Former ‘Bitcoin (BTC) Preacher’ John McAfee Quits President Campaign, Picks Different Post

Wed, 03/04/2020 - 12:22
Yuri Molchan
The crypto world's hope for US politics, John McAfee, says he is quitting the US presidential campaign and aiming for another powerful post in the White House
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John McAfee, the former Bitcoin bull, who bet his penis on a $1-mln price surge and then went back on his word, calling BTC ancient technology, has another important announcement to make.

Crypto baron gives up US presidential campaign

John McAfee was a US presidential candidate who did not hope to win, but, instead, just raise awareness of blockchain and crypto during his campaign. He was competing with another candidate, Andrew Yang, who also spoke positively about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

However, Yang recently stepped out of the presidential race. Now, so has McAfee.

Why in the world?

Why is he doing that? Well, following his initial intention to not actually become President, he is now doing what he promised to do – not become a president. Instead, he says that his campaign manager is already negotiating for McAfee to run for another position, and a no less powerful one, as per McAfee.

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He’s found a better post instead

The crypto baron now wants to run for Vice President of the USA. Presidents don't have real power in America, he says in a short Twitter video, but Vice Presidents do. Besides, he says, they get much less attention and can do massive things, like go to Ukraine and strike multi-billion dollar deals there.

I'd like to taste that ultimate f*** power, says John McAfee.

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