, you can accurately understand the fundamentals of investment with a framework to apply theory and practical. Earlier, we spoke about how research makes a book excellent. This book has solid references, charts, and tables which pique your interest.

4. Crypto by Nathan Rose

If you want to become a crypto financial analyst, this book is for you. Compared to other established technologies, Blockchain and cryptocurrency are still fledgling. In fact, the general public still finds the concept esoteric and this is understandable. Nathan explains what you need to choose an exchange, sign up, deposit currencies, make your trade and eventually make profits.

Bitcoin Books

5. How Money Got Free? Brian Patrick Eha

In order to understand some of the bold claims made in this Blockchain and Bitcoin book, it is important to understand where we are coming from and where we are going. Brian Patrick Eha details the ascent of the financial banks, the intervention of the government, their eventual compromise, the Silicon Valley cabals, and the whole scheme behind making money.

6. Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain by David Gerard

David Gerard, in this book, creates a form of balance. If you’re a crypto enthusiast who probably believes that Blockchain will take over the world and Bitcoin will be the new religion, this book is for you. It helps you reevaluate your stance. The third chapter is perhaps the climax as the author delineates all of the logomachy presented by any proponent of Bitcoin and delivers his opinion on each. This is one of the best books on Bitcoin and Blockchain which doesn’t necessarily support the technology.

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7. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies by Arvind Narayana

What really is cryptography? Do you even understand what it is about? Well, a professor at Princeton University, Arvind Narayana, along with four other people took time to explain what it is all about. The book is extremely detailed and it will require you to have a lot of notes to review. There are also diagrams in the book for a more comprehensive understanding on what it entails.

8. Bitcoin- The Future of Money? by Dominic Frisby

Dominic Frisby, in this book, addresses the issues we all had in mind. Are your investments going to be worth millions in the nearest future or are you just chasing shadows? The inherent limitations of cryptocurrency- the lack of government’s regulation, the atrocities, etc. are well discussed. In fact, the author uses anecdotes to further prove his point, like the time he used Bitcoins to purchase cannabis a while back.

9. The Business Blockchain by William Mougayar

Have you heard about Blockchain 2.0? This is what crypto assets entail and if you are considering a career in this line, you might want to check it out. William Mougayar gives an in depth analysis into the steps you are to take if you want to become a cryptopreneur. It is unarguably one of the best Blockchain books which thoroughly addresses the business part.

10. The Age of Cryptocurrency by Paul Vigna and Michael J. Casey

Two Wall Street Journal reporters, Paul Vigna and Michael J. Casey, came together to produce an explanation of what the world would be when digital money- cryptocurrency becomes the mainstream means of transaction. With a series of anecdotes and research work, you will come to appreciate how we are in the age of cryptocurrency.


These are, without a doubt, the best Blockchain books available to us right now. Other equally good books might be available, however, they won’t all make the cut. Take note of the key features to look out for before purchasing books on Blockchain and Bitcoin.

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30 Best Bitcoin Memes Ever

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Check out 30 hilarious Bitcoin-related memes to find out why this cryptocurrency is in everyone’s mind
30 Best Bitcoin Memes Ever

While some traders are investing heavily in Bitcoin, others don’t miss the opportunity to let off a joke about it. With all the fuss around this unique phenomenon, how could it be otherwise? Each Bitcoin meme from our Top-30 list will prove that the entire world is simply raving about crypto.

Before we start...

If you’re in the dark about what Bitcoin is (which would be strange with a thousand and one Bitcoin crash meme in the Net and crypto grabbing the news headlines), let’s clear things out. Here are some fast facts:

  1. Bitcoin is a digital (virtual) currency that’s based on blockchain (cryptography) technology.

  2. It allows for transparent and quick payments.

  3. It doesn’t belong to any government.

But how did it become a meme? Bitcoin has seen a meteoric rise in price since 2016 and now is among the most expensive and the most valuable currencies worldwide. People mine it, people trade it, and some just save the precious coins to make their fortune in the future.

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Hype is rising


Doesn’t it remind you of the famous gold rush? No one stayed aside from the gold fever of 21st century. The only thing that’s changed is instruments.


And Bitcoins mining farms aren’t actually what you imagine them. Wonder if there’s a huge mining rig in the basement.


Phew! I’m completely knackered!



