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High-End Retailer Crypto Emporium Starts Accepting Dash, Supported by Community

  • Yuri Molchan
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    Luxury online retailer website Crypto Emporium now sells goods for Dash after conducting research, supported by the Dash community

High-End Retailer Crypto Emporium Starts Accepting Dash, Supported by Community
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Crypto Emporium, set up at the start of 2018, has gotten in touch with the Dash community via Twitter and received their support to integrate Dash for selling luxury goods online. On Crypto Emporium, one can buy top-of-the-range goods, such as cars, motorcycles, property, and simple electronics.

Crypto allows lowering fees and selling to overseas clients

Accepting crypto for its goods allows Crypto Emporium to avoid high fees caused by payment systems working with fiat money. The founder of the shop, Stephen Travers, said in an interview that crypto allows them to have numerous benefits and serve customers from abroad without charging them a high percentage for those payments or losing part of the money on exchange rates. At the moment, the company serves customers from over twenty countries.

So far, the company has been successful selling goods, but even though it also sells property, none of it has been sold yet.

During 2018 and the start of 2019, people have purchased a lot of regular goods, such as drones, electronics, smartphones, watches, etc. Crypto Emporium intends to expand its product range soon by adding more merchandise for crypto assets.

One of the first ‘big things’ they sold for crypto was a Yamaha motorcycle.

Working despite the bear market

The company manages to succeed even despite the bears’ current dominance over the market. Travers says that they are using this time to build up the right connections and make their services better than previously in order to keep their current clients and attract new ones.

He believes that a bullish trend will start dominating soon, thus keeping to work even in the current market conditions.

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