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Cryptocurrency Trader Josh Rager Сlaims Bitcoin Price Below $10 000 is a Gift

  • Denis Sinyavskiy
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    The famous cryptanalyst and trader called Bitcoin price below $10,000 a gift. The analysis is attached.

 Cryptocurrency Trader Josh Rager Сlaims Bitcoin Price Below $10 000 is a Gift

In his twitter, a popular cryptoanalyst and trader, Blockroots company co-founder, Josh Rager expressed the opinion that the 4-digit Bitcoin price is a gift that should be used. The expert supported his thoughts with technical analysis.

According to him, the Bitcoin price is at its “potential” lower-high and will be below $9,690. At a weekly support level, the price can test $9,000 to form a lower-low value. If the weekly trend turns out to be bullish, there may be breaks up to the levels of $10,500-10,800.

What the future holds?

However, Rager doesn’t think that the market has changed to a bearish one, therefore he calls the Bitcoin price below $10,000 a gift. Recall just a day ago, the Bitcoin price sharply collapsed from $10,100 to $9,500, where it is at the moment. So, Rager’s forecast turned out to be pretty accurate.

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