“You gotta be kidding me!”

But it’s still isn’t real

No matter how much Bitcoin costs, you can’t use it the same way as a fiat currency, and purchase is also challenging.


That feeling when being a millionaire doesn’t make any difference...


...but who said virtual money can’t buy happiness?



Well, you tried.


The cloud of Bitcoin unavailability has its silver lining, hasn’t it? At least you won’t become a drug-addict.


One does not simply buy Bitcoins for any currency he wants.

Image is everything



Oh, those stereotypes...

Haters gonna hate


Envy is a deadly sin, kitty.


Success is the best revenge.


Probably, the best Bitcoin bubble meme ever.

I should have done it before!

Remember the famous “In a year you will regret you didn’t start now”?  I bet that’s exactly what most newcomers think!


Probably, every second funny Bitcoin meme is dedicated to this bitter feeling of golden opportunities slipping by. However, it’s not all lost yet – you can still start trading Bitcoin or try altcoins.


If you still hesitate.

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To sell or not to sell?


I hold my hand on the pulse, and my heart stops every time I see Bitcoin dropping.









With the current Bitcoin price, you can afford the entire candy factory.


All in all, the game is worth the candle.

Blockchain is the key

Our Bitcoin meme pool wouldn’t be full without mentioning blockchain – the technology underlying it.


I guess my 2+2=4 won’t make the cut.


Together we’re invincible

Just like usual coins, Bitcoin has two edges: there’s a number of perks including 100% independence.



Mission impossible.

Bonus: Our recommendations


Banter aside, you can still get the juice from Bitcoin even though individual mining doesn’t make much sense today. How to earn?

  • Try collective mining pools.

  • Enter trading markets (a good option for finance-savvy guys).

  • Use the hype around Bitcoin to make websites/organize seminars/enter the MLM business – opportunities are still endless.

Good luck!

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How to Buy Bitcoin with Prepaid Cards: Beginner’s Guide

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U.Today has reviewed the best ways to buy Bitcoins with your stack of prepaid cards
How to Buy Bitcoin with Prepaid Cards: Beginner’s Guide

The major difference between an ordinary debit card and a prepaid card is that the former is not pegged to a checking account in a bank. The funds are loaded on such cards in advance so that you can spend them. Case in point: reloadable MyVanilla prepaid cards that can be easily bought in your local Walmart store. The card’s current balance can be checked on the official website of its issuer.          
In most cases, prepaid cards are used as gifts — it is a very convenient way of sending money to a specific person if cash is not an appropriate option. Subsequently, it gives much more flexibility to a person who receives the gift since VISA prepaid cards are accepted all over the globe. One can buy clothes, electronic devices or...Bitcoin, the world’s biggest cryptocurrency.  

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Can you buy Bitcoin with gift cards on Coinbase?

Of course, Coinbase is the most obvious choice. The $8 bln startup, which is spearheaded by Brian Armstrong, is among the world’s most famous exchanges. Even with the recent listing spree, Coinbase still has a very meager choice of assets, but Bitcoin is on the list. However, prepaid cards are not accepted there despite some websites claiming otherwise.   
US customers are able to make instantaneous purchases with their debit/credit cards, but Coinbase requires everyone to complete ID verification before adding a card. It is safe to say that the Armstrong-led exchange will never accept prepaid cards due to security concerns.

In July, however, the exchange launched its own Coinbase VISA gift card for European customers. These Coinbase prepaid VISA cards are accepted to propel the merchant adoption of cryptocurrencies. As of now, there is a huge gap between people investing in Bitcoin and people buying their Starbucks coffee with it. To tackle this issue, has already introduced the first crypto debit card.  

How to use Paxful?

After obtaining your prepaid card, you have to look for an exchange that actually accepts it. It is worth mentioning that buying Bitcoin with a prepaid VISA card is not an easy feat since exchanges are afraid of opening a Pandora’s box of financial manipulations. However, we’ve still managed to find some ways of purchasing crypto with practically any prepaid card.

