Bitcoin Price Is in for 'Super Hyper Inflation' Before It Hits $1 Mln, Crypto Analyst Marius Landman Says

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  • Major Bitcoin and altcoin price forecaster, a contributor of CNBC, Marius Landman, claims that Bitcoin will soon enter big inflation before it soars to $1 mln

Bitcoin Price Is in for 'Super Hyper Inflation' Before It Hits $1 Mln, Crypto Analyst Marius Landman Says

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Marius Landman, a crypto analyst, an asset manager, is forecasting massive incoming inflation for the Bitcoin price before it surges to $1 mln (as he apparently believes).

Besides, he says that the next two ‘subito motus’ in the crypto sphere will be stunning for ordinary investors and technical traders.

Bitcoin is in for ‘super hyper inflation’

Landman says that Bitcoin will be unable to reach $1 mln unless it first goes through ‘super hyper inflation’. Bitcoin is protected from inflation, for that purpose every four years miners’ rewards get cut in half and the next halvening is to occur in May 2020. Apparently, the analyst here is speaking about a major Bitcoin price decline.

The scale of price movements will be much bigger, he warns. Obviously, if BTC starts coming somewhere close to $1 mln, the price drops the market is experiencing now, like a $1,000, would seem like nothing. Price corrections of $20,000 in the future would be as insignificant as those of $100 are today, he says.

Only one more person, it seems, also believes that Bitcoin will hit the price level of $1 mln – the former antivirus mogul and crypto eccentric John McAfee. He reckons BTC would reach that by the end of 2020.

Other Bitcoin permabulls, such as Fundstrat’s Tom Lee and Max Keiser go for much more modest forecasts for the maximum BTC price level.

Bitcoin and Litecoin ‘subito motus’ are coming

Marius Landman is also predicting two upcoming ‘subito motus’ (Latin for ‘sudden movements’) of Bitcoin and Litecoin that will surprise the crypto community and leave them 'scratching their heads'.

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Landman and his charity project in Africa

Apart from working with market analytics and crypto asset management, Landman also supports social development projects. On his personal website, he promotes the ‘More Water Project’ that he is taking part in. The mission of it is to provide fresh water for African communities.

Landman and the project’s team are collecting donations for drilling water wells in Africa. The current location they are working in is Ghana.

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