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Top 7 Highly Dynamic Cryptocurrencies for High-Risk Investors

Cryptocurrency Trading
Thu, 06/20/2019 - 06:38
Alex Dovbnya
We've analyzed the performance of popular cryptocurrencies to come up with potentially strong investment options for high-risk investors
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Picking the right cryptocurrency is extremely difficult in that mercurial industry. Bitcoin, the very first cryptocurrency would be the most obvious choice for risk-averse since it is less volatile than more than 2,000 altcoins that are listed on CoinMarketCap. Anyway, for those who don't want to stick to the most conventional crypto coin, there are plenty of other options. CryptoComes has picked the most profitable cryptocurrencies of 2019 (so far).

Binance Coin  

Binance Coin has so far shown the best results in 2019, which makes a terrific option for investors. BNB has become only the second coin to surpass its ATH that was recorded during the peak of December’s bull run.

It didn’t stop there – as of May 31, the coin already recorded a whopping 550 price increase, thus outperforming every other altcoin. That came after a slew of new developments in the Binance ecosystem. Mostly, the price was affected by transactional mining, the option which implies the eventual burning of tokens to support the demand growth.

With that being said, Binance’s recent announcement about barring the US customers from trading on the exchange didn’t bode well for the BNB token, which caused its recent dump. The thing is, BNB won’t be available on Binance’s US-centric exchange.

This essentially explains why the it-coin of 2019 has been steadily dumping as of recently.

Finally, according to the Bloomberg media outlet, it is the only coin that outperformed Bitcoin in 2019.


Litecoin, the silver to Bitcoin’s gold, was basically on life support back in December when its price plunged as low as $23. However, one of the oldest altcoins quickly started to pick up steam in 2019, recently outpacing every other cryptocurrency on the CoinMarketCap top 10 list.

Analysts predict that the upcoming halving event that is expected to take place this August has the potential to push the LTC price even higher. At that point, LTC surpassing its current ATH of $313 doesn’t seem that far-fetched.

Litecoin co-founder Charlie Lee recently voiced even more optimistic predictions, claiming that the price of his brainchild could hit eventually $1,000 during an interview with Bitcoin bull Anthony Pompliano.

Lee infamously sold his LTC bags at the peak of the bull market, drawing scathing accusations about a potential inside job, but now he regrets making this decision. Now Litecoin team is working on the implementation of MimbleWimble, the game-changing security protocol.


EOS, which is often called the Chinese Ethereum, is also among the best-performing cryptocurrencies of 2019 with more than 150 percent. At the time of writing, the price of EOS is sitting at $7.03.   

However, investors should be wary of a lackluster Q3 given that the cryptocurrency has been recently experienced a lot of negative coverage. For instance, the cryptocurrency rating agency recently downgraded its technical score due to centralization concerns.

On top of that, it recently turned out that the majority of EOS-based dApps are actually run bots.


Cardano is just one step below the CMC 10, but the long-anticipated Shelly release will definitely push the price of Cardano higher. The update, which has been postponed numerous times, is important for the currency since it would make it completely decentralized.

In the long-term, this update is very significant since it will drive the era of decentralized internet that is driven by centralized corporations. This is why Cardano is placed among the most prominent Blockchain 3.0 projects.

While ADA suffered an immense drop during the bear market (approximately 97 percent), its performance in 2019 tells a completely different story. Its YTD returns have already surpassed 90 percent. In December 2019 Cardano launched its Shelley testnet which is a great development milestone and can result in price growth in 2020.


Tron, which currently occupies 12th place on CMC, has a lot of potential for investors despite being accused of copying the Ethereum white paper. Whether it’s a newfangled streaming platform or lunch with no one else but Warren Buffett, Tron CEO Justin Sun always has some marketing tricks up his sleeve to keep TRX afloat.

The ecosystem of Tron, which primarily consists of the BitTorrent token, pales in comparison to that of Ethereum. The Tron network is on the cusp of overtaking Ethereum by a total number of transactions.

The platform is still in the early stage of development, so there’s not much to say about its future price moves.

If the avocado-loving Tron CEO delivers on his promises and proves that his project is not just about marketing fluff, the ecosystem.


IOTA is the only cryptocurrency on the list that gave investors comparatively modest returns (7 percent YTD). However, one should keep in mind that IOTA is all about long-term growth.

MIOTA, in fact, could be among the most undervalued cryptocurrencies. It boats unique technology (Tangle) that was developed by a team of top-notch developers, but it mostly remains under the radar (some major exchanges even failed to list IOTA).

The thing is, IOTA focuses on long-term and organic (!) success instead of forking huge listing fees.

IOTA has already had its moment after the Jaguar partnership. The ‘Coordicide’ update, which removed the centralized coordinator. However, the exact day when this update is going to be implemented is yet to reveal.


No matter how good some altcoins performing, Bitcoin is still the king in the long-term. The cryptocurrency that started it all is considered to be the most profitable coin of all time with an eye-popping lead.

On June 17, the number one currency recorded yet another yearly high at $9,300, which easily places it among the most profitable coin of 2019. That comes after numerous bearish predictions.   

Altcoins come and go, but BTC has always been at the top, and so far no other coin managed to challenge it. Ethereum was the closest contender to flip Bitcoin during the peak of the ICO craze, but that never happened. Plus, there is nothing remarkable about Ether’s performance in 2014.  

Moreover, Bitcoin is considerably less volatile compared to other assets.

Large-caps, mid-caps, small-caps?

When it comes to forming your cryptocurrency investment portfolio, there are numerous strategies for coin picking.

Small-market cap coins are enticing for investors because they can generate great returns that unheard of whiting the CMC top 20. What if you find your crypto gem?

Well, what if... you invest in a scam project that has nothing apart from a white paper?

In its recent study, cryptocurrency research Delphi Digital has analyzed the performance of different market segments when it comes to capitalization. While investing in small coins was indeed more profitable during the beginning of 2019, the biggest coin started to gain on them in April and eventually took a huge lead in June when BTC skyrocketed to $9,000.

About the author

Alex Dovbnya (aka AlexMorris) is a cryptocurrency expert, trader and journalist with extensive experience of covering everything related to the burgeoning industry — from price analysis to Blockchain disruption. Alex authored more than 1,000 stories for U.Today, CryptoComes and other fintech media outlets. He’s particularly interested in regulatory trends around the globe that are shaping the future of digital assets.

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