First, we are going to cover a fairly popular website called Paxful. The website allows you to buy and sell Bitcoin while using a myriad of payment options (up to 300). Paxful accepts gift cards issued by VISA/Mastercard (the aforementioned MyVanilla prepaid cards), Walmart, Amazon, and so on.
For more options, you can click the “Buy Bitcoin” button in order to open a new page with a search bar where you can manually find any payment method after choosing the suitable currency.
This is the long list of all open offers that are sorted accordingly to the exchange rate. The seamless process of purchasing Bitcoin with gift cards comes with draconian fees. For example, if you want to buy Bitcoin with an iTunes gift card, you would have to pay a hefty commission that may go as high as 60 percent — for every dollar you spend, you get only $0.40 worth of Bitcoin. Usually, sellers offer the highest exchange rates (you lose less than 10 percent) if you meet them in person. In order to buy BTC with a prepaid card, simply click the green button on the right.
Paxful also allows you selling Bitcoins. Simply choose the “Sell Bitcoin” option and decide what kind of payment method you would like to accept (whether these would be gift cards, cash deposits or online transfers).  

Paxful Pros and Cons  



A beginner-friendly exchange

Different exchange rates

An enormous number of payment methods  

A lot of scammers

Buyers are not charged with any fees

A one-percent fee for sellers

Remember about safety

How safe is it? Paxful claims that their sellers’ Bitcoins are held in a secure escrow until the transaction is completed, which eliminates the possibility of a fraud. The peer-to-peer exchange creates a temporary Bitcoin wallet in your personal account. In order to enhance their security, users are recommended to enable 2FA.

Paxful and LocalBitcoins are both well-known peer-to-peer exchanges with a huge user base, but they cannot ensure that every seller is reliable. Hence, we recommend you to pay attention to the following rules:

  1. The system features feedback rating of a certain seller (any negative comments would obviously be concerning).
  2. We recommend you to make sure that you take a screenshot of every transaction.
  3. Also, protect your personal data — any private information shouldn’t be disclosed. You don’t want to lose your money, right?

Things may get even way worse than wasting your $20 gift card — as U.Today reported earlier, a man from Norway was brutally murdered during a LocalBitcoins meet-up. This is why it is important to have at least a quick live chat before having a direct contact with this person.      

Transaction cancellation is another point that has to be covered in order to prevent financial losses. Do not reveal any gift card details to the seller if you are not 100 percent sure whether the transaction has to take place. While it’s possible to call off the purchase, the seller will certainly be tempted to get access to your gift card.    

Alternatives to Paxful

Paxful isn’t the only option on the table if you want to buy Bitcoin with a gift card. You are also able to do this on LocalBitcoins.
LocalBitcoins is the most well-known peer-to-peer exchange whose modus operandi is very similar to that of Paxful. The popularity of this exchange is skyrocketing in Russia as well as in some Latin American countries. With that being said, popularity is not necessarily a good thing because it brings more sketchy frauds, so follow all the above-mentioned safety measures.

Cointal is yet another peer-to-peer exchange for those who have no idea what to do with their gift cards, but it has a very questionable reputation with some users accusing it of being a fraud.

The bottom line

There are only two reputed exchanges that allow purchasing Bitcoin with a prepaid card. Despite the draconian exchange rates, it’s an excellent way to get rid of your stack of old cards.

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What Are Masternodes? Is It Still Profitable to Run One?

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Masternodes explained: what is a masternode, and why is there so much fuss about it? Is running a masternode a good source of passive income?
What Are Masternodes? Is It Still Profitable to Run One?

A quick take

What is a masternode? Masternodes represent big servers that run on the decentralized network of the currency of your choice. Together with nodes, masternodes create a two-tier system. The modus operandi of masternodes is similar to that of Bitcoin full nodes, but they come with additional features that make them more powerful. Masternode cryptocurrencies represent a good way to earn a passive income while you sleep, but there are caveats.

A history throwback: getting started with Dash  

Initially, there were no masternodes in the Blockchain consensus mechanism. Darkcoin, which was later rebranded to Dash, became the very first cryptocurrency that adopted the masternode model. The full masternode implementation took place in May 2015, resulting in a big price spike. With Dash, masternodes started being utilized for such features as DirectSend and InstaSend.


Generally, masternodes fulfill two functions: they help to accelerate the transaction verification and also help to vote on a certain project. Masternodes essentially help tackle on the problem that has been plaguing the Bitcoin network ever since it dipped its toes into the mainstream. Masternodes with higher hardware requirements are able to process more transactions, and it prompted the appearance of the aforementioned InstaSend feature. Bitcoin naysayers are quick to shred the flagship currencies because of its slow transactions (compared to VISA and other established decentralized payment services).

