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CZ Binance Promises to Help as Bitcoin Scam Victim, Entrepreneur, Tweets Loss of BTC Gained Over 7 Years

Sat, 06/13/2020 - 11:04
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Yuri Molchan
A victim of a hardware wallet phishing scam, an entrepreneur, has got over 12 BTC stolen and asks CT for help, CZ Binance promises to block the scammers Bitcoin address
CZ Binance Promises to Help as Bitcoin Scam Victim, Entrepreneur, Tweets Loss of BTC Gained Over 7 Years
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CZ Binance and the CEO of UK-based CoinCorner exchange, Danny Scott, have promised to blacklist the address where the Bitcoin of entrepreneur and a podcast host Eric Savics went off stolen in the BTC phishing scam.

The Crypto Twitter is sending the scam victim their sympathy. However, some in the community remain doubtful about whether the scam story is genuine and are telling off CZ for promising to impose censorship on Binance.

eric savics
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Savics has lost almost 13 BTC to phishing scammers

Eric Savics’s tweet about him becoming a victim of a Bitcoin hardware wallet phising scam three days ago has been spreading on Twitter and Reddit fast.

On June 10, Savics decided to upgrade his hardware wallet by downloading Crypto KeepKey extension from the Chrome browser which proved to be a fake one. The extension required submitting the wallet’s seed to create a backup.

However, the outcome was that Eric Savics had his 13 BTC stolen and withdrawn to another address.

He recorded a video in which he briefly shared his story and plead to the scammers to send at least some of his BTC back, because he had been building up his position since 2013 and was about to start paying for his own apartment with that money.

He provided the address to which his Bitcoin was withdrawn.

CZ Binance responds

Eric Savics tagged Erih Voorhees (since in 2017 Crypto KeepKey was acquired by ShapeShift) and asked him to help track the funds.

It was the head of Binance, CZ, and the CEO of the CoinCorner exchange who responded, promising to blacklist the address of the scammers.

The community’s attitude splits

If the majority of the community are sympathizing the scam victim and some are even generously offering to send him some BTC, some CT users remain doubtful about the story.

They are alerted by the fact that Eric Savics provided his BTC address in the very first tweet and expressed their doubts and criticism to CZ that he intends to impose censorship on the Bitcoin address that Savics claims to be the one of scammers.

To that, Changpeng Zhao responded that people expect his help to fight fraud on Binance, which is centralized, and he will help.

However, he added that for those who criticizes centralized exchanges, they have built Binance DEX and on that platform he cannot do anything to help scam victims.

CZ Binance
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Eric Savings provides evidence

Eric Savings lives in Vancouver, Canada, and is the founder and CEO of Van Urban Timber. He is also the host of The Protocol Podcast.

He provided some evidence on his Twitter page, showing what type of a phishing scam was used to steal his BTC.

People sending Sats to Savics

Some people on the Crypto Twitter have offered to send Eric Savics some Sats. As per the screenshot, they have already sent him around 0.4 BTC.

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