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Bryan Legend’s Vulcan Blockchain Introduces VUL and gVUL Tokens for Investors

Thu, 02/23/2023 - 12:37
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Vladislav Sopov
Here's how dual token design helps Vulcan Blockchain to promote new DeFi concepts
Bryan Legend’s Vulcan Blockchain Introduces VUL and gVUL Tokens for Investors
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Bryan Legend is a popular name in the crypto market. He is the CEO of Vulcan Blockchain and the co-founder of OOXY Labs. He is a multi-faceted Australian entrepreneur, influencer, and visionary known for establishing several business ventures in the market. 

What Is the Vulcan Blockchain? 

Bryan Legend’s latest venture, Vulcan Blockchain, is the first-ever auto-rebasing DeFi (decentralized platform) in Web3 segment. The platform aims to expand the role of DeFi in today’s financial market and make it accessible to everyone/ anyone who wants to benefit from using DeFi for daily transactions. 

Vulcan Blockchain is a DeFi platform with a powerful ecosystem designed to unlock the full potential of DeFi protocols. The platform has been built for the future using the Vulcan Consensus algorithm based on Proof-of-Authority (PoA) design. This not only makes Vulcan more secure but also reduces the carbon footprint to make it eco-friendly. 

Bryan Legend intended to create a blockchain crypto platform that caters to all kinds of investors, and he has been successful in this idea through Vulcan Blockchain. 

A number of unique features make Vulcan Blockchain look outstanding compared to all competitors.

‘Killing features’ of Vulcan Blockchain

The following instruments make Vulcan mainstream and multi-purpose blockchain for the majority of use-cases.

Fire Pit Burn Mechanism 

Sustainability is the central concept of Vulcan Blockchain. The Fire Pit burn mechanism ensures that the coin supply is optimized as necessary. The auto-rebasing functionality increases the balance every 15 minutes with each epoch. This happens regardless of the transaction volume. 

Greater Transparency 

While blockchain promises transparency in transactions, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes. The major decisions regarding the platform and ecosystem are made by the people at the top. Bryan Legend decided that this wouldn’t be the case with Vulcan. Investors who buy the VUL coin are entitled to voting rights to share their opinion on Vulcan Improvement Proposals (VIPs). 

This is done through the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), which doesn’t require a central authority or intermediaries to manage the processes. Investors also get regular updates from the company and know about the backend things that keep the platform running smoothly. 

Introducing gVUL and VUL, two Vulcan’s assets

Vulcan Blockchain has two native assets- gVUL and VUL. While the latter, VUL, is available to the public, the former, gVUL, is exclusive. gVUL stands for governance tokens that fund the development and maintenance of the blockchain network. Investors who hold governance tokens have voting rights to determine future initiatives for development. 

The final supply of the governance tokens will be determined based on the number of VUL coins. However, these will not rebase. Investors can exchange their VUL coins to get gVUL (governance) tokens to earn voting rights. 

Closing thoughts

As a result, Vulcan Blockchain and its applications can introduce new opportunities for LPs, developers, crypto enthusiasts, holders of traders. Users can be part of this process by purchasing gVUL and VUL tokens. The progress of the ecosystem can be tracked through its Discord server, main website, and Twitter account.

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