At the same time, the fact that you have to own a sizeable amount of coins proves that you have skin in the game (thus, you are able to have a say in the development of a certain project). That by no means results in a greater centralization - Dash, for instance, has a huge masternode ecosystem (more than 5,000). Subsequently, all these masternodes are able to vote on important matters. However, after cryptocurrencies started gaining popularity, it became much harder for newbies to get involved in that ecosystem.

Lastly, another advantage of masternode coins consists in their ability to be sent anonymously. This pertains to Dash with its ‘PrivateSent’ feature that uses coin mixing. There is a common belief that masternodes are typical coins that are based on the Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm, but there are also mineable coins.

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Going back to Bitcoin’s early days

Crypto influencer Brian Colwell, who was behind the #MasternodeMeBro18 tournament, claims than running a masternode is reminiscent of Bitcoin’s pre-peak days when individuals would still be able to profit off Bitcoin mining without being displaced by monopolistic mining companies.  

“I feel like it gives me more control on a daily basis to decide what I want to do with my coins.”

How much does it cost to obtain a masternode?

There is a widespread misconception that masternodes tend to be pricey. It’s true for such major coins as Dash. At the time of writing this article, you have to pay $95,890 in order to obtain a Dash masternode. Moreover, the annual return on investment (ROI) is sitting at 6.94 percent, which is definitely underwhelming. The price of one Dash masternode stands at 1,000 DASH, which means that it would set you back more than $1 mln at the peak of the cryptocurrency space (Dash masternode payouts, however, would still be huge). If you had invested in one particular masternode that was worth around $20,000 back in January 2017, you would get a six-figure yearly income.

Obviously, running your own masternode can be extremely profitable if you choose the right coin. Many coins offer a higher return with significantly less expensive nodes. Take a look at the 5 biggest coins by annual ROI. Numus (NMS) is in first place with an eye-popping 13,101 percent increase!


Annual ROI













Pay attention to the fact that the numbers that are shown on are not necessarily indicative of what coin deserves your investment. You have to perform an in-depth analysis of the whole project in order (the team behind it, its price history, etc.). If the price chart of a given coin reminds a roller coaster, you might not want to invest in this particular coin since even a 100 percent ROI won’t cover the losses. As a rule of thumb, new coins from the bottom of the barrel tend to have a much higher ROI but it will be dwarfed when the price goes up and the risk that is associated with a certain coin goes down – it’s very risky to invest in a coin that started less than a year ago. Other growing pains connected to the number of supported coins include tiny communities and poor technical support.  
What to do if you can’t afford a masternode? Despite the crypto rout, not every beginner-level investor is able to shell out $95k for a Dash masternode. Hence, you can purchase masternode shares but it comes with a big downside: you have to give your coins to a third party.

A brief overview of popular masternode coins

Name of coin

CMC rank

Price (at press time)

Number of coins required for running a masternode





















Should you invest in masternode coins?
U.Today is not here to give you investment advice, but you should be extra cautious when pouring money into master nodes. The truth is, the lion’s share of masternode coins are nothing more than Dash copycats with little to no utility (they are not being adopted in e-commerce, etc.).

Of course, these coins are not outright scams, and the concept of masternode remains promising, but they showed disastrous results during last year’s crypto winter with even the third best-performing currency appearing in the bloodbath. On the flip side, you can still earn top-dollar regardless of what specific coin you chose in case Bitcoin price shoots up, and the whole market appears in the green. Also, different altcoins are pumping from time to time, and you could take advantage of this volatility. To remain profitable, your masternode has to cover the computation expenses and the inflation rate.   

Generally, the yield from the masternode depends on the following factors:

  • the price of a specific coin when the exchange took place;

  • the frequency of payouts;

  • the cost of running a node (computational expenses and so on);

  • the cost of coins in the long run.  

How to run a DASH masternode?

Disclaimer! These steps presuppose that you’ve already installed Dash Core wallet and bought the required amount of Dash on a cryptocurrency exchange.


  1. How to set up a masternode? The first thing that you have to do is to send exactly 1,000 DASH, subtracting the fee (such a hefty transaction may take up to a day in order to be confirmed, but you can speed up this process by using the InstaSend feature).

