Ex-Congressman and Presidential Candidate Ron Paul Became Bitcoin Owner

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  • There is one more Bitcoin owner in the world, the former US Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul has joined the crypto enthusiasts

Ex-Congressman and Presidential Candidate Ron Paul Became Bitcoin Owner

On his Twitter account, Bobby Lee, who serves on Bitcoin Foundation's Board of Directors, published a photo of him presenting his first Bitcoin to the former US Congressman and Presidential Candidate Ron Paul.

Achievement: First Bitcoin!

At the 2019 Litecoin Summit, Bobby Lee's startup (Ballet) revealed a gold-plated physical Bitcoin wallet called REAL. Not only does this wallet allow for individuals to load Bitcoins onto it, but that it is also designed for cold storage of cryptocurrencies. Charlie Lee was present at the meeting with Paul.

The tweet says that the wallet is customized specifically for the former US congressman:

β€œIt was a special serial number AA000820 to match his birthday! And he loves the #Gold color.”

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Ron Paul, Protector of Bitcoin

Paul has been featured increasingly in the crypto industry. As a rule, his position boils down to criticism of the Fed. Recently, Paul said that the Fed should not think about creating its own cryptocurrency because they will fail.

Now, the former US Congressman has even more reasons to uphold Bitcoin in society. It will be interesting see what occurs down the road.

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