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Beyond Games: Exploring the Future of Interactive Entertainment

Beyond Games: Exploring the Future of Interactive Entertainment
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Beyond Games is a week-long conference exploring the future of interactive entertainment. Explore the frontiers where games meet music, film, sport, social media, art, influencers, fashion and more…

What is it?

  • A professional conference with talks, panels and meetings
  • Dedicated to the intersection of games technology and other media: film, music, TV, comics, art, fashion, sport
  • A knowledge- and contact-sharing event for people across the entertainment verticals

The lines are blurring between games, social networking, online communication channels and traditional entertainment formats. We’ll help you make sense of this new digital landscape and plot a vision of the future with a five-day online conference dedicated to the emerging opportunities in the interactive entertainment sector.

Beyond Games will bring together thought-leaders and decision-makers from across all the entertainment verticals for two-days of debate, knowledge-sharing and networking. The theme is the convergence of games and other entertainment and lifestyle experiences. We will unite experts from traditionally different sectors – TV, comics, art, sport, social media and more – to explore how games technology is bringing them together. 

It will feature speakers, panels and round-tables so you will hear unique points of view and learn from the best in the business and a dedicated meeting platform enabling you to search for attendees from other sectors and arrange to meet one-to-one. Who knows where those opportunities may lead? 

Who is it for?

  • People working in the creative, entertainment and lifestyle industries AND people working in games
  • All welcome: from junior designers looking to educate themselves, to C-level execs looking for insight to help with decision making – what unifies them is the need to think outside their current field for inspiration
  • Creatives from all disciplines are particularly welcome and we have subsidised tickets for them
  • There will be plenty of strategic overview content for thought-leaders and decision-makers 
  • If you work in film, TV, music, fashion, sport, comics or any of the lifestyle and creative industries, the conference will explain why everybody seems to be talking about games, game tech and gamification at the moment
  • If you work in the games sector, the conference will present you with case studies from companies that are working with the most exciting intellectual properties and breaking ground on new entertainment formats across other media types

How can I get involved?

Start Date:
Thu, 11/18/2021
End Date:
Fri, 11/19/2021