Bitcoin (BTC) Price May Surge Above $9,100: Growth Indicator By Crypto Trader

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  • Today Crypto Twitter turned extremely bullish as the Bitcoin (BTC) price surged almost 8% in a few hours. It looks like $9,000 by the end of Tuesday isn't impossible.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price May Surge Above $9,100: Growth Indicator By Crypto Trader

Luke Martin, crypto trader and analyst, founder of The Coinist Daily research service, ‘announced’ that one old traders’ motto still works in 2020.

Buy the Bitcoin (BTC) dip in 2020

Mr. Martin shared his positive forecast on the TradingView chart. He suggests that January 7, 2020 was the date of the green reversal.

The ongoing bullish rally is therefore a part of the process that started one week ago when the BTC price was $7,520 or 14,6% lower than today. 

$9,100 is only one milestone away

Moreover, Bitcoin (BTC) may soon break to a two-month high. According to Mr. Martin, Bitcoin (BTC) only needs to hold the $8,600 level by the end of the day. If this occurs, we should get prepared for $9,100 for BTC.

The last time Bitcoin (BTC) traded above $9,000 was on November 11, 2019, or nine weeks ago.

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