Bitcoin (BTC) Price 'Once-In-A-Decade' Opportunity Identified by Investor

Fri, 03/20/2020 - 13:14
Vladislav Sopov
A crisis is not only about losses, but also about rare opportunities. Investment vet Alistair Milne suggests that BTC may show something interesting before the halving
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Alistair Milne, British investor, entrepreneur and CIO at Altana Digital Currency Fund, explained how the classic market collapse has provided Bitcoin (BTC) investors with opportunities they shouldn't miss.

Bottom is in

According to Mr. Milne, the recession in traditional markets (stocks, oil, metals, etc.) has been so rapid that they are 'not functioning'. So, investors should switch their attention to Bitcoin (BTC) and buy 'when there's blood on the streets'.

Mr. Milne supposes that both liquidation and capitulation bottoms have been left behind and the price has touched its long-term dip.

He also outlined that we're going through the most radical shake-out of Bitcoin (BTC) volatility before the decrease of its mining production.

Mining in danger

Many analysts are trying to foresee miner behavior in the face of the upcoming third halving of the Bitcoin (BTC) network. As reported by the 2Miners mining pool, the levels between $7,000 and $8,000 may be crucial for break-even costs of miner operations.

Bitcoin (BTC) Mining Worldwide in Danger with Price Below $8,000, Here's Why

Once the halving occurs in May, 2020, the mining reward for every block will be reduced by 50%. This may result in severe miner capitulation. However, some miners will be able to replace their unprofitable mining rigs for new models that should be available in April.

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