EOS Price Prediction [Update]: dApp Domination from EOS Could see it overtake Tron and Ethereum

  • Darryn Pollock
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    dApps are seen as good indicators as to a healthy smart contract platform and with EOS dominating those stakes it could be good news for the price

EOS Price Prediction [Update]: dApp Domination from EOS Could see it overtake Tron and Ethereum
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dApps are becoming more and more popular and far more usable and effective, but it is their underwritten blockchain that is helping this along. For many of the current top dApps, it is EOS that they are flocking to with the protocol outdoing the original ‘world computer’ Ethereum, as well as a big challenger in Tron.

In terms of the effect of dominating the dApp environment, it can only be seen as a positive for the blockchains as it shows that they have a functional and real-world use case. Ethereum may have begun the movement of decentralised apps and smart contracts, but the likes of Tron, EOS, and others are trying to take it to a new level.

In regards to the price prediction of the EOS token, this can have a massive effect in the short to medium term, and even the long run, as with more developers using the EOS blockchain comes more interest and growth.

Tron has been making a lot of noise with its acquisition of BitTorrent and other areas, but it is EOS that is slowly going about its business to find a killer blockchain dApp, even out doing the original that is Ethereum.

Winning the race

A quick look at dApp data paints one picture, as it shows Ethereum has 1374, EOS 314 and TRON 137 dApps. This seems to indicate that Ethereum is actually the king of dApps, but on closer inspection, the data highlights more.

Most of the Ethereum dApps are quite pointless, and very experimental, because of the age of the Blockchain. One can notice that the clear majority of Ethereum dApps only have 1 or 2 users with many of the having 0.

Moreover, Ethereum has 25 dApps with 100+ daily users and only 1 of these has daily users exceeding 1000.

But, a look at EOS shows that this Blockchain is far more active with 48 dApps with 100+ and 20 dApps with 1000+ daily users.

TRON too is doing a lot better than Ethereum with 27 dApps with 100+ and 18 dApps with 1000+ daily users. Clearly, if success is measured by dApp usage then EOS and TRON would be the only ones who are achieving success.

Finding a use case

It should be that successful platforms are measured in daily active users, especially for a nascent platform like the Blockchain. People are still very much in the experimental stage, but they are also looking to break out and make Blockchain a functional part of their lives.

Ethereum may have broken the ice, but if people are finding EOS, and even Tron, as a good place to host their platforms and users are happy with the experience, then these Blockchains have taken a big step forward, leaving Ethereum behind.

Finding value

It is also not so hard to draw a conclusion between the price prediction of EOS in the medium term if this sort of solid growth continues. If more and more dApps come to the EOS platform, enticing ore users, then there is every chance the value of the token will start to increase thanks to simple supply and demand principles.

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XRP Price Surging in Bullish Trend: Did Forbes 50 List Boost Ripple to Be Taken Seriously?

  • Jack Thomas
    🤷 Opinions

    XRP is seeing some good gains, but could it be because Forbes has listed it among other major billion dollar companies in blockchain?

XRP Price Surging in Bullish Trend: Did Forbes 50 List Boost Ripple to Be Taken Seriously?
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Ripple, and its XRP token, have always had a hard time being taken seriously by the Bitcoin maximalists and other ‘true’ crypto aficionados. The company has been focused on partnering with banks, which has been for a long time the scourge of the crypto market.

However, there has been a change in the sentiment around cryptocurrency and blockchain, with media houses like Forbes calling 2019 the year of enterprise blockchain, and one of rebuilding after the speculative boom and bust in 2017/2018.

Forbes has now produced a prestigious list of 50 enterprise business valued over $1 billion that are doing good things with blockchain and crypto, and Ripple is one of the few startups that are on the list. Ripple finds itself in the company of businesses like Microsoft, IBM, BP, Amazon and other multinational conglomerates.

A reputation boost?

So, while XRP and Ripple have been mostly viewed with suspicion within the cryptocurrency community, it could be that their appearance to the mainstream through the lense of Forbes is a lot better and brighter.

The blockchain list by Forbes is intended to inform about how much enterprise use of blockchain is actually going on from major companies, and some companies many would never have thought were involved in the technology.

There is no doubt that it is a boost for the technology underpinning cryptocurrency, but it would seem that even the XRP token is receiving a boost from this unearthing of institutionalised interest.

Price prediction?

This legitimizing boost has been reflected in XRP’s increase in value of over six percent, but looking ahead, it appears as though there is chance for a bigger boom.

This upwards move firmly established XRP’s support level around $0.32, so one analyst believes that it may continue surging towards $0.48 in the near-future.

Ryan W, a popular cryptocurrency analyst, spoke about this possibility in a recent tweet, noting that XRP does face resistance levels at $0.38, $0.44, and $0.50, but also explaining that he expects the crypto to garner enough upwards momentum to break above at least two of these resistance levels with a price target set at $0.48.

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