  2. Once your transaction has been confirmed, you are to grab your public key in order to locate your collateral ID and index.  
    NB! Make sure to use the ‘Coin Control’ option that gives you the ability to choose what input you can choose as your output.

  3. The most challenging thing about configuring your own masternode is getting it hosted. A masternode needs a server to process your transactions (having the required amount of DASH in your wallet is not enough). You can literally use your own server that will run 24/7 in your room, or you can set up a VPS, which requires time and some programming skills. Alternatively, you can use any service (for instance, Node40) for managing your own masternode, but it comes at a big price. For instance, Node40 has an annual fee of 19.2 Dash Digital Price is another service that will help you to set up a masternode in a snap.    

  4. When using Node40, all you have to do is to go through a quick registration process, and then you can use the Node40 setup wizard (it takes only several minutes in order to get your masternode running).

In case you deal with any other masternode coins (ION (ION), ChainCoin (CHC), etc.), the modus operandi will be pretty much the same if you do not want to get your hands dirty while setting up a server by yourself. Those who want to save money can install a VPS themselves. Here’s a detailed guide on Ubuntu VPS Setup. Before that, you have to choose a VPS provider such as Vultr or Digital Ocean.

Pros and cons of running a cryptocurrency masternode


  1. The ability to earn passive income.

  2. You get regular payouts (the number of payouts depends on the coin of your choice);

  3. You improve the scalability of the network.

  4. Masternodes able to have a say in the future development of the network.

So, you set up a server and get paid. Sounds like a nice concept, right? However, everything has its ups-and-downs.


  1. The sizeable amount of initial investment.

  2. Setting up your own VPS server can be tricky.

  3. Cryptocurrencies prices are rather volatile, and you may end up losing the majority of your investment.    

What the future holds for cryptocurrency masternodes?

Not being deterred by the bear market, masternodes are gradually becoming a new trend in the cryptocurrency world.   

It is quite possible that the current definition of masternodes will completely change by 2020. A startup called Eximchain has raised the bar for potential masternodes, requiring them to complete know-your-customer (KYC) and go through a voting process. Basically, this resembles full-fledged elections where members choose among eligible representatives.  


Meanwhile, a new startup called Kalkulus actually lets users run a masternode without using computation power (Kalkulus will do the job by itself). Colwell explains that a bigger number of nodes translated into a bigger social following.

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5 Best Cryptocurrency Portfolio Trackers 2018

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5 best cryptocurrency portfolio trackers in 2018
5 Best Cryptocurrency Portfolio Trackers 2018

When you deal with cryptocurrency, there’s no such thing as low-risk investment– all tokens tend to swing up and down in price, and predicting it is almost impossible (if none of professional traders and financial experts can, how can you know for sure?). The worst thing you can do– simply listen to your intuition and go in a happy-go-lucky fashion. The best– start analyzing your investments and keep track on what’s going on around. This is what the best crypto portfolio solutions exist for. Let’s observe the worthiest of them. But before we proceed, you need to define whether you need one.

Do I need the best cryptocurrency portfolio tracker at all?

To find out whether you need such service, answer a few questions: “Do I invest in something else aside from Bitcoin?”, “Do I hold different kinds of crypto coins?”, “Do I find not-so-popular coins and invest in them?” If you’ve answered these questions positively, you must have faced the problem of tracking all of your owned coins and, probably, don’t even know how much all of them are worth.

Keeping tabs on your finances with Excel sheets is an outdated approach– it’s time-consuming, tiresome, and there’s always a threat of making a mistake. This is when special software helps you out.

Now when the stage is set, it’s time to figure out the best crypto portfolio manager.

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Being available as a free iOS and Android app, Blockfolio is one of the most popular trackers out there. It allows for controlling a myriad of coins and provides the whole gamut of options starting from the news feed and finishing with the actual order book.

What will be particularly useful for traders is the alert that activates when a coin reaches some certain price point. That makes Blockfolio the best crypto portfolio tracker for making a quick profit and reducing losses.

The application is highly customizable: you can hide some sections, set up a password, send screenshots, and so on. What users also like is ergonomic design and the possibility to select between a night (dark) and day (white) UI mode. The only drawback of Blockfolio is the fact that its servers can be slow, and sometimes, the price is a bit outdated.

