France to Invest $1.85 Bln Into AI to Compete With US, China

  • France is putting 1.5 bln euros ($1.85 bln) into AI by 2022 to create new jobs and get away from the control by top US tech companies.

French President Emmanuel Macron said the government plans to invest $1.85 bln into Artificial Intelligence industry by 2022 to boost employment and race the US tech giants like Alphabet’s Google and Facebook.

Macron said the AI plan resulted from a report by Cedric Villani, awarded by the Fields medal which is mathematics equivalent of Nobel Prize. The biggest goal, according to Macron, is to keep highly-educated computer engineers working for Europe-based companies, preventing the brain drain.

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Beixi Xu is a Washington-based business reporter with a strong interest in AI, Next Generation Technologies and space exploration. Besides English, she also speaks Mandarin and German. She is currently working as a business and market reporter for Medill News Service, covering retail and transportation.

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