Bitcoin Trading Fairy Tales: Will Bitcoin Code Earn You $13,000 in Exactly 24 Hours?

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    With Elon Musk, Martin Lewis, and Peter Jones ‘endorsing’ Bitcoin Code, it appears to be a legitimate platform to many uninitiated investors    

Bitcoin Trading Fairy Tales: Will Bitcoin Code Earn You $13,000 in Exactly 24 Hours?
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Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here is not investment advice – it is provided for informational purposes only. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of U.Today. Every investment and all trading involves risk, so you should always perform your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose.


Bitcoin Code, a binary trading platform that exploits Bitcoin for attention, has been around since 2017. It’s unclear how many people lost their money after taking the bait, but the platform is still active. Despite the fact that its promises to investors are absolutely ludicrous, U.Today has performed an in-depth analysis to make sure that it’s a blatant scam.

$13,000 in a single day?

Many suspect that Bitcoin Code is just another scam, and their concerns are completely justified. This is yet another textbook example of a common binary trading scam. In fact, the crooks do not even have anything to do with Bitcoin – they are simply using the latest buzzword in order to bait investors.

The rule of thumb is that any trading platform that promises you guaranteed returns is a scam, and Bitcoin Code is no exception. Any reasonable person who has at least basic knowledge of how cryptocurrency trading works perfectly understands that you won’t be able to earn $13,000 in a single day. They are targeting gullible investors who are greedy enough to fall for such get-rich-quick schemes.

Of course, many of you have heard the numerous inspiring stories about teenagers becoming Bitcoin millionaires, so you might think that this is your golden opportunity. Well, not so fast.

First, the market is far behind its inception stage, and nobody makes huge returns anymore. This is not December 2017, when Bitcoin was inching closer to hit the $20,000 and investors were inebriated by the pervasive crypto craze.

In the long-term, there is still a remote possibility that you could become a Bitcoin millionaire if the wildest BTC price predictions translate into reality, but no shady binary trading site is going to make you rich in a snap.

Behind the veneer of high-flown words about ‘life-changing profits’, there is a cheap-looking website with stock photos and paid actors.

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It’s not a Ponzi scheme (it’s worse)

The first thing that draws our attention when we open the website is probably the number of copies of free companies of their software (the top left corner). This is supposed to create an illusion of urgency – a very common trick in digital marketing that is also exploited by such fraudulent websites.  

Some of our readers might be tempted to call Bitcoin Code a Ponzi scheme, but it’s actually worse than that. The whole point of a Ponzi scheme is to lure in new investors whose money could be used in order to pay out returns to older investors who jumped on the bandwagon early. The pyramid scheme is extremely profitable for early investors who get their promised returns. Case in point: BitConnect, a crypto lending platform with a market cap of about $2.7 bln at the peak of the bull market. The difference between Bitcoin Code and BitConnect is that the latter actually paid some of its members. As reported earlier by U.Today, New Zealand shooter Brenton Tarrant actually got rich from BitConnect.  

BitConnect’s four-tier investment system

With Bitcoin Code, there is a single proof that its users earned at least a dime. Concocting a Ponzi scheme requires a lot of skills (marketing, payouts, etc.), but Bitcoin Code seems to be a very low-effort attempt at getting on board those who feel disgruntled about missing out on Bitcoin when the iron was hot.    

The only thing that Bitcoin Code managed to do is to come up with a rehash of ancient scam software that tricks users into believing that they are actually earning money. This is simply a simulation of trading with no possibility to withdraw funds. Their software is supposed to be semi-automatic, which means that you are given a possibility to react to different trading signals. In reality, you don’t have a choice. By showing 5x, 7x, 10x returns, they are targeting greedy users who will be tempted to deposit more funds before even trying to actually withdraw funds.   

