Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm is a highly anticipated crypto event in Sweden

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm is a highly anticipated crypto event in Sweden

Event goals: bringing together the international business community in order to share their experience of integrating blockchain and cryptocurrencies; discussing blockchain industry issues and finding ways to solve them; encouraging a balanced growth of the cryptocurrency market.     

Conference topics:

  • blockchain in various sectors: energy industry, real property, newsmaking etc.;   
  • legal regulation of the blockchain sector; 
  • token models and their application; 
  • ICO regulation.

For whom: investors, businesspeople, lawyers, startup founders, and those aiming to launch a token sale. 

Why: to receive full information with case studies about the blockchain application, to discover how to comply with the legal norms in the blockchain industry, to find business partners, and to enhance your brand awareness.   

Speakers: world-renowned blockchain experts, including government officials, foreign investors, entrepreneurs, lawyers, and developers.  

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm is a part of the series of Blockchain World Events held in 25 countries. The organizer is Smile-Expo International Company.   

Working hours of the Conference: 9:00-10:00 – Registration. 10:00-18:00 – Conference.

Berns Salonger Näckströmsgatan 8, 111 47
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  • Mathias Sundin , Member of Parliament in the Tax Committee and the Finance Committee
  • Tanja Bivic Plankar, President of Blockchain Alliance Europe
  • Daniel Zakrisson, CEO at
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