Circle Brings Round Its Crypto Investment App to 46 US States

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    Circle’s move into the crypto space is becoming a reality as it rolls out in 90 percent of US States

Circle Brings Round Its Crypto Investment App to 46 US States

Four months after announcing that it would enter the cryptocurrency investment space, mobile payment app Circle has launched digital investment and storage app, Circle Invest, in 46 US States.

Circle has taken a big plunge into the cryptocurrency space recently, as, after announcing it would be launching this app, it also acquired well-known cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex for some $400 mln.

Now, in rolling out their platform which of course has to deal with a number of regulatory issues, Circle has launched in 90 percent of the US.

Available for download

The product is available for download via Apple's App Store or Google Play in the 46 states. Some of those excluded are Minnesota, Wyoming, Hawaii and New York. Previously the app was released to a select few users in order to aid with testing.

New York is a major crypto center and to this end, the company made special notice that it was working on making the app available in New York "very soon," according to an email sent to customers.

Still early access

While the app is available to download to all in the selected states, it is still in the "early access availability" phase. This will also help the company in assessing issues and receiving feedback.

"With no minimums, instant deposits, no commissions on a variety of coins, performance tracking and more- we've made it fast, cheap and simple to invest in crypto and digital assets, and we are only just getting started," they wrote.

What is offered

The app allows users to invest or trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic and Litecoin, with more tokens coming in the future, according to Circle's website.

Notably, the app offers commission-free trading. According to its website, Circle Invest makes its money by taking a 1.5 to two percent difference between a coin's buy and sell prices.

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