Creepy Ethereum-based Prediction Market Lets You Place Bets on Trump’s Assassination

Wed, 07/25/2018 - 19:13
Alex Dovbnya
Blockchain-based prediction markets allow users to make wagers on Donald Trump’s assassination date
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While major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and  Ethereum have restored their reputation by distancing themselves from the deep web, sometimes they still show their dark side. There is an active protocol on the Ethereum Blockchain that gives its users a possibility to bet on many possible scenarios (including Donald Trump’s assassination).


Blockchain-based prediction markets  

We are all familiar with a prediction market, but the launch of its Blockchain-based version definitely brings something new to the table. While getting rid of centralized governing bodies, users are the ones who preside over the betting process. They can wager on any topic, and, if the prediction comes true, money is deposited to their wallet.

Is the Donald safe?  

However, it seems like some individuals take the ‘getting rid of governing bodies’ phrase too literally by engaging in an assassination market. While Trump remains unbothered and, probably, prepares to start another Twitter storm, there are two active decentralized prediction markets where individuals can bet on the possibility of him being murder till the end of 2018. The protocol has an in-built mechanism which may determine inappropriate content, but so far you are still able to place a bet on the president’s life.

The dark side of crypto

While decentralization gives more freedom to the users, it also shows the anarchical nature of cryptocurrencies. It is, of course, hardly the first time when crypto is involved in such kind of a shady business. During Obama’s years, there was a crowdfunding assassination market which targeted the former US president along with some other high-profile government officials (including former Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke whose assassination campaign raised more than 124 BTC in 2013).


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