Billionaires Peter Thiel, Jihan Wu Invest in, Amount Undisclosed

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    📰 News is attracting new investors, VC Peter Thiel and Jihan Wu are among them

Billionaires Peter Thiel, Jihan Wu Invest in, Amount Undisclosed may well let everybody know about the new fundraising round within next seven days, according to Bloomberg. The size of the investment has not been disclosed.

Jihan Wu is one of the founders of Bitmain Technologies, the largest global manufacturer of chips used for crypto mining. As for Thiel, his investment company located in San-Francisco, has invested into SpaceX and Airbnb when those startups were only rising to their feet. He also has been actively investing in Bitcoin lately.

Neither Thiel, nor Jihan Wu have given any comments regarding their choice to support EOS with money.

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The money invested by the two aforementioned famous businessmen came to right after the crypto token sale that happened in May and raised $4 bln. During this ICO the company sold EOS tokens, which are now number five in the top list of ten virtual assets, according to

With the money collected during the sale, the company created its new Blockchain platform, similar to Microsoft’s Windows OS.

The current investment, on the contrary, will be used to support itself. background

The company was set up back in 2016, the founders are Brendan Blumer and Daniel Larimer. Previously it has worked with such investors as Michael Novogratz and Christian Angermayer, who is a business partner of Thiel and chooses fintech startups for investing.

Recently, has begun to attract new employees from the banking industry. Among them is Michael Alexander, a former CEO of Jefferies Group LLC and James Mendes, who used to supervise recruitment at Citigroup Inc, Asia Pacific branch.

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