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Siacoin (SC) guide
Wed, 05/16/2018 - 13:11
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    Up to the present moment this Network is going to form a particular decentralized network for storage.

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Introduction to SiaCoin mining

The creators want to achieve their main goal using the simple storage space belonging to the contemporary men and women from around the planet. For successful data storage, they are united into a worldwide market.

For its network, the system leverages the elaborated blockchain technology like a special transaction layer. This allows to buy and to sell in a definite way. From the crypto graphical point of view, the trustful and thoroughly designed contracts can ensure the users the reliable data encryption and transfer. Under these conditions, there is no place for a third party, so the violators are not able to interfere.

Up to the present moment, Sia takes a definite cryptocurrency, which is called the Siacoin (or SC abbreviation). The initial block reward was not high and involved only 300,000 siacoins. After that, every block reward is just one siacoin less than the previous (to make the situation clearer we will show it: 299,999, the next 299,998, etc.). The moment your block reward is 30,000 (block 270,000 at block), every next block will bring you a 30,000 siacoin reward for each eternity. The average block time is about 10 minutes.

Now we want to demonstrate how you may be a segment of this successful decentralized network of cloud storage through mining. After that, all obtained coins can be paid for purchasing the available network storage space or vice versa for selling for other coins or fiat. We will explain to you how to use your nVidia graphic card as well as the ccminer software. Are you ready for something new? – We are starting!


Part 1: How to install a successful Siacoin miner

All in all, there are many various Siacoin miners. You can choose whatever you like. However, mind that almost all of them will give you more or less similar characteristics and features. These instructions use the so-called ccminer. Why? – The matter is that it is compatible with modern nvidia cards. If you like, you can involve other mining equipment. All in all, there are four main steps to follow.

  • Click here, and you will enter github page, telling about CCminer 8.00 from KlausT. However, please, mind that other CCMiner forks, like, for example, tpruvot's, may occur to be incompatible. From the proposed list choose your OS. Our case is represented by a Windows 10 Home 64-bit.
  • When the new folder is downloaded, unzip and create the folder on your computer. For the convenience, we have called ours “siacoin miner”.
  • And now it is time to leave the folder for some minutes. Choose a proper pool. We will help you. As you can note in siawiki (or here), in general, there are two available official pools. We have decided to use, but you can give preference to any you like.

At this stage, you should create a so-called batch file. If you want to do everything properly, first of all, open Notepad, existing on every modern computer. Now we want to type the special connection to the pool. In general, there are various commands for every miner. Certainly, it is possible to configure demanded intensity and other parameters available, so it is recommended to add a definite worker name. It will help you to keep your miners specified track. Copy the command; we are proposing you below and insert it into your Notepad:

ccminer.exe -a sia -e --url=stratum+tcp:// -u YourSiacoinAddress.YourWorkerName -i 28

Don’t forget, that this is just an example, so it is recommended to change all the private information

First of all, define your region:

  • ““ for “” for users from Asia/Pacific;
  • ““ for “” for users from Europe;
  • ““ for “” for users US West;
  • ““ for ““ for users from US East.

Now, instead of  “YourSiacoinAddress” type your Siacoin address.

(If you want to mine successfully, you’ll require a Siacoin wallet in order to keep the coins you will earn. Up to the present moment, the fastest idea for a Siacoin wallet creation is to use the famous cryptocurrency exchange called Bittrex. In general, Bittrex provides a definite web wallet. Now you know how to get a personal account and to generate you own Siacoin wallet. Instead of  “YourWorkerName”, you should type any name you are going to give to your account.

(By the way, we would like a tip for you. – Don’t forget to put the point between your entered address and the worker name you have already chosen)

Save the obtained text file as a batch file. For this purpose you have to click on “file,” choose “save as” and after that choose the folder you have already created. In our case, it is “siacoin miner,” which is named like “Start.bat” (by the way “.bat” is always taken for all batch files). At last, you can press “save” button


Part 2: Congratulations! Now you are free to start your mining and to be successful!

The final step is to open the folder (in our situation it is called “siacoin miner”) and to make double click on obtained “Start.bat” file

Well, that is everything! As soon as you' start mining, you will admit your progress after visiting your personal pool website. If you remember from above, we have chosen, that is why we have to open the definite link and insert our Siacoin address into the particular “address field.” Finally, just click on  “go,” as it is shown on the picture, attached below:""


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