Bitcoin Halvening Will Hardly Affect BTC Price, Says Major Investor, But Crypto Expert Disagrees

Wed, 12/04/2019 - 11:35
Yuri Molchan
A top executive of Morgan Creek Digital reckons that the next Bitcoin halvening will hardly impact the price, but the community still hopes for a price surge
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The next Bitcoin halvening is to occur in May 2020 and the community expects the price to skyrocket, with some already preparing to buy Lambos. However, a co-founder and partner at the Morgan Creek Digital fund believes that the halvening may have very little effect on the Bitcoin price and even cause a big sell-off.

The Bitcoin halvening may be unhelpful

A co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital, Jason Williams, thinks that the impact the Bitcoin halvening is expected to have on the price of the flagship crypto can be tiny.

One the one hand, the amount of Bitcoin units generated by miners will dwindle by half, making the remaining coins (3 mln out of the 18 mln minted already) more scarce, i.e. valuable. On the other hand, Bitcoin miners will start suffering from losses in profit. As per Forbes, Williams believes that large miners will have to start selling some of their BTC to pay the bills, throwing more coins to the market.

Forget about getting rich quickly

In an interview, the investor stated:

“Large miners that are holding BTC will have to sell to cover operational expenses or use cash as revenue halves.”
“New buyers have to come in to move this market up. So other than a new headline, the halving is being dealt with now by those who are operationally effected by it. Those that don’t will be priced out of the mining business.”

Forbes reminds the audience that after the previous two halvings occurred (in 2012 and 2016), more than a year passed before the Bitcoin price started soaring. In 2016, right after the event took place, the BTC price first slumped from $707 to $570. This shows that immediate bullish expectations on the BTC price after the halving could be in vain. However, long-term ones are likely to come true.

Bitcoin Halving Will Inevitably Move BTC Price: Alistair Milne

A crypto expert disagrees

On December 3, the crypto expert PlanB posted a chart, which shows that the crypto market responded to the previous halvings immediately by rising. He said he published that in response to the numerous questions as to why the market took over a year to rise after each of the halvenings.

PlanB reckons that the Bitcoin price will not be halted after the 2020 event, as it was back in 2016 due to ICOs.

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