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Abolish ICE: Anti-Trump Protesters Mine Crypto to Bail Out Immigrants

  • Alex Dovbnya
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    ‘Slacktivist’ crypto mining app Bail Bloc is successfully raising funds for bailing out immigrants detained by ICE in the middle of a major migrant crisis

Abolish ICE: Anti-Trump Protesters Mine Crypto to Bail Out Immigrants

Observer reports that Bail Bloc, a popular new “slacktivist” cryptocurrency mining app for bailing out poor people, has launched a non-profit organization called the Immigrant Bail Fund. All raised funds will be matched until Dec. 14.

Tackling the migrant crisis with crypto mining

The app simply uses the excessive computing power (between 10 and 50 percent) that is later utilized in order to mine Monero. The good thing is that this activity doesn’t take a toll on the device’s overall performance – the users are able to perform their ordinary tasks. All mined coins are converted into the USD, and then they are sent to the aforementioned fund every three weeks.

The software appeared on the horizon back in 2015. Right now, when the migrant crisis is coming to a head in the US, they place the focus on helping out immigrants. There are around 44,000 immigrants who are held in ICE detention centers on a daily basis. The saddening statistics don’t end there — 97 percent of detainees are deported without legal counsel. Bailing these people out can significantly improve their unfortunate situation.


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The ultraliberal way

Bail Bloc states that the rising popularity of their app will result in thousands of illegal immigrants, which remains in the ICE’s crossroads, being freed from such detaining centers. In a long-term perspective, they plan to abolish everything that involves detention by force, including ICE, prisons and even the US border. While it seems like the utopia of any modern-day social justice warrior, Bail Bloc creators are certain that they are using the ‘speculative’ energy for a good cause.

Speaking of other political causes that involve cryptocurrencies, it is worth mentioning the #FreeTommy campaign when far-right activist Tommy Robinson, who represents the other side of the political spectrum, received a huge amount of Bitcoin donations. Meanwhile, a controversial TV host Max Keiser suggested that Bitcoin could also bring down the French government.

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