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Steve McKay

First, let’s get down to the website’s alleged founder, Steve McKay. McKay, a self-proclaimed genius who allegedly earned more than $18 mln in half a year because of Bitcoin Code, claims that he used to work at a large software company, but he chooses not to disclose its name. His startup is allegedly making people rich faster than Uber, Facebook, and other major startups. Does this seem suspicious? Yes, but anything is possible in the crazy world of crypto.      
However, a quick reverse Google Image search shows us that his picture was taken from stock photo site Shutterstock. When we googled his name, there were no results related to cryptocurrency investment. As you can see, that was a low-effort attempt to scam people into believing that the creator of a site is indeed a millionaire who’s dressed in an expensive suit.   
Steve McKay’s personality is completely fake
If that wasn’t persuasive enough, you also have to take into account the fact that Steve McKay was never featured in a single news article. He doesn’t have any social media presence. He simply doesn’t exist.   

Paid actors

If the CEO himself turned out to be fake, you don’t really expect all these successful investors that are listed on the website to be legit, do you?

People who are exuberant about their potential gains in the video are simply paid actors, which means they were paid a couple of dollars in order to read the script.

Of course, the same applies to those individuals who share their experience of investing in Bitcoin Code – these are all lies.    

Now, take a look at these fancy pictures. All these alleged Bitcoin Code investors are having the time of their life on an expensive yacht. To no one’s surprise, these photos have nothing to do with Bitcoin since they are stolen from a random promotional campaign. Most probably, they are simply smiling because they will get paid for the photoshoot (Bitcoin Code investors cannot relate).

Bitcoin Code tries to create the illusion of the life you will never have if you waste all of your savings.

Bitcoin Code features an image of its investors having fun on a yachtThe photo was taken from another website

The same thing applies to fake testimonials – it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that all the testimonials that can be found on the website are completely fake. For instance, Chris Hadid, who allegedly asks his wife to pinch him every day because he cannot believe how much money he makes, is an anthropologist from France who has never heard about Bitcoin Code or even Bitcoin itself.  

The photo of an alleged investor was stolen from LinkedIn

Taking Facebook to court

As reported by U.Today, Martin Lewis, the founder of, is still engulfed in a legal battle with social media giant Facebook over fake Bitcoin Code ads that exploited his name. Bitcoin Code claims that Lewis made a fortune from their project. The British TV star with £125 mln in his bank account sued Facebook for defamation in April 2018, but he still expects an apology from the company. Facebook states that ‘disinformation harms their community’.

Lewis himself wrote a lengthy post on his official website where he explains why you should stay away from this website at all cost. He states that some people had already invested around £20,000 because he recommended it, which made him ‘physically sick’. He asks all his followers to spread the word about this scam and report on Facebook.

Martin Lewis in fake Bitcoin Code ads

However, it appears that Lewis wasn’t the only investment guru who was targeted by that campaign. British entrepreneur Peter Jones, who’s one of the richest people in the UK tech world with a net worth of around £475 mln, was also featured in fraudulent ads.

Peter Jones also appears to be a victim of Bitcoin Code

Spreading fake news

In the world of crypto, which is still widely considered to be ‘the Wild West’ because of lack of proper regulatory guidelines, bad actors come up with a myriad of ways to scam you into oblivion. Spoofing CNN in order to promote your scam is just one of them.

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Good Morning Britain's Hosts Used By Scammers For Fake Crypto Ads

Bitcoin Code even made it to BuzzFeed News after it was featured in a fake CNN article. The article claims that Elon Musk and Richard Branson ‘made some of their biggest investments’ by putting money into Bitcoin Code. After providing some brief information about Musk and Branson, the article goes on praising Bitcoin Code as a revolutionary tool that takes money from the richest 0.1 percent and redistributes wealth to the rest of the population.   

Musk and Branson in a fake CNN article

Musk and Branson were allegedly in charge of all of the Bitcoin Code decisions after forming a venture called Bitcoin Trading System. The article also features an interview with Bitcoin Trading System CTO Dan Marconi who explains the modus operandi of this system, but it is bogus just like his picture.

