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Exclusive Interview with Supermoon Developer on Their Lunar System, New NFT Token and Binance’s CZ

Tue, 09/07/2021 - 11:12
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Rimma Trukhina
What’s new on the NFT market? What are SuperPunks? Let’s find out!
Exclusive Interview with Supermoon Developer on Their Lunar System, New NFT Token and Binance’s CZ
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I recently spoke with Appollo, the lead developer at Supermoon, a deflationary token based on the Binance Smart Chain. Appollo told me about the whole ecosystem around this token and their new NFT token launch, which is expected to happen this September. He also shared his opinion on the crypto space’s influencers and told me about his crypto wallet’s contents. Let’s dive in!

U.Today: Can you introduce yourself and tell us a few words about your background? What led you to start your own cryptocurrency?

Appollo: My name is Dami Appollo Babade, and I go by Appollo. My background is in computer science and development. What led me and the whole team behind me to start our own cryptocurrency was that we started realizing that crypto is the future. I know it's a sentiment that I share with the rest of the team. We really do believe that cryptocurrency is the future of finance. We're all very creative and innovative kinds of individuals.

I go by Captain Moon under the cryptocurrency. Then we have Qichen Hu, who goes by Yue. We have Alana Gutsaeva, who goes by Luna. We have Nikita Kuznetsov, who goes by Eclipse. We have Eddie Kolesnikov, who goes by Titan. Then we have George Anthony Maragay, who goes by Mizuki. The six of us make up the team. It was really just us realizing that crypto is the future and seeing how many opportunities there are within crypto for us to show other people.

Supermoon Team

Supermoon Team by

U.Today: Supermoon is a new deflationary token based on the Binance Smart Chain. What makes it special in your opinion, and why does the community need this token?

Appollo: Supermoon is only part of the overall project. Our project in full is the Lunar System company. What makes Supermoon special is, first of all, it is the token that's at the center of what we call our Lunar System. It is a whole suite of DeFi products, services, and tokens that all work together to feed back into each other. That, in itself, explains why it's special. We're not trying to make a standalone token or standalone service. Our approach is implementing different things into this collective Lunar System, and they're all feeding back into each other, helping each other grow. It's so important because the community is part of that Lunar System. The community feeds into the tokens. They play a role in the Lunar System as well.

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U.Today: Later this year, the Supermoon team will release its second token, Calypso, an NFT token. Can you tell us about it and when it will launch?

Appollo: Yes, Calypso is going to be launched in September. It is an NFT token. We're launching Calypso for our NFT marketplace. We are releasing the Calypso market in September as well. With this NFT marketplace, creators can come and create NFTs and buy and sell their NFTs. It's really a great platform for creatives to be able to get into crypto. Calypso is the currency of that marketplace. People can use the Binance coin on the marketplace BNB, but then they can also use Calypso on the marketplace. It comes with certain perks for Calypso holders.

U.Today: Can you tell us about the SuperPunks?

Appollo: SuperPunks is our own personal collection of NFTs from the Supermoon team. Personally, I think they're some of the most catchy and visually attractive NFTs—at least of the profile picture type—that are out there. We've released a few out to the community. We've gifted some to our moderators and Supermoon, and everybody who sees them instantly falls in love with them. That's really the great thing about them. It's basically our NFT collection.

U.Today: Do you have a favorite item?

Appollo: My favorite NFT item would have to be my own personal SuperPunk, Captain Moon.

Captain Moon

Supermoon Team by

U.Today: What are your plans for this year and the next?

Appollo: For this year, our main goals are to launch Calypso token and Calypso marketplace successfully. Then, we are looking to launch our Lunar Launchpad, which is a platform where other projects can launch their tokens using our platform. These are our main goals for this year. We have a few personal milestones we want to achieve in terms of marketing and people we work with. But those three are really the big things we're looking to achieve this year.

Also, we have The Moon Is Yours podcast that people can tune into. It's a weekly podcast from the team. We have the OSM studios, which is a fashion label where we release our merch and everything for Supermoon and the other tokens. And we have By OSM, which is our product sector. That is coming out next month. 

Calypso team has been approved to be part of the Blockchain Life event in Moscow. We will have the possibility to present the project on a 3 minutes presentation during the start-up pitch event, in front of thousands of attendees, connect with investors, and have the possibility to meet speakers from Binance, 1inch, and more. The dates of the event are the 27th and 28th of October.

U.Today: I heard that Calypso even made an appearance in New York’s Times Square. Can you tell us about it?

Appollo: Yeah! It was really crazy. We got a billboard up in Times Square. It was super unexpected because it wasn't something we had planned out. One of our community members who helps us out with marketing got in contact and was like, “Hey, we've got a slot for you on the Times Square billboard if you guys want it.” We went out there and it was really amazing. It was great to see and we took a lot of pictures.

U.Today: Which project or industry leader do you look up to the most?

Appollo: At the moment, definitely Binance and CZ Binance specifically. I am very impressed by everything that has come from what he built and also his way of handling things. That is definitely who I look up to the most in this space. In terms of other projects on the Binance Smart Chain, or maybe on the Ethereum network, I don't look too much at what other people are doing. Of course we do for the sake of development, but we try not to take too much inspiration in terms of ideas, just because we're always trying to do something new. We don't want to be copying anyone. We don't want to be a replica of anybody. But definitely Binance, and everything that Binance has introduced, CZ Binance would be who I look up to the most.

U.Today: What do you think about Cardano? It is getting a lot of attention now.

Appollo: I think Cardano is great. They're getting a lot of attention as the new up-and-coming blockchain. I think they're great. We even have an opportunity to work with them on our launchpad, which is something that I'm really looking forward to. I definitely think they're great. I think that, in the coming months, we're going to see a lot more from them.

U.Today: Do you have a crypto portfolio? What’s in it?

Appollo: I used to have a very active crypto portfolio. Once I got to the point of creating my own tokens with my team, I just simply don't have the time or the headspace for it. Really, the only coins I hold now are Binance because we're always trading with Binance and USDT for the sake of paying employees and people we're working with. Then, of course, Calypso and Supermoon.

U.Today: How much do you think Bitcoin will cost in 2022?

Appollo: I truly believe that nobody can tell you that.

U.Today: Just your opinion, of course.

Appollo: I guess the best answer I have to that is, as I said at the start, I truly believe that crypto is the future. Bitcoin could go down in 2022 but, eventually, it's always going to go up. That's what I honestly believe; it will always go up. That's the best estimation I can give.

U.Today: Thank you so much. This was very interesting.

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