France to Invest $1.85 Bln Into AI to Compete With US, China

Sun, 04/01/2018 - 23:25
Beixi Xu
France is putting 1.5 bln euros ($1.85 bln) into AI by 2022 to create new jobs and get away from the control by top US tech companies.
Cover image via U.Today

French President Emmanuel Macron said the government plans to invest $1.85 bln into Artificial Intelligence industry by 2022 to boost employment and race the US tech giants like Alphabet’s Google and Facebook.

Macron said the AI plan resulted from a report by Cedric Villani, awarded by the Fields medal which is mathematics equivalent of Nobel Prize. The biggest goal, according to Macron, is to keep highly-educated computer engineers working for Europe-based companies, preventing the brain drain.

About the author

Beixi Xu is a Washington-based business reporter with a strong interest in AI, Next Generation Technologies and space exploration. Besides English, she also speaks Mandarin and German. She is currently working as a business and market reporter for Medill News Service, covering retail and transportation.

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