In order to add an ounce of credibility to this announcement, the scammers integrated a fake Facebook comment section that is full of people bragging about their profits. One of the commentators suggests that she should quit college in order to become a full-time autotrader (good luck with that!).  

Bitcoin Code uses fake Facebook comments to lure in investors

The trick worked perfectly well – according to the data provided by SimilarWeb, the website has managed to accumulate as many as 425,000 visits between September and December. That means that plenty of people fell prey to Bitcoin Code. Overall, there are more than 72 addresses that are busy promoting Bitcoin Code.

There were numerous reports about the intrusive Bitcoin Code ads popping up on other news platforms, including CBS.

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What to do if you got scammed?

If you were gullible enough to fall for this trap, very little can be done to get out of this predicament. The thing is, the creators behind this website remain absolutely anonymous. As mentioned above, Steve McKay’s personality is fake, and it is practically impossible to track down who was the real ‘mastermind’ behind this blatant scam.

Don’t even think that you can rely on customer support, which would be totally expected from the company that promises such mammoth-sized returns. There is no phone number, no live chat or even an email (!). There is a very simple ‘Contact Us’ form, and that’s about it.

There are tons of comments about the unfortunate experience of dealing with that sham site. One user, who invested $500 in Bitcoin Code after falling for the above-mentioned Elon Musk article, reveals that he had no luck withdrawing funds when he realized that the whole story was fake. When he tried to do so, there was no option to withdraw his money in a single click (he had to click the button 500 times in order to reach the required sum!). After that, his actions led to a number of phone calls from individuals with ‘heavy Chinese accents’ who acted like ‘trained salesmen’ by trying to talk him into staying with the exchange. Eventually, he succumbed to their demands and provided his photos and the photos of his ID, but (you guessed it) that didn’t work as well.

It might get even worse than that – another victim of the Bitcoin Code scam states that apart from taking his $400, fraudsters also stole $2,500 from his credit card. He eventually contacted the local bank in order to report the bad actors behind the scheme to the local police so that they wouldn’t be able to accept Bitcoin payments. The comment was published two years ago, but, unfortunately, Bitcoin Code is still operating.   

Hence, you should remember that there is no shame in trying to recover your funds. The case with Bitcoin Code shows there is still a gleam of hope that you can hold these fraudsters accountable by cooperating with authorities.

Other similar platforms

Bitcoin Code is not the only scam of such type in the wild world of cryptocurrencies. Earlier, U.Today reported about Bitcoin Profit, another platform that can trade on your behalf. Bitcoin Profit uses the same list of tactics:

  1. Promising extremely high financial returns (the ad on the site’s main page states that you could become a millionaire in a snap).

  2. Offering fake trading software.

  3. Publishing videos from paid actors and stock photos.

  4. Hiding the information about the site’s creator.

  5. Spreading fake ads with celebrities across the web to lure in gullible investors.    

Bitcoin Revolution is yet another salient example of a trading platform that was clearly desperate for celebrity endorsements. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern submitted a complaint to Facebook after she appeared in photoshopped ads.  

Bigger implications

The fact that scammers are trying to piggyback off Bitcoin’s success in order to promote their get-rich-quick scams is extremely damaging for the cryptocurrency industry. Bitcoin, which became known to the general public as the dark web darling, is still struggling to restore its reputation after the crypto rout in 2019, and the likes of Bitcoin Code certainly do not help. When the price of Bitcoin was inching closer towards $20,000, Facebook was plagued with the ads of binary investing platforms that promised greedy users huge returns. Subsequently, Facebook decided to ban all crypto-related ads back in January, but this ban was eventually lifted.

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The bottom line

You can find numerous reviews on the internet that shamelessly describe Bitcoin Code as a legit investment platform. They even bought fake Quora reviews to add an ounce of legitimacy.

With tons of evidence presented in this article, hardly anyone would be foolish enough to believe all the promises. Beyond any reasonable doubt, Bitcoin Code is obviously a scam if one considers its fake testimonials, software, and even its creator McKay, who also turned out to be fake.

