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Gnox (GNOX) Pre-Sale Gains Steam as Ethereum (ETH) Remains at Crossroads

Mon, 05/16/2022 - 13:50
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Gnox inches closer to mainnet launch in July as Ethereum's price stays around $2,000
Gnox (GNOX) Pre-Sale Gains Steam as Ethereum (ETH) Remains at Crossroads
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The price of Ethereum has remained above its critical psychological level of $2,000. Ethereum's short-to-medium-term outlook is unclear.

Because of the recent dramatic decrease in the altcoin's price, many investors have decided to reconsider their portfolios.

Ethereum's (ETH) Price Remains Close to $2,000

Ethereum's price has stayed around $2,000 as the cryptocurrency and stock markets strive to regain upward momentum.

The price of ether has been unusually erratic in recent weeks, dipping below $1,800 on May 12 — its lowest point since July 2021 — amid a crypto and stock market decline.

According to experts, the crypto market is reflecting the increased volatility that comes with war, rising inflation and changed US monetary policy.

Experts also refer to other variables such as the crypto market mirroring the stock market, increased popular use, and recent price declines as contributing to the current state of crypto prices.

Ethereum was the first to introduce the concept of a blockchain smart contract platform. 

Smart contracts are computer programs that conduct the procedures required to fulfill an agreement between many parties through the internet. They were created to eliminate the need for trusted intermediaries between contractors, lowering transaction costs and enhancing transaction reliability.

Gnox (GNOX) pre-sale welcome new participants

Gnox, which is currently in pre-sale inches closer to mainnet launch in July.

Gnox is the first DeFi earning protocol to offer "Yield Farming As A Service" to private and institutional investors.

An infinitely scalable and suitable token, Gnox promotes itself easy to use DeFi earning solution for those new to crypto.

Altcoin holders entering Gnox (GNOX) pre-sale

Gnox is a multi-chain cryptocurrency wallet that is the first to provide "Yield Farming As A Service" to all investors through its treasury and referral system.

By using its treasury, a multi-signature protected vault, to provide liquidity within reputable and safe pools, investors can be confident that their token's fair market value has an inherent upward bias.

The Gnox advantage becomes clear when they execute their technique across several pools that offer up to 50% APR.

Gnox also has an innovative referral program in which holders can suggest others and receive a 10% fee on the new person's initial investment.

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