Blockfolio Interface


This is a widespread alternative to Blockfolio due to the fact that its creators have eliminated a lot of its drawbacks. What was changed? The application is much faster, and users rarely complain about server downtime. The list of features is somewhat extended and includes:

  • Separate viewing of watchlist walls and portfolio

  • Graphic charts showing coin analysis, volume, market cap and other essential metrics

  • Price alert for both trading pairs and single coins

  • Management of up to 10 portfolios in the Pro Delta version

  • Data synchronization with up to 5 devices

  • Tracking of over 2,000 (!) coins

It should be noted that the team is tight-lipped about developing their Delta app– in 2018, it introduces the features of order books, advanced alerts, and API synchronization. This mobile-based application is a must for investors who need ample information about their assets.

Delta Mobile Interface


This is both a cryptocurrency community and a portfolio management app. CryptoCompare app is available as a web-based and mobile solution with the convenient and intuitive interface. The most prominent features include:

  • Note creation,

  • Clear and detailed graphs and charts,

  • All cryptocurrencies supported,

  • Management of multiple portfolios,

  • Advanced chart,

  • Risk analysis,

  • Specification of cryptocurrency storage.

It goes without mentioning the fact that CryptoCompare is free to use. However, it’s at the beta stage of its development, so bugs can take place.

Most users admit that web interface is more robust than the mobile version, but, anyway, the app gives you instant access to data from any device. You can make your portfolio public or private and even share it with other users. If you’re a newcomer in the world of crypto, this platform is the way to go.

Cryptocompare account


This project is not quite a mobile app– this is a web page that can be viewed from both desktop and mobile devices. Cryptopanic is a perfect combination of a news aggregator with social functions (for example, voting), and a portfolio tracker.

Sounds like it has nothing to offer? Don’t be confused by its minimalistic design. Cryptopanic provides the basic functions for traders: you can search for a coin, type the amount you own, and have it added to your portfolio. Although you can’t check the prices on individual exchanges, there is an "extended" view mode that shows you the coin price in different currencies (USD, ETH and BTC).

You can filter the news by coin and its relevance in the free version, and the Pro mode gives you the possibility to disable some news sources and add your custom websites for $9/month.

Even if it’s not the best crypto portfolio app, Cryptopanic can become a useful addition to your everyday instruments. It’s an invaluable source of knowledge, as well as crypto-related financial data.

CryptoPanic website


This solution is exactly the thing in situations when you’re engaged in situational selling and buying of cryptocurrency. CoinTracking is available both as a web-based solution, and a mobile app for iOS and Android. On this platform, you may not only see your portfolio balance but also get access to useful data that will help you to make an informed decision. The app shows users the exact amount of owned coins, and another feature making it the best cryptocurrency price tracker is the realized and unrealized Gain/Loss feature.

Although the interface looks somewhat outdated, the whole gamut of functions makes up for it. With the help of API feature, you can get the trading data and connect to popular exchanges. CoinTracking not only saves your time but always keeps you informed about the coins you have.

The most interesting features include:

  1. Tax calculation

  2. Free and paid plan

  3. Adding a cryptocurrency as free or gifted

  4. Import of data from popular exchanges like Bitfinex, Binance, Bittrex, etc

  5. Auto-deduct balance for trading operations

There are both free and paid plans available, and CoinTracking is equally suitable for starters and advanced users.

CoinTracking website

How to make the right choice?

In order to choose the best cryptocurrency tracker app, consider the following scenarios and decide which one is your case:



You’ve just invested in Bitcoin and want to be on the lookout for its current price

Any basic application with average functionality will go.

You invest in other popular cryptocurrencies like ETH, Dash, Zcash, Litecoin, etc.

Select an app that supports cryptocurrencies you use and allows for tracking multiple wallets.

You’ve not only invested but keep actively selling and buying coins to profit.

Such an app shouldn’t necessarily be a day trader, but it should perform trading and booking being focused on short-term signals rather than long-term coin storage.

You do day-trade to get profit.

Choose an app that provides extensive charts and signals allowing you to make informed decisions.

With the best cryptocurrency tracker, you can assemble all of your coins in one place and get relevant information to make efficient and informed decisions about investing and buying. Good luck!

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