The rule of thumb is that if something is too good to be legit, it’s most probably not, so you should stay away from such platforms at all cost. Remember that there are plenty of legal ways to invest in Bitcoin with practically zero risk. Meanwhile, the only thing that Bitcoin Code has in common with crypto is its name.

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Is Litecoin a Good Investment in 2019? Is It Safe to Invest in LTC?

Is Litecoin a Good Investment in 2019? Is It Safe to Invest in LTC?
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Each cryptocurrency has its own positive features and unique peculiarities that allow it to develop and grow steadily. Among all representatives of the market, Litecoin stands alone. The project successfully combines the fundamental factors by which it can claim continued growth in the capitalization rating.

The forecast for 2019 clearly indicates that its most important distinctive details will surely help it move forward, imposing serious competition to the rest of altcoins.

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Zcash (ZEC), Litecoin (LTC), and Dash (DASH) Had Biggest One-Year Increase in Circulating Supply

Features and principles of functioning

Appeared in 2011, the project immediately attracted the attention of users. Its creator, Charlie Lee, has focused on protecting his own cryptocurrency from possible future problems. So, unlike its older brother Bitcoin, Litecoin was initially ready for scalability. LTC cryptocurrency is in permanent operation due to a large number of copies of the program, whose source code was published a week before the start of the plan. The client guarantees security, and its new version has SegWit support.

Litecoin is endowed with a whole list of features.

  • Chain of blocks. This allows you to process a much higher volume of transactions compared to its “big brother”, Bitcoin. It is achieved by increasing the frequency of generation of new blocks, which gives a chance to maintain a larger volume of ongoing operations without modification and, if necessary, change it in the future.

  • Wallet encryption. Encryption allows you to protect yourself from fraudsters. Thanks to this feature, you have to enter a password every time a cryptocurrency is spent. The user also has the ability to view the transactions and account balance. Encryption protects against various viruses that can steal a wallet password and coins.

  • Reward. At the moment, miners get 25 coins for each confirmed block. Following statistics, the number of coins is halved every 4 years.

  • Mining. The mining algorithm of Litecoin is similar to the algorithm of the most famous cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. The main difference lies in the intensive exploitation of RAM during the mining of LTC. Therefore, it is advisable to use ordinary computers with GPU instead of machines with a powerful specialized CPU, for which development becomes quite problematic. The maximum supply of coins is 84 million, and this is almost four times the corresponding number of Bitcoin.

It can also be noted that Litecoin is written in the C ++ programming language. Among the supported operating systems are Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, and many others.

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Top Cryptocurrencies by Mining Revenue in 2019: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Zcash (ZEC), Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Relationship to Bitcoin

Despite the strikingly close relationship with Bitcoin, which must be taken into account when analyzing the feasibility of investing in Litecoin for 2019, it is worth noting that the distinctive features of cryptocurrency should be its main development. At the same time, the most important unique features are:

  • More organized, centralized money management

  • High transaction speed

  • Low commission for transactions

  • Ease of making transfers

Charlie Lee stressed that it is Litecoin who is obliged to take the place of the currency that the majority of users will use. At the same time, the existing simplicity, speed and availability of transactions should contribute to the achievement of this goal. In this case, the prospects for the growth of crypto-finance will impress even the most optimistic people.

Differences from Bitcoin

Although the Bitcoin code is at the heart of Litecoin, there are still differences, and in some cases significant. One can distinguish the main ones:

  • More efficient use of a computer’s central processor (CPU) than a video card (GPU), which is fundamentally different from the main cryptocurrency.

  • Due to the increased block generation rate, the transaction is rather short-term and takes no more than 150 seconds.

  • The opportunity of mining in wallet in the SOLO mode or a pool.

  • Mining complexity is recalculated much faster than of Bitcoin’s one.

  • The emission is four times the BTC emission and makes up 84 million coins.

