Bitcoin (BTC) Price Next Bull Run: Explained by Willy Woo

Wed, 03/18/2020 - 13:01
Vladislav Sopov
While traders are trying to guess whether the Bitcoin (BTC) price has reached the bottom, some analysts are making predictions about the nature of the next bullish cycle
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The prospects of the next bullish rally may brighten up the mood of crypto hodlers'. And these prospects are much more than a dream about golden gates and diamond roads, according to crypto analyst Willy Woo.

Clear skies follow storms

Mr. Woo is sure that while the price of the crypto king is currently searching for its bottom, the overall long-term prospects for crypto are splendid. The ‘bullish pressures’ that will cause the Bitcoin (BTC) price to skyrocket will be created by the ‘economic environment’ in the years to come.

Moreover, the seasoned analyst added that it’s the future that Bitcoin (BTC) was built for. The next all-time high will be much more profitable than the previous one, but it may come later. That’s because the cycles of the bear and bull rallies for Bitcoin (BTC) are getting longer.

According to his model, the third halving of Bitcoin (BTC) may occur somewhere near the bottom of the fourth up-and-down Bitcoin (BTC) price cycle.

Millennial gold

For Mr. Woo, the attitude of millennials is another piece of strong evidence of the stellar perspectives of the cryptocurrency sector. He highlighted that 

The inheritance from boomers to millennials is tipped to create the next bull cycle.

The ongoing crisis will serve as a catalyst for this long-term process, Mr. Woo foresees.

Tuur Demeester Says Bitcoin Could Touch $5,000 Briefly

The latter conclusion echoes the ‘Bitcoin Reformation’ theory by Tuur Demeester. According to him, Bitcoin (BTC) will create a new economic class from scratch.

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