Similarities with Bitcoin

On the other hand, there are also some similar features with the main cryptocurrency:

  • Mining is performed in the same way, albeit using different functions.

  • There is no external control due to the decentralized type of network.

  • Both cryptocurrencies have a limited supply of coins.

  • The anonymity of both wallet owners and miners. Complete freedom of disposal of funds on the wallet.

  • A transaction cannot be undone.

Thus, it can be said that differences from Bitcoin make Litecoin a distinctive digital currency capable of expressing itself in the future.

What about disadvantages?

However, negative factors also exist:

  • With the creation of ASIC-miners, it is more difficult for ordinary users to mine cryptocurrency, and power is concentrated in the hands of large companies.

  • The failure of the LitePay service dealt a serious blow to the popularity of the virtual coin. The developers planned to create a system that had different integration with Visa. Despite the active work and the investment of a large amount, the project was not able to start. In the company, no one could explain what the money was spent. The scandal undermined the credibility of the digital coin.

  • Interdictions at the level of state authorities. Many states cannot decide on the status of digital money. Laws are either not released or are in development process. Only a small number of countries have completely legalized cryptocurrencies.

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The Best Litecoin Wallets 2019

How to invest in Litecoin

The easiest answer is to do it through exchanges.

Most investors and traders purchase Litecoin for US dollars or BTC (Bitcoin). Since different trading platforms have different trading or purchasing power, be sure to check whether your exchange supports transactions in US dollars or BTC for LTC.

LTC logo
‘Litecoin with man using a tablet computer‘ Image by 123rf

As a rule, the best option is to use a large trading platform, such as Binance (where you can exchange BTC for LTC) or Coinbase (to use a credit or debit card in US dollars).

However, since the cryptocurrency market is a large and, moreover, unregulated industry, it should not be viewed as the same type of investment opportunity as shares of stocks, bonds, or other securities. In fact, traders and investors should consider lots of factors when investing (especially given the volatility of digital assets in recent months).

Ways to earn Litecoin

Besides investing, there also other options to get LTC:

  • Mining. Litecoin is still in its heyday, as was once Bitcoin. With the help of the computing power of a personal computer, it is still possible to actually generate new coins.

  • Cloud mining. The client rents the computing power that Litecoin uses to generate the coins. However, this is a controversial decision. After all, this practice means that landlords of personal computers get more profit than the mining of Litecoin itself.

  • Litecoin cranes. Cranes are advertising sites where a user must enter a captcha and receive a small amount. It is difficult to call it a serious earning as for the whole day you can get only a couple of dollars at best.

Comparing all options, we can say that active mining remains the main method of obtaining LTC.

Technical analysis features for 2019

Since the bottom of Litecoin marked by Charlie Lee has already been passed, you can pay attention to the prospects for further development of the project. As of April 17, 2019, the cryptocurrency chart looks the following way:

 Litecoin chart
Image by Tradingview

It is important to pay attention to the level of $80 – it can be considered as an important support zone, consolidating at which can open the way to growth. Given the damage caused by the protracted fall, it is crucial to clarify that before the beginning of the active growth phase Litecoin should (just like other representatives of the cryptocurrency market), go through the recovery stage. As a rule, it is expressed in a prolonged neutral-positive movement.

The first half of 2019, in the wake of the shocks experienced by market participants, may become a consolidation period. The transition to the bullish movement can be supported by plans of entering the industry of Bitcoin ETF, the opening of the Bakkt platform and a number of other events that can attract serious investment flows.

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Forbes: Litecoin (LTC) Price Triples in Q1 2019, Gaining Over 200%

Selling coins for the community’s benefit

Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin, sold all his LTC to avoid accusations about the impact on the rate of the coin. This action was intended to make Litecoin an even more decentralized currency. And, despite the fact that after the sale of coins, the Litecoin exchange rate fell, in the long term, such a decision by the creator of cryptocurrency can bring him multiple benefits.

“For a currency to really be … a worldwide decentralized currency, you can’t have … a real leader who’s trying to control things, so to make it more decentralized, eventually I would step away,” said Charlie Lee.

Litecoin showed its record maximum at the moment in December 2017, when one coin cost $374. After its creator sold all of its assets, the price of the altcoin plummeted, and Lee was subjected to unflattering criticism from users. Many experts also called this move frankly unsuccessful. However, such an ambiguous act can really become the basis for creating the most decentralized digital currency.

In any case, this suggests that Litecoin has a strong developer, strategist, and leader who has a clear motivation and strategy for action. Charlie Lee is engaged in the development of his project, regardless of the value of the currency, and it definitely has a good effect on loyalty to its product from users.

Litecoin forecast for 2019: What analysts say

In the first six weeks of 2019, LTC’s rate went up to a new high, where it is currently trading at around $79.

From August 8, the miners' remuneration will fall from 25 to 12.5 LTC. The reduction in mining income will lead to a weakening of interest in mining of the cryptocurrency. In this situation, the fall in the supply of coins is expected to be approximately double.

According to analysts, the rate of LTC will rise approximately until the beginning of August, when the project will reduce the reward for the mining of coins. At the moment, the cryptocurrency is in 6th place in the rating of the largest digital assets – its rate exceeds $75 with a market capitalization slightly above $ 4.8 billion.

Tom Lee, CEO of Fundstrat Global, is confident that by the end of the year, the rate of the coin may grow by 640%.

Forbes logo
‘Forbes website homepage‘ Image by 123rf

Forbes analyst Billy Bambro said that the 6th largest market capitalization of Litecoin cryptocurrency (LTC) will be ahead of XRP by the end of the year and will take 3rd place.

Although cryptocurrency prices are still far from its previous highs, LTC has managed to double its rate since the beginning of 2019.

Bambro believes LTC pricing is a response to the active efforts of the Litecoin Foundation and developers to improve coin security and privacy, in addition to choosing several well-known partners.

The eToro analyst team, led by Mati Greenspan, conducted a serious study of Litecoin. According to its report, the current cost of LTC is significantly underestimated.

The experts note that Litecoin has good network scalability compared to Bitcoin, fast and low-cost transactions and ongoing technological improvements by the Charlie Lee team: atomic swap, Lightning Network, SegWit.

Thus, when making an analytical forecast for Litecoin for 2019, experts take into account all the factors that contribute and increase the popularity of a crypto asset in the future, and also expand its attractiveness in the eyes of investors and the public.

These include:

  • Litecoin functionality → recognition of real practical use

  • Litecoin's technical superiority → faster transaction speed, lower cost, and easy scalability using Segwit and Lightning Network technologies

  • Litecoin decentralization and representativeness → high user confidence and excellent online rating

Among the factors that led to the growth of Litecoin are Microsoft’s plans to create a platform for decentralized processing and storage of digital identification data based on blockchain technology. And Litecoin has become one of those ecosystems that the company considers potentially suitable as the basis of this large-scale project.

These and other advantages of the Litecoin network find a positive response in Litecoin’s forecasts for 2019, and analysts predict a permanent increase in the price of  the cryptocurrency in the May-July period.

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Litecoin Price Prediction — How Much Will LTC Cost in 2019-20-25?

So, what is the decision?

Over the years, Litecoin consistently follows Bitcoin, keeping a little distance from it. The stability of the project is complemented by an important advantage – the coin appeared much earlier than other coins in the capitalization rating. The presence of history allows you to create a “safety cushion” in the form of trust, which is still rare on the cryptocurrency market. Accordingly, Litecoin may well be considered as a good option for investment.

All in all, Litecoin is worth investing in. The top management of the project is actively working on improvements that allow maintaining high positions of “digital silver” in the capitalization rating. In addition, it is likely that in the near future the bear market will completely end, passing the green light to the bulls. This makes investing in the cryptocurrency promising.

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